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Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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I took these photos an hour apart. Was wandering when quake demolished temples before my eyes. Heartbreaking. http://t.co/RYtIZI4725
Retweeted by philtorFeel sick? If you looked up your symptoms online, these companies and credit bureaus are tracking you. ht @judithd http://t.co/i4yWs1h3Lm
Retweeted by philtor@built a friend told me his mom's apartment building in Calcutta was evacuated after quake. That's 400 miles.how to sneak chocolate undetected into a US cinema http://t.co/GkBNQFAUV8
Retweeted by philtorBlog post: Exploding Trees and Lightning: If you needed another reason to avoid standing under a tree during a... http://t.co/pEvjjEwmHc
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I find this side-by-side comparison of OCaml and SML remarkably informative and quite fun reading: http://t.co/XQGSy5Roh0
Retweeted by philtor@FlamingCode running a marathon?5 of 5 stars to All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr https://t.co/PIfzLaMgD6@jurph and with the advent of epigenetics it almost seems like Lamarck has been vindicated.How long until someone does this for the Apple Watch? http://t.co/N3efZwKTe9
Retweeted by philtorHere is how you turn your $399 Apple Watch into a GOLD APPLE WATCH -- https://t.co/QcJGi4KZF3
Retweeted by philtorU.S. Chamber of Commerce to Treasurer Wheeler and investors: shareholders better off just not knowing. Holy cow.... http://t.co/otqRL7ZL5K
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Hey Congress, stop trying to limit EFF's ability to challenge bad patents. https://t.co/rskF4cs5sO
Retweeted by philtor@donpdonp When Uber is valued at $40B you know the market has gotten really frothy. GM's market cap is ~$60B.@mjambon This would not fly in Portland.My life. http://t.co/IW4F2xLbHg
Retweeted by philtorRT @CauseWereGuys: GLOCKAMOLE http://t.co/M3d3HgaUfW
Retweeted by philtorThis random startup generator by Tiffany Zhang generates entire startups: http://t.co/ukwOr6xEAG - clearly the best thing ever posted on HN
Retweeted by philtor@wfaler They're running the Windows virus scanner on it. I'd get out while you can.Behold, the random startup generator: http://t.co/B0TapL3JW2Marissa Mayer makes 1,100 Yahooers jobless, calls it a "remix" http://t.co/iPLNikIAIR http://t.co/PbVdP0G2xN
Retweeted by philtor@built ...followed closely by when you bill a client and they _can_ pay you.@geeksam Sounds like you're forced into CamelCase.@rogoway How long has it been since that happened?"Aaron's Law" back on the table to bring sanity to US hacking laws http://t.co/34nLabsghK by @kierenmccarthy http://t.co/USbtyDzJo0
Retweeted by philtorWhy isn't your mailing address tracked by Kickstarter? (same problem on IndieGogo as well)What makes no sense that for Kickstarter that you always have to send your mailing address to every campaign to get your stuff.
This is how programmers sleep http://t.co/uheQEa2kik
Retweeted by philtorPDX residential water use is down 31% since 1999, offsetting a 27% increase in population. Well done, Portland. http://t.co/LmfPnKxHDJ
Retweeted by philtor@built @tedder42 Looks more like Tualatin than Portland: http://t.co/184QO4KLS8@built @tedder42 ...except for the Java part.@built @tedder42 Agilent has an office in Portland?@Synereo The social network that's built for the community, by the community! Lets do this! #SynereoMeme #Batman http://t.co/575DcUiwNE
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Surprise move: U.S. Air Force will dump USA weather model and use UKMET (UK model) instead: http://t.co/dzb2I3AIyH http://t.co/znVPZruBb6
Retweeted by philtorProgrammer's motto: "We'll cross that bridge when it's burning underneath us."
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@built ...but, the Moto X is a pretty good phone in my experience (I've had it about 18 months now).@built I like Republic Wireless, but you've gotta buy one of their phones. $25/month unlimited data/voice/text.Seriously? Car repair is being considered under DMCA? http://t.co/w2xQw4TZzi
Retweeted by philtor#EarthDay is this Wed. Meet Dunk, the NSA’s #Recycling Mascot & learn about our #green efforts.http://t.co/QdgRPbhDqh http://t.co/LjNHf9QeR4
Retweeted by philtor@built It would be like a dream come true... a nightmare, that is.John Oliver's great segment on patent trolls https://t.co/JO1s4uWmEJReading the book mentioned in the previous re-tweet. It's a great read."All the Light We Cannot See," won the #Pulitzer for fiction. Author intrvw: http://t.co/KZODF2yDjp, @acheuse review: http://t.co/kOIW1Y4f9C
Retweeted by philtorMajor networks barely covered TPP trade deal, even though it impacts 40% of global market. http://t.co/TlMYvUObXK http://t.co/OLUoycoyFw
Retweeted by philtorThe Lack of Open Tooling for FPGAs http://t.co/cniVtI2T1V
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Nepotism: it runs in the familyIt would be worth forking python for multi-line lambda syntax
Retweeted by philtorThe news that Al-Qaeda has seized an airport in Yemen brings with it the irony of Al-Qaeda having to worry about airport security.
