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An "argument" for raising rates and an *argument* for not raising rates.
Retweeted by Room for Debate"@Amnesty need not green light this larger system of exploitation in the name of protection." - @tainabienaime
Retweeted by Room for DebateDecriminalizing voluntary sex work, New Zealand brought it out of the shadows & made it safer.
Retweeted by Room for Debate@tainabienaime makes strong case why sex trade buyers + third parties shouldn't be decriminalised: #ListenToSurvivors
Retweeted by Room for DebateWith Markets in Flux, Should We Panic or Have Patience? prostitution be a crime? Read the debate in @NYTOpinion
Retweeted by Room for DebateWith markets in flux, should policy makers, here and in China, do anything to avoid more serious economic troubles? Markets in Flux, Should We Panic or Have Patience?
Want to stimulate your brain? Read and discuss - Room for Debate: Should Prostitution Be a Crime?
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhy is sex work a crime? @Amnesty wants prostitution decriminalized. #prostitution be a crime? Would decriminalization make women safer in the world's oldest profession?
Retweeted by Room for Debate@dickc I have a question for you. Can you please DM me?Is prostitution safer for sex workers when it's decriminalized? via @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateShould prostitution be a crime? @CATWIntl's @tainabienaime v. Gillian Abel on @amnesty's decriminalization proposal:
Retweeted by Room for DebateI just came across this NYT debate on fossil fuel divestment - worth reading -
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes legal prostitution better protect women and sex workers? prostitution be a crime? A 2-person debate:>@Amnesty supports the decriminalization of sex work. Is that a good idea? Prostitution Be a Crime?
Villazor: Birthright citizenship repeal debate “fails to address political & racial caste system it would create”
Retweeted by Room for Debate#MacFellow Margaret Stock on bureaucracy of ending #birthrightcitizenship: via @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for Debate
"Anchor babies," birth tourism, birthright citizenship. The debate —and not just on terminology — continues: do you think about the new research on DCIS? 4 perspectives shared here via @nytimes:
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat does the latest news abt #breastcancer mean? Interesting thoughts via @roomfordebate @NYTIMES
Retweeted by Room for DebateBirthright Citizenship Is Not Actually in the Constitution: op-ed by Margaret Stock Eliminating #BirthrightCitizenship Would Be a Bureaucratic and Costly Change of Law
Retweeted by Room for DebateAbolish birthright citizenship? It'd mean building a whole new government bureaucracy: isn't the only GOP candidate calling for an end to birthright citizenship. Should it be abolished? birthright citizenship be abolished? 'Birthright Citizenship' Be Abolished?
Some thoughts on getting through breast cancer without going crazy via @nytimes Room for Debate: How I Came to Peace
Retweeted by Room for Debate" few women in the JAMA study opted out of surgery that we can’t compare it... to no surgery." #BCSM
Retweeted by Room for Debate
Responses to a new study that raises doubts about the value of surgery at the earliest signs of breast cancer: often in medicine we find something, call it an illness, and over treat it. debate, based on @ginakolata's story about potential over-treatment of breast cancer: author of Prozac Nation, on fighting with the confusion of breast cancer: should women respond to a study that finds over-treatment of breast cancer is common? of mammography, women need tests that actually find disease:
Should combat roles in the military be opened to women? @DeptofDefense has until Jan 1 to decide:>@LizzieWurtzel: How I made peace with breast cancer confusion: cancer confusion: How should women respond to the latest findings? Does the Latest News About Breast Cancer Mean? women are now Ranger-qualified, but they remain ineligible for the elite regiment: standards for women only reinforces prejudice against them. Female Soldiers in Combat, via @nytimes
Retweeted by Room for Debate
This point by @KoriSchake changed my thinking about women in combat roles. What do you think?
Retweeted by Room for DebateNot allowing female Rangers to serve as Rangers is like surviving medical school & being told you cant be a doctor. elephant in the room: We demand less of women than we do of men in the military. women be able to serve in combat roles? An informed discussion of Japan's defense trajectory and choices
Retweeted by Room for DebateAs a female Marine combat veteran of Iraq, I urge the @DeptofDefense to maintain the combat exclusion for women. military shouldn't have to reflect society: women will graduate from Army Ranger school tomorrow, but aren't yet allowed to serve in that capacity. Women Serve in Combat Roles?
