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I use this thing for Instagram and now Periscoping! -so find me @LanceBass Catch my talk show on SiriusXM106 LIVE 6-8pm and the Pop2Kountdown all weekend SXM10

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Nick and I both are loving the new Big Brother cast! Are you? #Reposthttps://t.co/xa5DosL47S#HappyHusband @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/pHqYIZmuzGGiving this a whirl tonight- any guesses what I'm making? #LanceFoodPorn http://t.co/NdRY57Akjn.@DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass is must listen to this week! #DirtyPopTrivia is back THURSDAY with trivia from this weeks shows!! Listen well!
Retweeted by Lance BassLoved @joshwolfcomedy on @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass? Check out his new show @JoshWolfShow on @CMT!! http://t.co/7ybGWrmQqY
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @AgeyIlene good luck!! I lasted 10 mins!Going on @DirtyPopLive here in 30 mins or so talking #BigBrother17 #science #Nickipedia and more with @LanceBass !!! http://t.co/MW7lHFStcF
Retweeted by Lance BassJoin me in Atlantic City, won't you? @poolafterdark @ImDJhollywood #beatclan http://t.co/Y6pzE6OQ7x http://t.co/F1eOnnxyEELIVE on #Periscope: New mic check before @DirtyPopLive - and annoying drew as he tries to work! Sirius Xm 106 6-8pm https://t.co/lPlWQV9qxAWin a VIP pkg including a meet & greet w/ @LanceBass on 7/11! message & data rates may apply https://t.co/67R0k0SGTU
Retweeted by Lance BassWait for it.... Wait...for...it...... RG: @jaguarandtiger https://t.co/in1xBs80d8Wait for it.... Wait... for... it...... RG: @jaguarandtiger https://t.co/YUI70wecM7Today on @dirtypoplive NBC to Trump: You're Fired http://t.co/M72rzUUiQn @siriusxm 106 6-8pm ESTThis Photographer Had The Best Response After Losing A Client For His Support Of Same-Sex Marriage http://t.co/nETcoA5ZWD
. @OTownguy79 LOL- how can anyone take you seriously w that profile. Jesus would be proud. How much for the night? Asking for a friend.@Louiseohc ❤️❤️❤️@jackienelson82 ❤️❤️❤️@bennytoe ha! That's perfect!@KristinW0707 thanks my love. We all have thick skins now- it's stings a little, but I can take it..@jlogs07 I can't go back in time and change the Billboard charts my man. The top 30 is the top 30. And who doesn't love Tim?!And this is what every pastor should be preaching. #LoveWins http://t.co/HF29baVSCn#Disney http://t.co/3X1rwRgT9WCongrats #PuertoRico for legalizing love! ❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/XaXY1cKs2OA 30-Second Guide to How the Gay Marriage Ruling Affects You http://t.co/rLamn6OWbp
Just posted a photo https://t.co/cxaoYQ9fiH.@AySunpulse hahaha. Exactly! Heathens are always the loudest.Lovely to see @RitaOra tonight draped proudly in the LGBT flag performing at #Heaven I will miss London! http://t.co/3i83lgPEjQ@DrSchadNFreude ❤️❤️@sapphireguy15 👍🏽❤️❤️.@DrSchadNFreude don't feed the trolls. It's a fake behind an egg photo. Don't fall for it. 😘Happy Birthday to the ever so fabulous @KhloeKardashian ! Much love from across the pond!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️#amBASSadors call the @DirtyPopLive w @LanceBass hotline and tell them how you celebrated #LoveWins http://t.co/rO9ikw5FGH
Retweeted by Lance BassLovely night at @gigismayfair w @michaelturchin and @juliephenderson #LondonPride http://t.co/M4isFCGUh8Holy moly he scallops and truffle pasta are to die for! @GigisMayfair On to the next course! http://t.co/wSIRT5Gi4TSo excited to try out @GigisMayfair - you know a place is going to be amazing when they make your fav drink perfectl… http://t.co/t07tJissX5Check out these jazzy bracelets that are programmed to light up w the music. Wish we had these at #NSYNC shows! http://t.co/oiQxuQgHDGConcert in the park w the hubby for #LondonPride! Bring it @taylorswift13 and @elliegoulding ! #HydePark #LoveWins http://t.co/E8AnYkLvEM@alanjewell you too! See you tonight!@dearleen_ ❤️❤️❤️
Anyone else wishing @eonline would replay #LanceLovesMichael as a way to celebrate #LoveWins @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin
Retweeted by Lance BassJoin me & show you stand on the right side of history w/@HRC #marriageequality #lovewins http://t.co/hnoiAEjsnT http://t.co/mXb3ELKRxtLIVE on #Periscope: Chris Pratt on the left?! https://t.co/cJbU3DiGWzLIVE on #Periscope: Attitude magazine awards- London https://t.co/AUqlutdWGJ@GovMikeHuckabee kinda like slavery right? Damn US defying the states....
