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@kevinroose Your tweet of my "mistaken for a waiter" piece -- circa Trayvon and yrs after I wrote it -- really was what made it go viralHBD to this guy I met and spoke to for an hour at a book party (before someone mistook him for a waiter)! 🎂 @POTUS for Prezzie!!! Taylor Swift Reveals How She Stood Up to Apple Place sounds like a total heap.
On the 7th day, Jim Harbaugh rested. #GoBLUE @CoachJim4UM curse of #TheVoice! Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale Split After 13 Years of Marriage via @usweekly@umichfootball Don't forget to wish him Happy Birthday #GoBLUE
Retweeted by katie rosman#RestingBitchFace #RBF @NYTStyles @jess7bennett do women need to smile just to prove they're not pissed-off? I’m Not Mad. That’s Just My RBF.
@sianpierre I saw you on TV ystrdy. You were very articulate (and handsome!!).@VABVOX This comes from the Op Ed side of the paper, has no connection to news side.
@jdelreal @brianstelter Except for the "an anguished Joe Biden thought to himself"@Bookgirl96 @MikeIsaac While I'm paying for this roof, Michael, it's a cuss word.MoDowd is quoting Biden directly which makes him her source, right? Biden: What Would Beau Do? Don't use cuss words with your mom.He wants to be in the room. But can @VP Biden rap like VP Aaron Burr? #Hamilton never woulda come out but for #Cecil Dowd: It turns out Tom Brady and Hillary Clinton have more in common than you would think. Clinton’s State Department aides called her “Secretary of Awesome” seeks extradition of U.S. hunter who killed Cecil the lion: by @heidivogt
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.@katierosman's inspiring @nytimes story about girls taking STEM education by the horns thanks to Helen Gurley Brown
Retweeted by katie rosman@hillarykerr Thank you! I like the last line too. 😘'Redefining Cosmo Girl' Helen Gurley Brown's estate pays for girls to learn to code. #STEM 👧🏼📲💪🏻 @lyazel @JoannaColes"One of the best jobs I had to prepare me to be prez was sliming fish in Alaska." @HillaryClinton writes @theskimm an old nursery rhyme into a swinging jazz number: Van Alexander, Composer of ‘A-Tisket/A-Tasket,’ Dies at100 sister of Mr. Dubose, said, “Every day now, I’m going to be marching for video cams." U-Cincinnati Officer Indicted
A classic @WSJ story. I wish it would run on #PageOne. Read it. Stone editor @wdana is out:
Retweeted by katie rosmanIf you have some news that you'd prefer CNN not cover, here's your moment.@jonathanwald But who's counting.@stefanjbecket Certainly, Zucker has dreamed about it.Even from nose-bleed seats, the most remarkable theater experience ever. CANNOT WAIT to get the album. #HamiltonBwy @LoganPaul find more than 6 seconds of fame? By @socarolinesays, to a working mother who needed to take a break to pump breast milk: "You're disgusting." Brady's defense deflates; Gisele leaves plastic surgery clinic (!!) in a burqa. Schadenfreude Christmas in July.
@caseyjohnston I emailed you abt tomorrow!Know who else stands by @SarahMaslinNir's story? The Chinese woman who just did my 💅🏻+ said nothing's really changed. The best line I ever wrote.@courtyforrest Neither. PS My raspberry rage came after my 10am tennis lesson. #rhotpA man I'm paying to mow the yard is eating raspberries from my garden. I'm angry. Also, I feel like a Real Housewife of Tuxedo Park #StaycayI hate typos in tweets. Why won't twitter let us edit?Who is going to do he segmented lampooning Jon Stewart for this? POLITICO: Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits
This is cool! case for naming your kid Jedediah or Ignatius or North. wrote this! Next up, my investigation of jumbo shrimp. #ethicalcheating Seau’s Family Renews Call for Daughter to Speak at Hall of Fame my story on "ethical cheating," I joined, the dating website. #reporting #pinacoladas
@johnmccarthy thank you!!!Anyone know what 21 across is? #crossword #xwordGreat get for @brianstelter @CNNReliable inside the @Gawker story with @nicknotned live now.
