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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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Spending the day at home tomorrow cleaning apartment, doing laundry, filing paperwork & possibly rearranging furniture@LexAlexander the corollary: Taller the truck/bigger the tires, the smaller the penis@monicaisliberal FYI: Bill Miller BBQ is good for quick BBQ fix in San Antonio@Shoq @Green_Footballs @kateesackhoff Season 3 is on my Netflix list<<sigh>> Anna Torv <<sigh>> #Fringeblood bags & long pigs @johnroderick RT @GlennF: Aren’t we all just blood bags?Protecting child abusers is not limited to the Christian community http://t.co/wOnvNLy24CLast tweet spawned by idiot in drive thru blocking lane to text on their phoneThe bigger the pickup truck, the lower the IQ…@tiffanyarment Advntures of the Arments in Las Vegas? Tell me more.. #25yearLVResidentThe ‘crisis’ was when they chose thier son over thier daughters, now thier protecting their *brand* https://t.co/kDdJdkiprOCannot fully express how much I love this performance https://t.co/faMF1wTOez@blogdiva Foo Fighters ‘War Pigs’ https://t.co/faMF1wTOezRT @rolling_2: You’re welcome http://t.co/vfs2ZVrLPx // http://t.co/3EkMGKSaA9@Keethers Considering Oklahoma is years behind the rest of the U.S….‘starting over’ kinda works@scATX The most intense movie I’ve seen in years…or ever!@monicaisliberal I’d comment but I need to watch it a few 100 more times@yayayarndiva many accounts http://t.co/Fy2xsTlsyU@yayayarndiva It’s what they do@JeffersonObama New TLC theme song https://t.co/HzV4JkKq4FFolks going in on Journalists who base stories upon tweets might take a look at those who are Journalists based upon tweeting <<cricklets>>
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaGiven a choice of marijuana or alcohol, I’d choose marijuana every timeThat clueless look on @BillKristol’s face is not an act..@Lib_Librarian you’re following @geekandahalf, right?@Iamwhoismoses @JeffersonObama Arkansas: where the family tree is a bush: No height, but lots of branches@JeffersonObama it’s Arkansas, so I’m guessing it’ll most likely be an armadillo or raccoonI’m not that drunk… Yet @inthefade: Anyone want to build a blanket fort and watch Cabin Boy?.@Gus_802 what heartless bastards would vote for that? Oops..Bernie Sanders did! http://t.co/k3YaO2EFOa http://t.co/dzeseYxznK#Tease RT @rolling_2: PEOPLE, THE GRILL IS ON #Ribs@ScottCandage @eclecticbrotha mmmm..mussels & bacon pizza… #TheDreamNew Huckabee/Duggar family theme song http://t.co/BpjOcppOYh (w/apologies to @childfreediva)@nicolespag SOLIDARITY!@Lib_Librarian @chemoelectric @Gus_802 John Paul II lost me when he denounced liberation theology..signaling the Church siding w/oppressors@Lib_Librarian @Gus_802 My mother, aunts & both grandmothers (all devote Catholic) were so much more liberal than their spouses@Lib_Librarian @Gus_802 Good for her…Proof that women are infinitely smarter than men@Lib_Librarian @Gus_802 …and now you know why I live 1000+ miles from my family@Lib_Librarian @Gus_802 I remember telling my family I considered myself a ‘Democratic Socialist’…My Texas very Catholic family.. 😈These whiskeys are going down VERY well..good thing I don’t have to go back to work until Wednesday@inthefade …and this is *bad*?Very happy for Ireland’s LGBTQ citizens if #MarriageEquality is passed, but Irish women still need abortion rights https://t.co/R5RQo2UILR@rolling_2 WHISKY! Happier weekend! … & happy weekend to you, my friend http://t.co/fBquq5BGXD@technosailor On the plus side, you can tweet “I’m on a boat!”The lesson of ‘Tomorrowland’: http://t.co/Xjs5t8b4Sv #TheOneYouFeed.@Sulliview Let’s talk about the NYTimes consistently insulting choices of Hillary Clinton illustrations? http://t.co/2MASxXJdWdDeep and bitter misogyny from the New York Times. cc @sulliview @deanbaquet https://t.co/J2oP6lQnaw
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@beardedstoner …and they have ready access to Nitrous OxideBoredom, Fox News/CNN/MSNBC job, ego #pick1 RT @chrislhayes: Totally serious question: why is George Pataki running for president?