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Traveler. Author of The Girl in the Road. Playwright at @OLittleGreenPig. Estoy aprendiendo español. Atlantic, VQR, WashPo, Glimmer Train, The Baffler, WIRED.

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@BullCityFats @newsobserver It already is 😣@RhetTbull @slashdot Holy crap. Hey Slashdot, this is the central invention of my novel The Girl in the Road!A clock tower and a bridge in the sky. What wonders are these. What kind of a world do we live in. https://t.co/FbfKx3aQ00@trevorcurtis23 From whom?BREAKING: South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag http://t.co/O4SqXo6pfv http://t.co/84EmL2vNtM
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@FPaulRevere You are a very special brand of Dumbass. Bye.Also, @newsobserver, what's with calling them "vandals" and not "activists"? You had a choice, there. http://t.co/eVD2lbYA9JActivists at UNC spray-paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on the statue of "Silent Sam." Good on them. @newsobserver http://t.co/eVD2lbYA9J@thadman o heiExhibit A https://t.co/cJ2jhCtFfO
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@Nettaaaaaaaa <3@scalzi Burn After Reading, right? It was good!@scalzi http://t.co/s4lQK1MPbp@scalzi ULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULU@KatWithSword AAACCGGHHHHH@SofiaSamatar I bless the human I can be around reading but not talking.@SofiaSamatar I bring books to any social occasion. Any. You never know.best sister ever says "cake? you want cake?" throws on running shoes & brings back slabs of carrot cake from corner bakery @JulieByrneHUCS@inkkr @WSJ ❤️.@inkkr @Namaste_Ish @hannahjwaters Thank you so much. I read the stuff & what can I say? Not worth response xcpt "I hope you get better."https://t.co/M5tN72sXN2
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@thegourmez Yessssss especially if it was a precious mix tape from an ex
wow there is legit WILDLIFE in east new york that bird sounded like a cassette tape that fast-forwarded & then meltedplaying tinder to fall asleepdo u sometimes get an email ur so excited to get u just read the first two lines & squeal & then close it & just look at the subject headingAfrican American women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States: http://t.co/5YQV7hizOR http://t.co/9EuPdfBH0Y
Retweeted by Monica Byrneooouuuucccchhhhhh@NotMartyRobbins lol hi dan@ClintSmithIII aiyyeeeeeeeeeoh SHIToh shit@SamSykesSwears Japani miss a boy can i #subpine@thetrudz I'm sorry that happened.@kailanthropy @djolder is this a thing that is from the year 2015FOUND IT: a little Italian place I'd been to during Fringe craziness, and loved, but didn't remember… https://t.co/XI368cADTMWhoa, @NewStatesman really missing the mark on Rihanna's #BBHMM. Twice. Well, whatever.I really, really, really love the men in my life. ❤️Gonna wander the East Side till I find a comfy place to write, like a dog looking for a place to lie down. Amen.Hello NYC. Ever familiar, ever strange. https://t.co/XedvK18ZXK
@KatWithSword Thank you, dear. It's my second time. I'm so excited.Sleep No More in 10...9...8.... https://t.co/LqKKA3m6PX@tracycgold AWESOME! Oh I love Kana, she was in my last play!!!#PitchtoPublication & #JulyWritingChallenge, a fav take on rejection from the brilliant @monicabyrne13 http://t.co/Q34EUg98QP
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@theedge90 Thank you kindly, Shawn. :)@monicabyrne13 I finished Girl in the Road!!! Fantastic! The beauty of your words matches your own!!!!
