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Some intriguing Hastert innuendo from @thehill: "Do you remember me from Yorkville?” @cspan asked Hastert in 2014. http://t.co/xhJc038BlnJournos should really scrutinize mega-donors, argues @PeterBeinart, who apparently finds our current coverage lacking http://t.co/89IzXeFNjB.@billclinton email to donors: "it’s the political season, so the purpose & impact of (@ClintonFdn) has largely been ignored in recent cvg."Bill Clinton in email says @ClintonFdn is improving systems "so that we can operate as accurately, efficiently & transparently as possible."The Clintons' buckraking for @ClintonFdn & themselves undermines Hillary's efforts to claim reform mantle. @lessig: http://t.co/g9DfL3HI5AThe Clintons' response to foundation scrutiny "betrays an astonishing blindness to problem of corruption in US today" http://t.co/g9DfL3HI5Acool @POLITICOEvents coming up, incldg in Orlando w/ @FLGovScott, & this one on political tech http://t.co/rmHkuG5bgY http://t.co/qbMfkjjUko;) it's called reporting, & i don't do it selectively. http://t.co/o8zWkFzeX7 https://t.co/qIHpFCLCV4"...running for president," think both of them. https://t.co/aj3j61yfw8Benghazi intel is just the latest "fake scandal" in which Sid Blumenthal has been the "fake villain" says @JoeConason http://t.co/tSIaKO5jgM
Dennis Hastert still registered to lobby for the govts of Turkey & Luxemborg. http://t.co/ewhgB6Ajwk@lalaedmonds @GlensGardenMkt pretty much all your major food groups.When a @politico reporter told Hastert last week that he was about to be indicted, he said, “Well, it’s not true.” http://t.co/l7NQSRwG8PAttn: People Who Have @SIRIUSXM & Are Interested In Sid Blumenthal, @ClintonFdn & Benghazi: I Am Discussing Said Subjects w @juliemason Now!apparently, @ryangrim really got under @SenRonJohnson's skin. http://t.co/gv7AlLDlwdGOP $ types see Miriam Adelson as "the more reasonable & more realistic half of the couple to deal with." @RosieGray: http://t.co/tEknox364t#transparency https://t.co/6Pm4umm4ZDHarry Reid 's retirement means Dems' Koch attacks will come from "a chorus, rather than a soloist," per @geoffgarin. http://t.co/4SGZBU3eqvBut Sid Blumenthal survived @ClintonFdn cronyism purge as $10k/mo contractor, proving power of Clinton loyalty. http://t.co/HHRttulA1k 2/2When @ChelseaClinton tried to professionalize Foundation in '13, Sid Blumenthal was dropped from payroll/benefits http://t.co/HHRttulA1k 1/2muting > blocking.@katiepack ha!@katiepack @RichardGrenell I'm suggesting you failed to back up your allegation that she lied.@RedStateJake is there a critique of my reporting here?troll: why doesn't the media cover this story? *pastes url to media report on story*@katiepack @RichardGrenell & ... ?@katiepack @RichardGrenell you are saying there is a lie here, yet you cannot identify one. you should be more careful when using that word.@katiepack @RichardGrenell not sure how that's a lie. you should be more careful when using that word.@MattMackowiak @katiepack @RichardGrenell check the quote againWhen U.S. lost its 2022 World Cup bid to Qatar, @BillClinton was so upset he shattered a mirror. Source of bad luck? http://t.co/2suCQG2W7J@katiepack @RichardGrenell what is the lie here?No. @SavedYouAClick. https://t.co/LRYBzgPiRv@RichardGrenell also, what's the lie?ah, the old criticizing The Media for not covering a story you discovered in the media trick https://t.co/OfITM4HYMRClinton Fndtn hired Sid Blumenthal at @billclinton's behest. Insiders grumbled about patronage & his $10k/mo salary. http://t.co/ndSGa5C1rj'This is all about helping someone who is a friend of the Clintons': @kenvogel on Sid Blumenthal's payday http://t.co/2xS3WVINMz