@xeni if you use melted sugar, put it over cocoa pebbles, then formed a taco shell, you’d have crispy/crunchy cocoa pebble ice cream tacosHere’s the thing: repub primary ‘christian’ voters, who Huckabee are *his people*, have no problem w/his Duggar statement #SadButTrue@sazzy that’s alright, I once thought it was a good idea to get a perm http://t.co/Xc8X0QzRcX@monicaisliberal whoops… that was meant for @Lib_Librarian@monicaisliberal WooHoo! Drunk/Stoned tweets on the way!. fyi: if I were home I’d take some of my leftover Vicodin & join you #WhiskyTweetMy walk this morning: Distance- 11.65 miles Time- 3:39:29 http://t.co/oPB365pEi5#HungLikeSquirrel MT @BobbyJindal: Very happy with my new purchase. I can’t wait for hunting season. http://t.co/WwScRU6CwOOh look, Mediaite suddenly discovered revolving door b/t political operatives & cable/network news #NaiveOrStupid http://t.co/nkU4lzDXMmThe @tlc statement on Duggars translated: We’re waiting for advertisers b/c we only care about the $$ https://t.co/nwQbf3RW7l.Dear @TLC @TLC_PR the word ‘cancelled’ is lacking in your statement & is therefore insufficient #Cowards #CancelTheDuggars@beardedstoner Cheers! http://t.co/g7lcyeh0iA‘Tomorrowland’ is a live action Pixar film & that’s a great thing..There’s an ad at this theater for the ‘Birthday Suit Waxing Spa’@JoyAnnReid @speechboy71 also ignores longstanding animosities between the majority of the Hispanic community & Cubanos@QueenofSpain @JessicaGottlieb What makes you think any of us would do that? http://t.co/WhHL8of4s2I saw a nature video in which birds yelled at an enemy and then shit all over him if you were feeling superior on Twitter today.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Shoq http://t.co/rSuVGbgaDQThis tweet needs to be reported for revealing private information. https://t.co/YAnFOUvrXu
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia.@support @twitter what does it take for you to permanently ban Chuck C? https://t.co/lAztSnzNAb3 words Tater Tot Shack RT @darth: two words @shakeshack: potato shack it is just an idea @zseward https://t.co/57IYiyvvlNBetter question “Should ’19 Kids and Counting’ survive the scandal?”… NO! https://t.co/G43QtcuhK9 cc:@brianstelterSeems General Mills has blacklisted “19 kids…”, & TLC has pulled the show from the schedule http://t.co/EbGMjDDKSuQuestion: Haggen supermarkets coming to Las Vegas valley, is this a good thing?In the Duggar family, molesting children is forgivable, but being LGBTQ isn’tQuestion: Has anyone done a followup on the kids featured in ‘Jesus Camp’? http://t.co/ajLadJGYaw@dmoren Visiting @lexfri’s home?Strange how forgiveness is something cons demand when it's one of theirs. If these idjuts didn't pray in public no one would know or care.
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@sherifffruitfly @Lib_Librarian http://t.co/dOF1qvrODF@rolling_2 @Keethers there’s room service & then there’s *room service*josh - complicit parents - complicit wife - complicit BUT HE REPENTED!!! fuck that.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Shoq What's stopping the screwdrivers from falling?Since the Duggars (w/$ from @TLC) have gone out of their way to judge others, I have no qualms about judging them #Bastards@dandrezner @theonlyadult another of Rand Paul’s hypocrisies http://t.co/9NXFvl37e8@rolling_2 Yes, they do https://t.co/zLuTsHLkbMWell that's a tumblr. http://t.co/vhhzfKEbOv
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaBinge watching #Fringe this weekend because..FRINGE!@rolling_2 just wondering if I should keeps my hopes up :)@rolling_2 tweeting guys or tweeting, guys?…Not that it makes a diff :)there’s a spot in Hell for TLC executives for allowing the Duggars to pretend they’re examples for ‘godly’ parentingMy only concern is for the Duggar daughters..Their mother, father & brother can rot in Hell..ESPN & ESPNU on at the bar…reminding me #WhyIDontHaveCableAnyone else notice subtext of every Repub now saying Iraq was a mistake is that they’ll repeat the mistake w/regard to ISIS?Off work until Wednesday, which means I’ll have to wait until then to find out if I got accepted into management programFox News will now heap scorn on the Baltimore grand jury process which they demanded we all ‘respect’ in Fergurson@WillMcAvoyACN something like this? https://t.co/TY6lG7SZG3
@Shoq Paul got what he wanted; his family’s sycophants & the willfully ill informed far left drooling@scATX FYI http://t.co/bYH3p8ajjQPaul Blart 2 took care of that RT @beardedstoner: There's an Entourage movie, just in case you still had any hope.#NotJournalism RT @ktumulty don't get these debate formats would exclude some of the most interesting people to hear from, like @BobbyJindal@gte RT @ArrogantDemon: Season 3 of #TheArrow http://t.co/iO8gNaCpSz@RobinCook Eobard- “That’s my cue to leave”@RobinCook When that helmet ca,e through, I couldn’t help but smile..@blogdiva Welcome back..Hope the time away was good & you were able to get refreshed, renewed & recharged
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