Good question. Whose Culture Is It, Anyhow? / @RoomforDebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateAfter 70 years of pacifism, should Japan remilitarize?'s military dilemma: Japan be allowed to end 70 years of "renouncing war?" @roomfordebate asks
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhy would Japan deliberately abandon the good excuse it has to keep from participating in U.S. wars? Japan allow its military to fight in foreign wars? read. @ringshouts describes the imminent danger Black women undergo in a violent racist police system.
Retweeted by Room for DebateFor 70 years, Japan could only use its military for self-defense. Now, that could change: Japan Allow Its Military to Fight in Foreign Wars?
Student loans have increased 84% since 2008, limiting an entire generation’s engagement with the economy:
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat will sway the college student vote in 2016? issues will get college students to the polls in 2016? for Debate asked college students: What is the most important issue to you in the 2016 presidential election? college students care about in this presidential election: College Students Care About in This Presidential Election
Near and dear to my heart: Ultimate Frisbee at the Olympics?, via @nytimes
Retweeted by Room for DebateI wrote about Kragerø, a Norwegian resort town, for The New York Times series Room for Debate:
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@christobollen on vacation: "I tend to get fidgety when faced with 14 calendar days stamped with the word 'relax.' "
Retweeted by Room for DebateUniversities should #divest from #fossilfuels. Industry has consistently attacked & undermined research via @nytimes
Retweeted by Room for DebatePerfect summer getaways, by @MiaAlvar, @christobollen, Tracy K. Smith and others. to waste time: College Divestment From the Fossil Fuel : As if other investors don't step in after divestment
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe perfect summer vacation includes seeking a better version of oneself @roomfordebate @MiaAlvar
Retweeted by Room for DebateVacationing with my son was a chance to experience the world with a fresh perspective.
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat's the perfect summer vacation? We asked 8 novelists to weigh in:"If fun and finitude are the rules of warm-weather romance, then northern CA is my ultimate summer fling." -@MiaAlvar
Retweeted by Room for DebateReader comment: "There are 2 kinds of vacation: First Class and With Children." What's your perfect summer getaway? Perfect Summer Vacation?
As a former (and maybe future?) ultimate frisbee player, I love this coverage in the NYT!
Retweeted by Room for DebateThank you @roomfordebate for having me, but know that the "former" you added before "player" truly cuts
Retweeted by Room for DebateDon't make Ultimate Frisbee another men's-first sport. Olympics could ruin Frisbee: "Ultimate can be the sport that doesn't tell its female players to wait their turn as it gains popularity."
Retweeted by Room for DebateAs an avid #UltimateFrisbee player, good to see @nytimes covering this great sport: Ultimate Frisbee at the Olympics?
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@jodyavirgan writes about self-officiation in Ultimate Frisbee: Could it work at the Olympics? to read @NUTC_Amherst @GUMUltimate & @jodyavirgan in the @nytimes talking about #youthultimate #womensultimate
Retweeted by Room for DebateEnd the Marginalization of Ultimate Frisbee at the High School Level Frisbee: Ready for the Olympics? fearful that greater exposure will compromise Ultimate Frisbee's counterculture ethos are right to be worried Ultimate Frisbee Ready for the Olympics?
Room for Debate: Is College Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry Worthwhile? @RobertStavins @NaomiOreskes & more.
Retweeted by Room for Debate"if the aim is to persuade the industry to convert to renewables, #divestment is a worse strategy."
Retweeted by Room for DebateMy latest: Room for Debate: Universities Must Divest from the Fossil Fuel Industry
Retweeted by Room for DebateIPCC lead author Stavins: "the focus of the divestment movement is fundamentally misguided"
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes college divestment do anything? College Divestment as a “Moral” Crusade is Misguided:>@iamjohnoliver took on American sex ed last night. Our debate on the best way to teach it: should universities invest in an industry that has deliberately sought to undermine knowledge we produce?
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