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Software Consultant in New Jersey. I make people more money with Apps™. Helplessly hopeful individual.

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@jc4p nono
I’ve discovered vermouth and everything has changed. Manhattans for days.@AlexDe_L I’m teaching Paul how to work, and N but I wish I was@AlexDe_L i hope u fucking saved me some pancakes
1. The Times misuses "selfie" 2. I demand a correction 3. Instead, it lets me define selfie myself: YOU'RE WELCOME
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@AlexDe_L ty@AlexDe_L but wut about next week tho@AlexDe_L remember when we were frands@AlexDe_L Ty
@AlexDe_L they have a couple other good shows coming up though: Rise Against next week, Damian Marley in Sept. Down to go if you are@AlexDe_L nah I mean you probs would have said no anyway, I was trying to see Catch-22 in Asbury@AlexDe_L yeah but if you had a real phone you could use Tweetbot and not Twitter dot app
@AlexDe_L I might as well just buy you a real fucking phone at this point@AlexDe_L Ty. When do you get out of work@AlexDe_L no@jc4p and yes, yes I did go out of my way to a different Wawa to get that picture@jc4p they only sell their own brand now is great and all but it’s missing some pretty crucial East Coast elements @jc4p that’s pretty gross, especially if there’s the possibility of going back to the first VC@kerrick @jc4p yep yep exactlygrowth hacking is annoying af nope, definitely not, hence first class support for hiding it@jc4p this is what a nav controller is for, you’re just making your life more painful for no reason@jc4p no you just need to use a navigation controller since you’re misusing the APIs@jc4p you’re misusing the APIs, push is a concept of a navigation controller based view hierarchy@jc4p ?@jc4p in their current form, yes. I hate them. but one day they could be amazing so it’s cool to see investment in the idea at least
Welp, why did we do this to ourselves (from @azizansari’s Modern Romance) is what I get for flying American.10 delay-free flight streak ruined by ChicagoSFO ✈️ ORD ✈ ️EWR Peace out, California.
When you bring up that you dislike the tech industry while in California place can stay though San FransiscoBan This Weather This Tweet’s Location TagSpydere man spydere man Doth al things a spydere kan Sondry webbes he kan weaven Thieves lyke flyes he kan cacchen Lo anon comth spydere man
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@jc4p the product doesn’t interest me but kudos to them on the transparency in the post, answered my question of why so much money honestly@AlexDe_L @joshriker panda??@AlexDe_L @joshriker SO UNEXPECTED HAHA@AlexDe_L be nice to @joshriker he’s sensitive@sturmen hi grandma@sturmen man I hate this meme so much please god why@joshriker who’s jellybest burrito I’ve ever had.
@bpapa having everything in a scroll view subclass makes it a huge headache to build anything non-trivialOr at least refactor them to use a vanilla view with a container that holds the actual collection/table viewI wish they would just kill UICollectionViewController and UITableViewController. Such useless classes.@NachoSoto @jazzychad yep, super annoying. I use this to make it automatic
Back in the ‘burbs. I talk a lot of smack about SF but that was quite the fun day.dopeness level too dope @ The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
gotta love that good old city piss smell@jc4p @14eleven nice Twitter dot app screenshot you got theretaco game is strong, sf fuck clean bathroom walls
@jc4p ikr I felt bad comparing nj to such shittiness(and ridiculously wide, anti-pedestrian roads)tfw you realize California is just New Jersey with slightly different trees
If you are a freelancer pls enjoy this restrained yet obviously raged-filled thing I wrote about trying to get paid.
Retweeted by jp@engers @jc4p also YESSSSSSS@engers @jc4p he thinks I don’t ready r/gallifrey on a regular basis
@_Jordan nm you?4 year streak of avoiding SV ruined 😓@AlexDe_L so fast 😨
@AlexDe_L ty@jc4p some parts hit way too close to home@jc4p yo the five dysfunctions was SO GOODTexas. *shivers*@jc4p virgin is the shit yeah but tbh it should be complementary since when you get off the plane you’re in California@jc4p weird. the extra space + line skip is usually my go to@jc4p is that the one with the sleepers?@jc4p soz m8@jc4p yeah I almost always fly JetBlue out of JFK but I didn’t have time to make it all the way out there today
@jc4p nice undefined behavior m8BOOM
Rapinoe is just stupid fast, jeezjapan is also on the field
Retweeted by jpThe bailout Greece needs, put in some context... #Greferendum
Retweeted by jpGet the fuck out of here.DAAYYYUMMMM 🇺🇸Okay maybe we deserve itSo much ‘murica in this crowd :O
Playin’ with Swift+Lisp/talking myself out of implementing a parser and function declarations @jc4p that and some random usability fixes
@jc4p I am sorry to disappoint you :P it did take an hour to get it to compile though but that was past me’s faultAlso, anxiety, considering it’s like a ~200k line codebase I haven’t looked at in 6 months 😜*Opens Fitocracy.xcworkspace* NOSTALGIA EVERYWHERE.Capaldi regarding season 9: “[it contains] some subtle tributes to the ’60s” The Doctor vs. The Beatles confirmed. yeah. It blows but I’m sure there’s something we don’t know yet. I’m not ready to go full hate mongering until we get more infoReddit suddenly fired its most visible woman, and now it's in complete chaos.
Retweeted by jp@sturmen karmanaut’s response is the most informative@sturmen, r/AskReddit, r/science, r/movies, r/gaming, and I’m sure others are all down in protest too. crazy.
Sad to see Victoria gone from Reddit. I’ve spent a nontrivial amount of time reading AMAs across several subreddits and she made them great.basically Jesus
@AlexDe_L both yeahokay. that was funny. 😂 ty @AlexDe_L guy is amazing :o lots of great advice.
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