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@CKinstitute huh?@CKinstitute ah. so you're not disagreeing with me?@CKinstitute I tweeted that you don't like Bridge FOIAing your emails. You responded "No…". What part of my tweet are you disagreeing with?"Y'all know what I'm talkin' 'bout, right?" https://t.co/zTWulsbfndInside the Sierra Club/Bloomberg war on coal - great deep-dive by my @politico #agenda colleague @MikeGrunwald http://t.co/b9WZZS90kv
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelbut my most acute memory from 2008 Hillary campaign in SC: accidentally leaving behind my blackberry(!) in a columbia hotel room. #funtimesHillary Clinton stepped on a bunch of racial fault lines the last time she was in S.C. as a presidential candidate. http://t.co/PZHfzVVmxMwith New Years Eve dump as a special f- you to Hillary reporters! https://t.co/m5RFw6RTLQ@CKinstitute so you're ok with them filing a requests request for emails b/t the university and your foundation?Jonathan Soros's (@imjonasaurus) political $ may not be having much impact, but his investment firm is doing great. http://t.co/bcsR7ADJegyeah, that's implied by your ability to file a PUBLIC info request, which wouldn't apply to PRIVATE universities. https://t.co/QxJnUG006cThe Charles Koch Inst. (@CKinstitute) doesn't like @American_Bridge FOIAing its emails w/ its academic beneficiaries. http://t.co/w5Q801JXijFoster Friess, singed by 2012 spotlight, hints at 2016 c4 $ for Santorum: "any giving is going to be less-noticed." http://t.co/nTAWQKu8cqNew edition of Websters includes "dark money," but erroneously defines it as funding campaigns http://t.co/gjesw1ElTL http://t.co/hw4M88agrC
Sounds like a nice guy. https://t.co/NqMWqvhca6Bernie on Hillary: “That type of wealth has the potential to isolate you from the reality of the world." http://t.co/zQbwQIaYqX
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBen & Jerrys' cofounders may be joining Bernie Sanders today, but its parent company is a Clinton Foundation donor http://t.co/ogfgqc32MB
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThinking David Koch intervu got misinterpreted. 1) not spending $900M on '16 race 2) hard $ to multiple candts=common http://t.co/2QHCFeynGO@kenvogel My criteria for major city was (1) any city bigger than Akron, Ohio, and/or (2) any city name-checked in a Steve Miller Band song.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWherein @anamariecox calls Hillary confidant Sid Blumenthal "just kind of a scumbag and she cannot let go." http://t.co/mk0qkMh2rTLeaving...what, exactly? https://t.co/7iPe7uReM3
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBig Clinton donor @LdeRothschild fears @ClintonFdn "donors who crave privacy will back away to avoid media crossfire" http://t.co/6EXFgrGJh1I lived in Tacoma, Wash. for 3 years & really liked it, but not sure I'd include it on a list of "major cities." http://t.co/wF4sk6OdAxKen Cuccinelli triumphs over a Scam PAC that preyed on his supporters, though it's tough to see much precedent here. http://t.co/79PSgGip0EIn Rand Paul's new GOP "it will be okay to watch Jon Stewart." So, is this new GOP ending Aug. 6? http://t.co/AtMS5QAjXO@10uhseejed you have failed to show bias and proven your lack of understanding. blocked.
