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@UMfangirl Of course. I wasn't speaking to her clout so much as her well documented toughness. I wouldn't to scuffle with her!Hey @Hertz, next time you decide to pick a fight with a customer, you might want to google her name first. I am traveling for a story tmrw-Fri. 😢Crossword puzzle solvers, take note.
Hope for the Middle East. @nytimes Is that a compliment? Thank you!Call it the Miley Virus. #VMAs Jean Baptiste + Lin-Manuel Miranda performed "The Confrontation" 2 weeks ago, outside the Hamilton stage door. Thank you!! 👅📷Perhaps my greatest contribution yet to the annals of journalism. news: Oliver Sacks, the neurologist and acclaimed author, has died at 82
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@T2Va perfect!Did Hitler have children? A 6 year old I know just told me Hitler was probably nicer to his kids than I am. I need a retort.@JakeSherman @jameshohmann Will need to be rebranded as the Gold House™I ❤️ Rep. Dingell does a nice Jewish girl wear to a pig roast?
@marciadorsey I think we're gonna need to have a longer convo about this! Forgive me I here-and-there show you a bunch of stuff ...@marciadorsey I made this one of my kids last year and gave a few out as gifts to family I cross-stitch a lot. I love making little things for friends.💃🏻@hillarykerr I will look for a 🍍 pattern...and I'll show your latest when it's finished tonight.@hillarykerr I'm insane, I know. But in the good way. 😜@hillarykerr wrote a story that can be encapsulated in 2 emoji: 👅📷 #miley #VMAs2015
Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback 👧🏼⚾️🏈🏀⚽️🎾
Mike Bloomberg's @Everytown is FB mobilizing, post- #WDBJshooting. My 2014 story on a digitally nimble anti-🔫 group. a restrained, powerful essay, @jcheiffetz asks Jeff Bezos to treat employees who are women + parents w/ humanity. look at what that account just posted 5 minutes ago, brian"His puzzles were genuinely funnier than anybody else’s" Merl Reagle, Whose Crossword Puzzles Delighted Solvers, Dies love you, Alison and Adam.
Retweeted by katie rosman@brianstelter just went down this rabbit hole, watched video, absolutely horrific
My former WSJ colleague Lauren Lipton to Arianna Huffington. She has what my daughter calls "girl balls." When I went to school here, it got you into @RicksCafeA2 ($3), afforded you a $1 pitcher w/ a buck left over for a Back Room🍕.On the University of Michigan campus, the ATMs still let you take out $5. @Jezebel It's a NYT story, Jezebel just regurgitates it, actually.
@disambiguated even today! It's fall weather!In resplendent Ann Arbor reporting a story. If you went to Michigan State, you might want to mute me for a few days.
It's strange to be having a drink in Ann Arbor without a fake ID.Everyone's talking about #pussycat, but how about this pillow next to legendary #HelenGurleyBrown?!
Retweeted by katie rosmanThis was inevitable. @AlexandraJacobs @StuartEmmrichNY few of my favorite things collide in THIS: feminism, media, philanthropy, Manhattan real estate, having it all
Retweeted by katie rosman"Pussycat, I don't raft": Helen Gurley Brown to Hearst exec. @katierosman has more. Much more.
Retweeted by katie rosmanThe bar cart in Helen Gurley Brown's apartment has a cigarette box that really has 🚬🚬 in it.
The balcony view from Helen Gurley Brown's tower apartment at the Beresford. @pkafka Thank you guys!@ShiraOvide Thank you! #PussycatDontRaftIn home of the late Helen Gurley Brown is final datebook entry: 'Broadway show w/ Eve Burton.' And thus a tale begins
Retweeted by katie rosman@clairehoworth thank you, Pussycat!This piece by @katierosman on Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown will make you want to address everyone as "pussycat."
Retweeted by katie rosmanLegendary Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown died 3yrs ago, leaving behind nearly $200 million...and no heirs. #pussycat
@cmwalla I am obsessed, if I do say so myself!It's almost the weekend! 👯 was gonna adopt an Iraqi orphan to better understand young people but met with recent college grads instead. nine-year-old son has a new self-described catchphrase. Nuts for president? Why not, says Iowa farm boy
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Reporters too will thank Marty Lipton for ending their quarterly slog. End quarterly reports, Wachtell says
Retweeted by katie rosman@ConorDougherty As you know, lightening doesn't strike twice.Instagram is linked to sudden-onset misanthropy, studies show. @vsaffron: On Instagram, the Summer You’re Not Having
I don't care who had an Ashley Madison account.@JamieStelter @patkiernan you kiss you mother with that mouth, young lady?! Don't talk like that!!In the 'byline to story' Journalism Hall of Fame, this from today's @FT
Retweeted by katie rosman@JamieStelter @patkiernan Let it never end! #SomeLikeItHOT ☀️😅🔥
Donald Trump and his sister inherited the same hair gene guru-ization of memoirists. This is actually a depressing look at the podcasts of self-anointed self-helpers.
The greatest tweet ever written. #mywedding
Retweeted by katie rosmanThe @UMich's official Instagram feed has posted what seems to be an ode to a hot cashier at the Ann Arbor Chipotle. Blasio lunched w/ George Soros at the billionaire’s Hamptons estate; “discussed economic issues important to NYC.” like Ben Affleck's nanny: Mayor Bill de Blasio mingled w/ Patriots owner Bob Kraft, tried on his Super Bowl ring Morgan to host SNL in first comedy appearance since car accident
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💅🏻 cc @HerringWSJ bam!!!!Guess what it is? from my sister: "Amazon treats its employees how my kids treat me." cc @jodikantor
It's National Appreciate Your Non-Amazon Boss Day!
And the gods smiled down upon the media. are different now, son. Back in my day we summed things up in one Tweet. We made phone calls, spoke to people, we found the One Tweet
Retweeted by katie rosmanHillary Clinton Vine has 17 million loops while Donald Trump Vine has 2 million loops: The race to Vine stardom 2016
Retweeted by katie rosman@katierogers @charliespiering The president made us a mixed tape!!
The White House releases President Obama's summer reading list. Honestly, how does he find the time?! 📚$ @WhoWhatWear (which I wrote about in 2009) closed a $8m round, led by Amazon. They Know What She Wore Last Night @UpshotNYT I out-guessed 86% of responders which is like the best I've ever done on a math test! @nypost @rkylesmith I know a mom whose messy-haired daughter recoils at the sight of a brush who could use the tutelage too!Very funny column. Dads are now being taught to braid their daughters' hair via @nypost
Good grief? New @MichiganRoss research says crying in negotiations can help gain concessions
Retweeted by katie rosmanPerfect! A story about millennial parents is illustrated by a photo of a couple who got married at Coachella. I think there is a name. "Tourist."
the internet right now waiting for @tinder’s next post
Retweeted by katie rosman@Bookgirl96 that one has lacked credibility from the get-goThe swiper doth protest too much?'s retire "Give a hoot, don't pollute," too. @nypost @PageSix God bless the NY Post!!@KBAndersen bad-esqueI read every word. @GQ is a repeat offender/delighter (depending on your view. History of the Tough Celebrity Profile you are SO right!!!@katierosman Giselle can't be pleased either...
Retweeted by katie rosmanHope Ben Affleck isn't interested in having mothers pay to see his movies! hahaha excellent point
((Don't know who to credit for this .... Saw it on FB.))
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