Retweeted by Lance BassHaving the BEST night at the #PrideAwards with @ChristyG_Journo @MartinCrem @CharlieKing85 @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/XVYeJZ6yO2
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass @MichaelTurchin We are thrilled to announce this year's Honorary Chairs!! http://t.co/zdCODVO22I
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@louiespence, @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin hit the red carpet! #AttitudePrideAwards @Delta http://t.co/MswsGPOse0
Retweeted by Lance BassWe're celebrating #LoveWins with @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin at the #AttitudePrideAwards http://t.co/LXbxjLxMsk
Retweeted by Lance Bass#PrideHeroes @AttitudeMag Pride Awards w my favorite host @Alancumming http://t.co/hochXpFqJf#PrideHeroes @Delta @AttitudeMag @MarriottUK http://t.co/WIcLomUWMX#AttitudePrideAwards in London @AttitudeMag and @Delta #PrideHeroes http://t.co/eLwlK4tqTQTop of the Shard for interviews earlier w/ @LanceBass, over from the US for #AttitudePrideAwards! @delta @AttitudeMag http://t.co/w6769MmFOX
Retweeted by Lance BassHey, Wisconsin! Just announced - @Michaelturchinart and I are this year’s Chairs of AIDS Walk Wisconsin & 5K ... http://t.co/ztIR9y8600#Beautiful #SupremeCourt #HappyPride @dirtypoplive https://t.co/SQrsTwcNzVTune in to @Gaydio right now. They’re talking #PrideinLondon at The Shard with @tobywhitehouse, @Collabro, @LanceBass and @AndreaFaustini1!
Retweeted by Lance BassCatch @thisisdrew hosting @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass tonight! 6pmE OutQ CH 106 https://t.co/rN5J0H31o7
Retweeted by Lance BassYAAAAAAAS QUEEN! Sure wish I was in America right now to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling ; ( But I get to cel… http://t.co/kWI9op45ciWe are so proud to be American today! All of our #LGBT brothers and sisters can now love freely! TY #SupremeCourt! http://t.co/RO10N8knfj@JustinRyansMum ❤️❤️❤️SUPREME COURT RULES FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY!!! Fourteenth Amendment requires a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex.