Chinese software company says, yes, its new headquarters is a copy of the starship Enterprise http://t.co/cjBOxIghuH http://t.co/LNRMydvQLI
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAn elegant message of goodwill this solemn day. https://t.co/DvEBRr5gOW
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelLate last night, Charles Barkley lost at @JENGA (with video): https://t.co/aiWMK5g5IBMemorial Day reminder from @wuerker @politico. http://t.co/FunhcAbgtp@goptraci my blue skin?The @NewYorker omits @RealBenCarson from its 2016 GOP old boys club cover. http://t.co/tSHXByTC4h
David Koch, on his $ for ballet/museums: "NYC would be a cold, unpleasant place if we didn't have these institutions" http://t.co/USOu9gz2AsDavid Koch, explaining his social agnosticism to @larry_kudlow: "don't force ppl to do things they don't want to do." http://t.co/USOu9gz2AsMore David Koch on 2016 GOP buffet strategy: "If we're happy with their policies, we will finance their campaigns." http://t.co/USOu9gz2AsIn little-noticed weekend interview, David Koch says he & Charles "are thinking of supporting several Republicans". http://t.co/USOu9gz2As@sjnorthrup so maybe "not true" is a little too declarative@sjnorthrup wouldn't the companies with which it contracts just pass along the cost?.@GlensGardenMkt knows how to make a breakfast sandwich, y'all. http://t.co/wfMKZFxrdi
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe Kochs buy a medical device maker, giving them a stake in big & lingering Obamacare fight over medical device tax. http://t.co/Mmdca9Q7ZgMaureen Dowd discovers that @Uber drivers get to rate you and she doesn't like that one bit. http://t.co/5TMw8p8HgL
Alexandria National Cemetery. http://t.co/eu05O2YsKrnominee for least customer-friendly website: @petco. i'm trying to give you money, but you just won't let me.@10uhseejed show me a story she or I have written that is biased or acknowledge the truth: that you have no clue what you're talking about.
LeBron James: best basketball player in the world, horrible singer. https://t.co/C5vnZALbXS"Like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito in Twins."--@ReggieMillerTNT http://t.co/Wz35ypGuEdIf you're critiquing @monicalangley based on @preines' assessment of her interviewing style, rather than her stories, then you are the hack.David Brock's @American_Bridge super PAC paid Sid Blumenthal $2,500 on 6/28/13 for "Strategic Consulting Services". http://t.co/s4w0nLKe4XAnd so it begins: "The Kochs take on Hillary". @tparti & I on the 1st chapter of a clash that's going to define 2016. http://t.co/a4p76OgQ7r@kenvogel You haven't seen the kid-size ice cream cup in New Hampshire. #atleastamediuminrestofamerica
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHillary Clinton's go-to aide at the State Department “was really pissed off that Sid was wasting everybody’s time.” http://t.co/CCVNU7ajCxSid Blumenthal only wants to talk Abe Lincoln, but that doesn't stop @GlennThrush from producing an engaging read. http://t.co/RnsgMaqK5UElizabeth Warren opposes trade arbitration systems (except when she's paid $90k to participate in 'em). @IsaacDovere: http://t.co/nSsC6UPunMHillary Clinton: She Can't Handle the Adult Size Ice Cream Cup. *paid for by Americans for Ice Cream & Babies. https://t.co/FjWFTE34IwThe Kochs take on Hillary. Great for Clinton, since it allows her to excite liberals by fighting their fave bogeymen. http://t.co/q2wT9XnqyFHere's Hillary, anxious to talk to the King of Morocco, whose govt-owned phosphate co would give $6M+ to @ClintonFdn. http://t.co/Rpvqktnwi82016 general election is underway: The Koch bros lead group is going after Hillary over the Ex-Im Bank. http://t.co/DRVUmONzQy#CampaignFinanceTweetOfTheWeek https://t.co/bhRy54heNs@kenvogel Also muckraker is not generally a pejorative among journalists
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Smearlitico", huh? Never heard that one before. Very creative. https://t.co/lCuRqSP2nPHe did hold The First White House Seder. https://t.co/9Mr0hniK4a@KendallBreitman better than socks. (or is it?)The Clintons played up idea their speech $ was going to charity. Turns out, only $12M (out of $130M) actually did. http://t.co/hliOsfgcSF
#BREAKING Sources saying Daron Wint has been CAPTURED in NE DC. En route to scene
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