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Mac @wmacgyver Columbus Ohio

I use groovy, haskell, elixir, java, c++, objective c, swift, python, erlang and clojure. Hobbies are videogames and DSLR.

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@cquinn wow!
@rvirding erlang gets no respect :)@trisha_gee groovy, grails, gradle, python, and scala support. At the time, eclipse also has very poor js support
@dysinger during summer time, at downtown they still show drive in movies free. Tron is next week. Ghostbusters was 2 month ago
@isntitvacant @mikeal I think it was the author that said "everyone uses 5% of c++, unfortunately no one agrees which 5%"
@gigasquid awesome style. Will have to steal thatHahaha cool, sanity check passed :)@danveloper but to take an extreme example, surely you aren't arguing apple should've built swift on JVM@danveloper of course. Clojure became a practical lisp due to JVM@danveloper @pledbrook this is even more obvious when we are using erlang.@danveloper @pledbrook now, I totally get your comment about trade off. We use go, and we miss the vast/mature 3rd party lib/Eco system etc@danveloper @pledbrook JVM isn't magic. tuning isn't gonna let JVM reach startup time/low footprint of go. Both Google and aws has tried.@danveloper @pledbrook imagine docker done using Jvm. This also becomes very obvious with GAE. Java has way higher load time than go/Python@danveloper @pledbrook go’s startup time can’t be done with JVM. We are talking about 5ms vs 1sec due to JVM cold start
@danveloper uh, erlang VM is older than JVM. And some aspect is better than JVM@cemerick I totally would, if I have a FB account :) but regardless, a great example of how tech makes world a better place@danveloper because you may not want vm, or may want very light vm (erlang)@cemerick good work!"I built an app to save my Mom's life" viz. @HomeHelpStatus
Retweeted by Mac#golang 1.5 released. That was a pretty short beta cycle :)
@danveloper actually they actively reject it@talios oh? Trying out frege?
@kenkousen would've been an awesome April fool joke@jhpacker eating your own dog food :)
Wow RT @burtbeckwith: "It's like Netflix, but self-hosted!" Slick looking #grailsfw app (via /r/grails) congrats!
Inside Amazon: "Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk."
Retweeted by MacNSA gained access to billions of emails through "highly collaborative" relationship with AT&T, documents show
Retweeted by MacThe spring-security-core plugin v3.0.0.M1 is now available for #grailsfw 3
Retweeted by Mac@fifthposition hmm there are no 50mm fixed lens camera. I guess use x100t, take 10 steps forward :)@fifthposition not a 35mm focal lengths fan. Still use my xe1
Reuters: Kaspersky lab faked malware to harm rivals - according to Ex-employees
Retweeted by Mac@detroitdevday sounds like fun!the "ultimate guide" to protecting your privacy online come with 21 JS trackers and 11 ads @dpp I just remember my experience of learning to program when I knew no English. I memorized everything as symbol combinations@danstrueb @dpp well, let’s not forget that not everyone who wants to learn programming knows English.The trials and tribulations of upgrading to #grailsfw 3 by @pledbrook@grasswire your video made cnn!
@tiandavis @OldDutchCap I give you Hungarian notation :)@TOMSsupport ah ok. Thank you for the info@bentanweihao got it@TOMSsupport can't order this is the page broken?@hlship that’s A LOT of clojure codearguments for #clojure
@grasswire because AP wire/CNN sucks nowCodes of Conduct aren't useful unless you actually enforce them.
Retweeted by Mac@bentanweihao what is the best way to submit mistakes in the book?@bentanweihao someone has been busy this past weekend :)@russel_winder the downside of admin your own email server :)
#rustlang already hit 1.2 release?! I think it's too high risk of a bet with low gain for Spring@danveloper not even after bundling/jam it down your throat if you use db2@danveloper yes, also rocket VM before oracle bought them. But to get enterprise to standardize on them, IBM couldn't do it.@danveloper it's harder than you think, IBM tried it back in the day. Didn't work out"Scala VS Groovy : Functional Programming Showdown" by @OwenRubel on @LinkedIn
Retweeted by Mac@pledbrook actually I believe go’s structure typing was inspired by haskell’s type class
It's cool to see a proposal to make #Haskell follow the #Frege record syntax
Retweeted by Mac@danveloper yea but beats random down time.@danveloper once again why we setup everything at Oregon :) N Va has had all sort of issues@JanineSpendlove are you freaking out yet :)
@OldDutchCap are you Netflix bingeing again? :)@danveloper 2nded. And don't just watch the movie
@bentanweihao no worries, if I spot something will report it@bentanweihao wow, already assigning me homework Hana :)@bentanweihao cool! Some of your target audience reads code better than read English. :)@bentanweihao FYI: there are several erlang game backend shops in China@bentanweihao but if it's awesome. I will buy everyone on the team a copy and make it required reading :)@bentanweihao excellent. I'm curious how you deal with OTP. It's after all, a pretty dry topic.@bentanweihao read the first 3 chapters so far, pretty good "getting started" book. Like the humor.@bentanweihao Alan Kay, smalltalk, objectiveC. QED :)@bentanweihao but hey maybe I will use elixir and OTP to build an online herbal shop? "Come one come all, Get your potion from hex!"@bentanweihao the game industry thrive on that@bentanweihao 3 letter words: NDA@bentanweihao erlang is used more than most people realized in large scale console games backend@OldDutchCap hey not my fault that people are still more comfortable with #erlang.You should see their face when I make them learn #Haskell@bentanweihao we build some high traffic low latency game backend with erlang.@bentanweihao in all seriousness. We use elixir, but thus far use it to build and test erlang app. Mix and exUnit are great.@bentanweihao I guess I have no choice but to read about elixir and OTP now. :)@bentanweihao darn it, I bought your #elixirlang book MEAP for medicinal purpose :)@tim_yates I didn't say I do a GOOD job. :)@publicfarley it's fun, in a mind expanding sort of way@tim_yates hey I clean house when I have a deadline :)@danveloper huge breakfast? :)
@sarahchang Omg hope it’s ok@mittie There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.@mittie and that's why I buy/read your books :)@mittie or an idealist :)@mittie see, you are a mad scientist :)@mittie in our industry, the 2 new languages we are seeing more are go and swift.@mittie yea I meant adoption. :)@mittie I wonder. After all this time, i felt that fp and immutability while gets a lot of press, it's still not widely adapted.@mittie mutation is destruction through advances in technology :)@mittie it's true. Haskell/frege feels a bit like mad science to traditional programmers.@mittie it's a JJ Abrams show@mittie parallel universes, altering timelines. Fringe science. Challenge the status quo.@mittie well, I always thought frege is a bit like fringe the TV show :)@mittie you are a mad scientist
Go 1.5 Release Candidate 1 is released DL: Notes: Issues: #golang
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