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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. Kansas Jayhawk. Blackberry user. instagram --

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@st_rangerdanger @nickthune totally agree@allanmcleod @desminborges SO POLITICAL@nickthune Okay. But you're asking me to not fully be myself around you, just so you know.@nickthune I like dipping my fingies in guac and eating it off of them and licking each digit clean and then doing it again :)my current favorite head of hair belongs to @jennyslate
I've decided to draw a personal boundary asking all ppl that I owe anything to not to contact me. Pls respect this boundary. Thanks! :)@Mrs_A_Fish little proto-person blobsIt's so cute to me how we treat babies as if they're little people.@timothycsimons cute new pic bro@WillSasso Okay that seems fair. Thanks, @AlexBorstein.@AlexBorstein okay but @WillSasso@WillSasso @lukajones new fantasy: watching this 3-way
Retweeted by Luka Jones@WillSasso ok cool can't wait to watchBob Dylan Remembers Jerry Garcia no that scares me@lukajones Okay but you fight her instead.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@literallyafool @Variety so happy for all of you over there@littleesther same@WillSasso I wanna watch you two fight
@literallyafool congrats to u guys "@Variety: The China box office had a record July"@d_haggar (but then you'd bang him right)@RyanWalshh roger@RyanWalshh but really anything where ppl text like 3 words when a couple sentences would be more useful@RyanWalshh (that's a real example)@RyanWalshh K@IamLaurenMiller but the water in yours doesn't look like Lake Michigan@IamLaurenMiller I lived in Glencoe as a kid - good memories at that beach@lukajones the actors are great in this scene@kumailn Forget the joke, are you okay buddy?!?!?!Those of you trying to kill the long-form text by only sending super short texts are acting like fucking jackasses.@brendonwalsh homophobe
@itsDMR disgusting@jlsnedegar no was posting from my dumb mac@lukajones fuck this. can't get the media to show. lame."My father made me nervous" - True Detective: Episode 3 opening Opium. I like Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes. Luka, out.
@jonnyricers thank you!@film114 @wyattcenac thanks, Ryan!@benner thanks, yeah for sure!@thismyshow thanks!'Daily Show' Alum @wyattcenac to Topline TBS Alien Pilot From 'Office' Boss
Retweeted by Luka JonesWyatt Cenac, Alice Wetterlund, Luka Jones, Brian Huskey & More Join TBS’ ‘The Group’
Retweeted by Luka Jones
@TheTessMorris @missbarton Americans do it too@jondaly @shelbyfero gonna be honest here, I don't feel the same as JD. Never fully got cotton candy. But you be you.@missbarton @TheTessMorris can't believe the tweeter credited the wrong Jimmy@emilymayamills No slaps! You're doing it right!There is nobody I've genuinely loved that I'd ignore.@heidi_rene maybe one day
@gawkerd NO SHAMING@dylanbrod YOU ARE WELCOMEI really just wanna listen to PTA and Michael Bay discuss filmmaking together.@kumailn lava you too buddy@lukajones I lava you buddy
Retweeted by Luka Jonesjust teared up during that dumb LAVA animated short@stephsimbari they behave like genuine pieces of shit. totally immoral and shameful behavior. you are awesome buddy
@joshfadem big time buddy
@littleesther he's cuteCan I have your attention: Behold the rare and oft maligned Blackberry user. #PrayForHim @lukajones
Retweeted by Luka Jones@lukajones Hahaha. Caught ya.
Retweeted by Luka Jonesconserving energy - photo by @unfoRETTAble #carnapping #setlife Trump's candidacy about crony-capitalist favour-seeking? It's consistent with his record. via @TheEconomist
Retweeted by Luka Jones@jlsnedegar @themillsap not worth personal cost of boycott@d_haggar @benner I kinda know IF a tiny bit
@desminborges CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND@trickaduu must be a Catholic thing@lukajones I'm your grandfather.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@nlyonne love u gramps@davidiserson you are fun!@jonboyer orgasming@nlyonne winksuch a bummer when fun ppl won't be your friend just bc you won't date them@MsKetherDonohue always a safe assumption@RylanDogg not familiar w that argument - but don't believe they exist, too spooky@missmonikasmith @50cent whoa this is at him whoacumming is way rad@RylanDogg no it's a property and they would have to be abstract objects and abstract objects don't existgod is rad (jk no such thing)@HeatherAnnDavis #BSGPB@kiralc I'm not scared of those sillies.Listening to PTA interview on WTF in my car and Tom Cruise is brought up right as I pass Scientology HQ on Sunset Blvd. Weird.
I believe all of my beliefs.@spivey_e @Andy @erivinoja @abobrow @amyschumer @jessirklein @perlapell @Jimmyjamderson this is sublime@lukajones truth 💣
Retweeted by Luka Jones@SethAbramovitch YES@thegynomite they are trying to encourage less scrutinizingI'm watching SHARK TANK for the first time and I hate everything about it.@brendonwalsh AGREEDwait ... Hulk Hogan's name is Terry?It is hard for me to believe a romantic couple is passionately in love if they never fight.@allanmcleod @MsKetherDonohue @maybeAyaCash me too same here@thesunah and/or treated w care
@gibblertron don't reward itToday is @wyattcenac day on! Heavy talk. Good stuff. Do it!
Retweeted by Luka JonesHold space for people that you hurt to go a bit nuts from their pain.@zoeinthecities this tweet reminds me of an essay by Stanford philosopher John Perry at @caseyfeigh rough stuff@robdelaney Not to mention a waste. Peas are seriously delicious.
@Independent @SaraJBenincasa in flashbacks though it seems@willhines the movie or the game?
I prefer it when people are confrontation-tolerant.
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