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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

Organize events, event consulting. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|intersect, Part of GoCode CO & Started Ignite Denver. Love Technology

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@chuckdude awesome thanks sir!!@kcase awesome! thanks. yeah i saw the update and was like, mmm am i using the right one, LOL.Hey @OmniGroup Which Omnifocus iOS version should i be using? I got confused. White or black checkmark cc. @chuckdude@markokloos I don’t think there’s enough characters in a tweet for that wordwon’t lie, when I’m in coffee shops now, I’m very self Conscious i might end up in a blog post, as a cute doodle. all @jgamet faultWe have an immediate sponsorship opportunity available. Contact @chrispatterson @dazeend @jtbrown @tritchey ASAP.
Retweeted by John Wilker@sconig the children who’d starve because intuit would get $265/year for shitty apps@coryb ah yeah. :( looked at them. Intuit could rock, but has no need to, so why bother i guess@sconig yeah mine gets a back up file once a quarter(ish) and does all the reconciling, then tax stuff. couple hrs a year.@coryb Yikes! what do you use instead? I’d love to walk away from quickbooks, haven’t found anything better :(@sconig yeah that’s what I’ve heard too. bookkeeper is pushing me to do it, but thinking i lose out more than anyone.intuit has a major racket. 21.99/mo. for QB online. $265 a year for an app I’m barely happy paying 199 for native. sighweird, my iMac won’t do TDM with my new Macbook Air. No idea why. Used to work fine with my old macbook pro
Find Out If You Live in One of the Most Walkable Cities in the US http://t.co/5kWz6mL2YR #denver, we can be betterLooking for something to do this weekend? Join @gregavola at @dogfishbeer on 5/30 for free @untappd swag and more! http://t.co/TvYfgVUQC5
Retweeted by John WilkerFirst warm day in almost a month! Cheers! - Drinking a Summer Shandy by @Leinenkugels - http://t.co/zhAVFKBIeH
I just earned the 'Tea Time' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/kZ1CQZ0lqdI just earned the 'Pucker Up' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/oNp3iwCiBcCouple pose for picture in the same place, 51 years apart. Amazing. http://t.co/QDQwfSxfAi
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@freebsdgirl I can't offer help. But certainly kinda pretty. In a productivity ruining kind of way.
#Duggar supporters are SO worried that trans people are going to molest kids in bathrooms but THE DUGGAR GIRLS DIDN’T NEED TO LEAVE HOME.
Retweeted by John Wilker@noir @justin so much YES@justin at least they used “you’re” correctly… amooo@subdigital @jaimeejaimee @jcieplinski ditto. I intended it to be “look at later” but never happened. strictly “I acknowledge this tweet”@subdigital @jaimeejaimee @jcieplinski true, and I have RT’ed things aren’t good but should be seen, but less often by far (for me)@jcieplinski @jaimeejaimee Ditto. Fav’s tend to be “nod” more than anything else. RT’s are “this is good, look”@elaine_marino @briangryth LOL!!@briangryth i like that there’s still a person who can’t park for shit :D
@katatwell @tcabeen @Jaredewy @kiamruiz @hkwong mmm free beer. And two ft. Collins' teams winning :)Gocodeco final event time! (@ History Colorado Center in Denver, CO) https://t.co/tWsjafazcO@judykitteh yay!!!!!!!!!! You rock@judykitteh welcome!!‘Carpenter wanted. Must be able to also do metalwork, glass blowing, and bridge construction.’ The way every developer job is advertised.
Retweeted by John Wilker@GoCodeColorado finals tonight! 10 teams enter only 3 walk away with contracts worth $25k! http://t.co/nKJ759ZRMm http://t.co/PM1Po7RWc1
Retweeted by John WilkeriOS dev with 5 yrs of experience looking for new contracts in London, starting May 28th pleaseRT @XcodeJobs
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@GlennF He is right about Marble Madness though.I appreciate that both @RepDianaDeGette and @jaredpolis are on this https://t.co/LbFyePqr9N
Retweeted by John Wilker@superpixels of the closing or opening as something better?@amonshiz oh you know, little details. Good to know though, thanks!@WickedGood i use it on my mac, like it enough. Not a typeface person so YMMV, but had no issues reading it on non retina@ntman68 yes that’s what I’ve come think of office products, easy to use and productivity boostingDownloading office: Mac 2016 preview. Living dangerouslyWe would love to see security/crypto talks from wonderful ladies! Know someone? Do you want to present? Let us know! 👉RTs appreciated 👈
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RT @NerdApproved: Lucky Family Gets A Real Double Decker Couch From The #Lego Movie http://t.co/w8ntTRQFVg http://t.co/fPL6gdPb7e @tcabeen@ChrisWarcraft @freebsdgirl Very curious now what ducks look like where you guys live :D@justin under the bridge? #couldnthelpmyself@dlpasco @mike3k yeahWWDC & AltConf people: Annabelle’s is closed. http://t.co/OuZI051G1H
Retweeted by John WilkerIn case you missed it, we announced our new app Carbo for viewing, editing & organizing handwritten notes: https://t.co/BzlmQOlnqE
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@mbernier gotta sip. Not enough of them for slurpin'I'm in a place where it's possible to "use up" the Internet. Yeah. Use it up and you pay more for a little more.