Retweeted by philtor@dysinger but look out for Julia.@rickasaurus still not working. I'll have to try it later from home.@rickasaurus Permission denied?All Nippon Airways Reveals New Boeing 787 Jet Designed to Look Like R2-D2 From ‘Star Wars’ http://t.co/FlGNCYU3Kl http://t.co/2rXgNZOXP6
Retweeted by philtorBREAKING: Sting to headline memorial concert for all those killed in #Beenado
Retweeted by philtorA semi truck carrying bees turned over near Seattle this morning. They're calling it #Beenado. http://t.co/cDqaHoAyoe http://t.co/XK6SP7Jdwk
Retweeted by philtor@hackaday Turn them into Universities with indoor food farms.Fresh Flying fish coming into flying fish today http://t.co/yD7OpuU41w
Retweeted by philtorNote: This article reveals the going rate for bees is $92,000 for 14 million bees, or about seven cents per bee https://t.co/vKlpJL6yTC
Retweeted by philtorOooo, new hobby idea. Get interviews with those places and show up dressed like a unicorn, or whatever stupid thing the actually asked for.
Retweeted by philtorEvery time I get a read a job posting asking for a "unicorn" or "rockstar" or "wizard", I reconsider my decision not to burn everything down
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@built PDX has smoother sidewalks?@oscon Ah, good. July in Texas just didn't sound fun, especially for us Oregon webfooted types. May should be at least a bit better.@built close calls with automobiles?So the gyrocoptor guy who flew to the capitol, shouldn't he be given a commendation for revealing a huge security hole?@built Are you skating in Beaverton today?OSCON moving to Austin in 2016: http://t.co/BRVEwnlJv3 Texas in July? No thanks.@oscon Ack.... as a Portlander I hope this is only a 1 year trial... I do not want to go to Austin in July.Senator “Trader-dict Arnold” .@RonWyden sells out America on corporate Trade Deal http://t.co/Qzrhq8XFa7 @food_democracy Pls RT #stopTPP
Retweeted by philtor@RonWyden Can we actually look at the agreement to make sure these things have been prioritized?
I just realized that Princess Leia is almost completely sharia compliant and jihad-ready. http://t.co/xrSqBoLemv
Retweeted by philtor@itsandygill ...since I had one that bad. I've had to stop working this week as well.@itsandygill ...hooked me up, and all the beeping just made it worse. About that point I realized "panic attack" - it's been about 20 years@itsandygill I was in the ER for abdominal pain last week, but ended up having a panic attack - 160BPS heart rate, the got the EKG out &
Tell Congress it's time to end mass surveillance. Sign our petition to reform the Patriot Act & protect privacy: http://t.co/hFPJglhC0u
Retweeted by philtorHillary Bold. Because, America. You're welcome. http://t.co/Y2HRzM4tMn
Retweeted by philtor@jonharrop thanks, I'll take a look.I never looked at it like that. http://t.co/l25KduUrUF
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Probabilistic programming does in 50 lines of code what used to take thousands http://t.co/DsJku9SmTn @JuliaLanguage
Retweeted by philtorBREAKING NEWS: Florida Man thinks he can be president. Bath Salts use suspected.
Retweeted by philtor@brixen Biden's been gushing about Rubinius everywhere he goes lately.Take our DIY CNC Mill class tomorrow at 1:30pm! See it in action here http://t.co/to3qA6UT79 #DIYrobotics
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who you gonna call? http://t.co/tWLoDnt1a9
Retweeted by philtorhttp://t.co/DUkJ2yIlRn
Retweeted by philtorUnless standardized testing begins early, kids become creative thinkers capable of hacking the test. http://t.co/30kYXL9bTL v @YourAnonNews
Retweeted by philtorBoo! Don't sell our water! Cascade Locks Presses Forward With @Nestle Spring Water Deal http://t.co/K8AlkzntNf
Retweeted by philtorSo this exists. A pantone-like color guide for farmers to color farm raised salmon. 😷 http://t.co/ayqDoJGDKk http://t.co/ySzpYkvXdX
Retweeted by philtorHRC running for president? Such a surprise.@built starting an iOS gig on Monday?
Yes, I've tweeted this image before. But it will never, ever stop being wonderful. http://t.co/OTN8BNEtwh
Retweeted by philtor@JulianDutton1 And he doesn't look too happy about the situation. (Did not know that Rhinos could be touched by people)Armed rangers in Sudan guard the last male northern white rhino on earth. His species survived for 50 million years. http://t.co/mIfpOA75fI
Retweeted by philtor@davystevenson this is usually the way Spring happens in Portland.funny woo woo ad, a little too close to home in tech: https://t.co/UB87TctczY
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Too Busy To Watch a Movie? Read A Book: http://t.co/4feQYomBHL http://t.co/oTDaarLcyN
Retweeted by philtor@built Or order Tide.
Molybdenum Disulfide Could Help Memristors Mimic Neurons - 2-D material offers way to produce third-terminal memri... http://t.co/JwsuWYI8sE
Retweeted by philtor"We are starting to understand that we can't put economic development and social progress in separate buckets."... http://t.co/5jzoFCBNOX
Retweeted by philtorYour best work is ahead of you.
Retweeted by philtorGrace Hopper was 37 when she joined the Navy, 40-something when she pioneered the compiler, & 50-something when she wrote COBOL.
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Here is my Apple Watch review: Your life is largely meaningless. No gadget can obscure its emptiness. You are dying every day.
Retweeted by philtorThe US Gov Can Download the Entire Contents of Your Computer at Border Crossings http://t.co/Yempqm2egP via @motherboard
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