Love me some @msg_Jacob !! http://t.co/t6kfs7PgdsGetting some pointers on how to judge tonight at G.A.Y /Heaven @jeremy_joseph http://t.co/CSWPtrhqyNProud to be part of this video from @brides #loveislove #weddingsforeveryone https://t.co/fQCbIifHvWLIVE on #Periscope: Live at Heaven G.A.Y - London https://t.co/w623fHm3eO@LanceBass Thanks for supporting @HRC and #marriageequality! Say #LoveCantWait with us at http://t.co/SaLRhxJg8U http://t.co/H6MCp75l7V
Retweeted by Lance BassThank you @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin you have made my year, thank you for stopping 😘😘 http://t.co/cYitMiapgs
Retweeted by Lance BassSo 16 years later, this just happened @LanceBass how much have I missed this man!!! http://t.co/B6KlFdZeQA
Retweeted by Lance Bass
#ICYMI here are some pictures from our #BeastlyBall! @BettyMWhite @LanceBass @SarahMGellar @PauleyP @99Only https://t.co/WfRdSu2z4k
Retweeted by Lance BassDirt Covered Lace by @Skylar_Laine I thought this said Dirt Covered Lance! Love this MS girl! https://t.co/8XeI8LxmIo http://t.co/usQxQCyxbdDaaaaaaaayum! @Delta just threw down the gauntlet with their new check-in ! #ChicChicChic @michaelturchin http://t.co/6jTmsCMviu@AgeyIlene done and done! Congrats!@mrboroberts can't wait to hearI can't believe I have to miss the #BigBrother premiere !! I'll be on a plane to London - first year to miss it in over a decade! 😭😭😭@mrboroberts thanks! More to come!LIVE on #Periscope: #DirtyPopTrivia cartoon edition!! https://t.co/Q8bncaKoHC#DirtyPopTrivia starts in just a few minutes!! #Periscope#BREAKINGNEWS !! Today's #DirtyPopTrivia's theme is #Cartoons !! Live at 8pm east on my #Periscope Study Up! Clue on today's @dirtypopliveTune in to my #Periscope at 8pm east for a new edition of #DirtyPopTrivia !! Winner gets the prize! Right after @dirtypoplive @siriusxm 106LIVE on #Periscope: #DirtyPopTrivia is BACK!! Live on Periscope at 8pm East right after @DirtyPopLive Sirius XM 10… https://t.co/kvqd4qgqRwThank you @Dodgers and @LanceBass @LisaVanderpump for a great day. #amazingpeople https://t.co/NYjGrhavLe
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Day 2 of my Vegan challenge - 5 days to reward my innards! Best tasting Vegan hands down. @SakaraLife #SakaraTakesLA http://t.co/1D3aVWrJOL@PauleyP what a special night! Thank you for introducing me to those amazing people@PauleyP our new album cover!.@margaretcho was fun on todays @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass! Go see her when she comes to your city! http://t.co/bcZ3kjOSIp
Retweeted by Lance Bass#Repost @dirtypoplive with repostapp. ・・・ Today on #DirtyPopLive @margaretcho and @olivertrevena join… https://t.co/4aL958PifUWe welcome @margaretcho and @BillyGilman to @dirtypoplive today! @siriusxm 106 @outq tune in now!This looks like a total blast @LanceBass & @MichaelTurchin! Any fans within driving distance to London should go! https://t.co/l3FkhYV92Z
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@Cher duh! #AAAgirls @SIRIUSXM 106 @OutQ @courtneyactG-A-Y Porn Idol Judges. This Thurs @NSYNC's @LanceBass, Thurs 2nd July - @RuPaulsDragRace WINNER @VioletChachki Thurs 9th - @itsSHANGELA
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass reads more tabloid fodder about him & Andy Cohen, while @thisisdrew does a classic 1920s character http://t.co/XzcN9USkvd
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @JeremyJoseph @marymacofficial @ChipShopBird but who has warned them about me?! 😈😈😈 Can't wait!!.@DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass welcomes @margaretcho to the show today! It's Tuesday, so that mean #NewMusicParty!! Tune in @SIRIUSXM 106 6e
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Well I know what I'm watching tonight!! @ItsMaryViola #TheDuff http://t.co/Vd3L3yq591LIVE on #Periscope: Drew and andy changing a flat??! https://t.co/rC23AOgGo7LOVE this! #FreeHugs - @RodineySantiago on #Hollywood Blvd., CA http://t.co/ycYLsPw5gr@itsSHANGELA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Talking about Travel Health today on 'Feelin' Good with @MauiDrDeeps ​, Tune in! @DirtyPopLive @LanceBass @SIRIUSXM
Retweeted by Lance BassA treat from the #grandetourage - @frankiejgrande visits @dirtypoplive @LanceBass - full show - https://t.co/xcPsQaQ05w
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#HappyFathersDay to my amazing dad Jim! Nothing but unconditional love from day 1! I'm one blessed man! http://t.co/MM9l2UkMOaIt's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the #BeastlyBall w my Goddaughter Genevieve and @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/OfmC8RT12T
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