@jessicag @ottobar @jakep36 As soon as I’m back I’ll give you the drive.@ottobar @jakep36 @jessicag MAN HANDS!@jessicag @jakep36 @ottobar The puffy shirt!!
@nadyne oh nice!! That’s an interesting way to do it, I’d be inclined to do the same, wrap things up, then read/watch movies, etc
@nadyne Hear that. I look at travel (Plane, rail, etc) as my unplug times. I hated Southwest adding wifi. I still refuse to connect, LOLThe people who don't talk about being good but just are, are the people who I thank the universe for from the bottom of my heart.
Retweeted by John Wilker#photoswithalbert @theNASciences http://t.co/xV4z7Nct5j
Heard in the Lincoln memorial "what's all that writing on the wall?" Our youth.@nick_harris @m_kristensson lol damn right. That's what perfect strangers and long arms are for lol.@LordBron @WhiteHouse @BarackObama seems my appointment wasn't on the books.@charlero that's how you exit lol@m_kristensson ha ha. Well there's no checkin for "outside with the masses of selfie sticks"@charlero visiting a friend ;) In-laws live nearby. Spent the day here todayI'm at The @WhiteHouse in Washington, DC https://t.co/txsOMCDIdU
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 23)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/bgXyWH9qNwAll talk submissions have been reviewed, voted on, and are now being scheduled. If you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch.
Retweeted by John WilkerI'd listen. https://t.co/Oo9Z1OSA56Are you someone in tech & have/currently-suffering from an eating disorder? I'd love to hear your story. justinearreche(at)gmail(dot)com
Retweeted by John Wilker@angilly somehow practicing that sounds like a really gross time, LOL@angilly Sounds like it’s time to escalate… CROP DUSTHere's my newest #lego project – an elegant, diminutive bonsai tree. Building guides will be available next week! http://t.co/4ibFMfpMxS
Retweeted by John Wilker@lukew @EmperiorEric Oh god! Double hamburger!
“@BoingBoing: Would you pee in these wonderfully odd urinals? http://t.co/VEDA9wWLfU http://t.co/BKrCXgBMug” R Kelly would.A Nintendo theme park! Obviously we’ll have a ride that’s just a bizarre maze that rapidly fills with water. http://t.co/PLnBM9EKNY
Retweeted by John WilkerI can’t be the only one that whistles along with the solo in “walk Like an Egyptian”@USPSHelp is there a reason 4 scheduled pick ups have been marked “complete” yet the box is on my doorstep still?@astralbodies LOL. Even better, they just mark it complete at 7a each time i schedule a pick up. Glad it’s not urgentDear @USPS @USPSHelp does this look like a completed package pickup? http://t.co/X7k2ktIcTz
Here’s a recap on how the Mac App Store works. http://t.co/tuhqmS8IZr
Retweeted by John Wilker@skabber <whisper>behind you</whisper>See a CFP you like? a) Propose! b) RT c) Rec it to ppl underrepresented at confs for professional programmers d) Rec ppl to conf organizers
Retweeted by John WilkerKnow what I’m doing tonight? Reconciling all Denwhere? accounts for all our meetup/groups… yay!
@uliwitness totally agree! has the potential to be awesome if it could figure out where it wants to be@uliwitness yeah I’m gonna finish the season then decide if it’s worth (assuming not cancelled) keeping it on my list to watch@uliwitness either would be better than the weird middling it’s doing now for sure@j_salvo notifications, music control, bike computer (runkeeper), apparently soon (next model) more interactive stuff with device@j_salvo @octothorpe love it, backed the new one. iPhone, don’t use it for fitness stuff. The new one looks like it’ll be cool.@j_salvo @octothorpe hand raised@BellJoannaL @pdparticle w00t and happy birthday!! Now get off our lawns :)@samuelgoodwin lol well yeah. But last night. Round table would've sufficed lol
I highly recommend you go read @nrrrdcore’s tweets from the last hour.
Retweeted by John Wilker@GlennF did you need a trap or just hide behind a bush while it passed?1 in 4 U.S. renters must use half their pay for housing costs: http://t.co/XX4NYZKDhG #Denver
Retweeted by John Wilker#MayThe4thBeWithYou http://t.co/fQNV8LMJ56I really wish Denver had round table pizza!!GoCode co final event walk thru. (@ History Colorado Center in Denver, CO) https://t.co/IVmPAIJN4ZJoss Whedon driven off Twitter because Twitter.
Retweeted by John Wilker@WickedGood SOLID GOLD idea… :|@WickedGood monetizing the worst of the net, good business model that’ll be. :(
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