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI ruin men because I'm a monster? https://t.co/6Cw8UMeCDF
Retweeted by Monica Byrne
v serious http://t.co/bTgCnLMBtR@BlackGirlDanger RIGHT!? JESUS.It's so hard for me to read things written by and about men. I always feel like there's something about a woman I could be reading instead.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@hoodedu Nice. Yeah, it's just about empathy + common sense, for heaven's sake.@hoodedu The artist loses nothing.@hoodedu ... are the same people an artist would permanently alienate for violating their trust by not providing a trigger warning.@hoodedu My take on trigger/content warnings: the people who would avoid a thing because of a trigger warning...@hoodedu ffwwhaaat izzaaaaaat ?@usmantm @HeraldPakistan What a fantastic piece.Evening folk: My article for Dawn @HeraldPakistan on the need for science fiction readership in Pak is out: http://t.co/xGOKVxpCWJ
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@mydeargeorge All I have to do is squeeze.@pushinghoops Not sure if you saw this--really wonderful: Muslim org fundraiser to rebuild Black Christian churches. https://t.co/nXtLVmdxokDress #43 of 107. Saster Julie got me a lil #drunj for an early birthday dinnerrr, wore gingham https://t.co/vRe5RJmHXj@SageEkere :)who has a seat on my inner council? the people i talk to in my head every day for counsel and guidance and love very few@pmcg Heeeehehehehehehehe :DJulie just made me a frozen margarita for writing. Staying w my sister is like being at a spa 😍 http://t.co/BYtyEGdJDS@trevorcurtis23 Indeed, he's on Twitter at @PineCoffinator! He's marvelous.a guy in this coffeeshop just sneezed so violently that he apologized to everyone for scaring us & then covered his face w his hat@Nettaaaaaaaa @deray Together again? :) Lovely.I'm so proud of my brother. He makes handmade pine coffins, all with hand tools, for green burial. It's taking off! http://t.co/gH5g9GbkZS@PineCoffinator This is so wonderful, Donny.A July 4th thanks 2 these 2 eagles who like mammoths of flight in Tolkien save our bacon http://t.co/CaGw1ifl74 http://t.co/P4PRVbEYKv
Retweeted by Monica ByrneSupport & Signal-Boost Marginalized Voices http://t.co/Lv1jsuFODM Trust me, that white dude w/ all the books & movie deals is gonna be fine.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@djolder fuhuuckkk yaaassss"Whose truth do we take the time to repeat?" Daniel José Older on diversity in literature. @djolder http://t.co/YJEj2zAWcK
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@mattcosper The ear piercing.@PhilSandifer LOLThe macarons looked too pretty to eat, as if they were vintage brooches. I asked the barista to pick… https://t.co/xyyRMXJxvk@sentencebender ;) Totally.friendly reminder that A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night might well be the best thing you see all year@peterblackhat I really love Francis.@peterblackhat <3 Yeah.Why you gotta make me cry while reading on the bus, @monicabyrne13 , you beautiful devil! These are Pixar-level tears I am shedding!
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@peterblackhat what part what part"It's a little strange for me to simultaneously really love a book and be completely bewildered by it." http://t.co/anGqHmTbBc@nasrat Thank you so much :)New (to me) Brooklyn writing spot: Urban Vintage. I love the very old couches. ❤️ https://t.co/B1F8MhKaZS@rmarg516 I DID!@rmarg516 Never seen it!@trevorcurtis23 ;D101 uses for a white person ?EMERGENCY AVERTED I found @urbanvintageny on Grand Street I have coffee I am becalmed@astoriabookshop Awesome. And I just landed in town!#fridayreads Kisky is into Swamplandia, and Lexi is loving @monicabyrne13's The Girl in the Road
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThe US, a settler state, upping terrorist threat security on a day that they claimed independence on land they stole using terrorist tactics
Retweeted by Monica ByrneYO, U.S.A. #IRANDEAL. GET IT DONE. SICK OF WAITING."Feminista, can you give us a quote about your reaction to the violence in #BBHMMVideo?" Me:"😊😊😊😊😊😊😊"
Retweeted by Monica Byrne
@PatrickInNC really??? i love that scene!julie and I think hey, the back to the future trilogy jumped the shark, but at least Tgey has the good sense to do so in the very last scene@TheDebrief please be more interestingmy saster julie made me teh rum coktail with mango joose hows ur night goingEarly birthday dinner, Bed-Stuy, sister Jule. ❤️ https://t.co/0bMhiMMwTK
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