Retweeted by katie rosmanBut only once that she won 2010 Miss Fairfield County pageant. #yaleist"Law school is for people who are boring and ugly and serious." Introducing my children to the cultural monument that is Legally Blonde. 👸🏼“Monogamy is not working for the majority of us,” said Mr. Wade, whose current wife is his third. Cooler: Is There Such a Thing as ‘Ethical Cheating’?
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Blackstone C.F.O. Is Said to Be Headed to Airbnb
Retweeted by katie rosman@hriefs @StephLauren more details after my mtg!@hriefs @StephLauren If you have any intention of really giving it a go, you should invest in a good mat@hriefs @StephLauren I prefer yoga Princess. 👸🏼Pearson in talks to sell Financial Times. 📰 public face of #Cosby's legal defense team is an attractive woman. Meet Monique Pressley.
Some of the best cast money can't buy. The Wire family gathers in Bmore, for a post Freddie-Gray benefit. #thewire
Retweeted by katie rosman@MikeIsaac Is Travis Whatevz the new mayor of NYC?For anyone who doesn't understand VidCon or mobile video (I didn't before Vine), @nickbilton's article is a must-read
Retweeted by katie rosmanPost reporter tries to see a movie with his wife, runs into Lindsey Graham, writes this story
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NYT Sports department offered the biggest thrill for my sister's family when visiting the paper @WCRhoden @jstallman OMG!! This is hilarious. I had totally forgotten!!I want to see a Blagojevich v Trump presidential election.❤️ Why Congressman Dingell's Twitter feed is one of my faves...."My grandmother was like, ‘You could have warned us before we told all of our church friends’" Rosario Dawson on Kids
Retweeted by katie rosmanFed nominee Kathryn Dominguez teaches a course at U of Michigan called "Jane Austen and Economics." (h/t @d_harrison)
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Does anyone at Gawker actually talk to each other, or is the policy just to communicate via melodramatic all staff memos?
Retweeted by katie rosmanRachel Dolezal, to @VanityFair, on self-identification as black: "It’s not something that I can put on and take off.""Never apologize for working. You love what you do, and loving what you do is a great gift to give your child.”
Retweeted by katie rosmanHow to stay out of trouble on a hot day. reports 21-yr-old Donald Trump had "full head of hair." Implying current ferret-'do is fake? Maybe he'll sue digital-era version of Heidi Fleiss's black book (minus the hookers, presumably).“In selling to Katy Perry, we feel we are being forced to violate our canonical vows to the Catholic Church,"
@ShawnChittle @jswatz Jello Pudding Pops are dead to me.@susanmcp1 @sarahw @moorehn thank you!! I was the beneficiary of a good assignment. What a way to spend 2 days, immersed in her life!A man whose wardrobe comprises 100 pairs of sweatpants assumes he is so irresistible to women they he needn't bother with verbal consent.Sunday NYT, above the fold. What a story. Devastating first line. #Cosby
@katherinekarlin @sarahw Because that's the section I write for.Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Calculated Pursuit of Young Women, Using Fame, Drugs and Deceit advice from legendary reporter Marlene Sanders (and mother of @JeffreyToobin) 'Never apologize for working'
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@jonathanwald @katierosman I was her AP on 2 CBS Repts. Great mentor, tough reporter, warm heart. Told me not to wear jeans to office
Retweeted by katie rosmanThis media story is pretty much the antithesis of *that* media story: Marlene Sanders, a Force in TV Journalism couple of old boys tell @katierosman how Marlene Sanders cracked "an old-boys network, almost literally."
Retweeted by katie rosman@Bad_Boyfriend and this one is why I love you!As is the person retweeting it. Denton: "I can’t defend yesterday’s story." no idea what this story is about but how can you not retweet this? House Porn: Stedda getting divorced, this couple got a 4300 sq-ft loft + divided it into separate homes. someone collects the best farewell notes, they'll include this from my WSJ colleague @TimAeppel
Retweeted by katie rosman.@instagram snags @evachen212 as head of fashion partnerships!
Retweeted by katie rosmana two year old @carr2n article about Gawker's ethics of outing people is trending on Twitter
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Has Gawker Landed Yet
Retweeted by katie rosmanHey gawker: who cares? So uncool.#Chicago #diy #crossstitch Tanglewood Picnic by @ginahyams is such a gorgeous book! (@RebeccaSoffer, you will LOVE!) 🍒🍉🍷🎶🐜 @GQMagazine Oh! I didn't read. 😁
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