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My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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@ramenfuneral @SpaceTerrorists my favorite someone came up with was "you're the applesauce boss" and I couldn't stop picturing what that is@BBW_BFF Loved this, and gave me ideas for how to approach one of my own charactersCleveland! Come hang with me tonight @thegrogshop still tickets available!!!
Retweeted by goth claudia@gerardway you're the applesauce boss
Retweeted by goth claudiayou're the sauce applebossyou're the boss applesauceGood morning!
@deathoftheparty I will man thank you!@deathoftheparty I haven't seen it yet! "Reading Rainbow" is coming to Netflix. This is not a drill!
Retweeted by goth claudia@TomMurphyBF @jimrugg that is incredible@DallonWeekes I agree@snapbackderps @DallonWeekes bruh is a scourge on the planet earth@chantalclaret I think we've got thisListening to avril studying up on hip teen lingo on the internet
there's onions in the puzzlesdo you guys believe in alternate realities?mothership@digitaltornado you do just less than GodIf God made you in his image then you made God because bam you just made yourself but a miniature version with less magical powers it is@thomas_violence totally@thomas_violence thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis@comicsaquarius that's the episode, I was done after that@phanxvx It's a lot more innocent tho? Even though they say "this sucks" there hasn't been any weird sexual stuff like Adventure Timemy opinion is that no one truly cares about continuity these days, which I think is healthy. They might let ppl think they care but $ wins@ohkayewhatever We love that@thrilljoyz pretty good considering there will be 26 batgirls over the course of your life@neonfiona things change, the people that said that won't always hold the keysBut thank you all for recommending the og Teen Titans, we will watch.@paigecliffordxo over the next 40 years you will have at least 12 chances@grapecloud fair enoughLike, most of you have a good shot at being Spider-Man within the next 8 years. When the dust clears there will have been 87 Spider-Peoplethey're going to remix/remodel/remake pretty much everything you liked when you were young. You get used to it over time.Interesting to see the young people not into Teen Titans Go because it's not as good as the old one. We haven't seen the old one, but@rejectedcarrots it's too adult. I like the show but it makes me a little uncomfortable letting her watch itOh and Gravity Falls- big-time. And Clarence. She also likes books don't worry.Our favorite shows: The Amazing World of Gumball Steven Universe Over The Garden Wall Teen Titans GO Regular Show@imsuchakilljoy We love that show@ActualDoctor yeah I wish they still made Chowder@comicsaquarius In some ways? I couldn't get into Uncle Grandpa. It's too urban outfitters for meI think Banana is my favorite character, but I also find Pig super endearing@ActualDoctor Chowder is one of her all-time favorite shows- we love Chowder!As a fan of both the creators, was happy to see this layer of darkness to it-it's "smoggy", and fun-the animation and design is a real treatBandit and I started watching Pig Goat Banana Cricket last night and her reaction was "This is really weird", now she is asking for more epsStarted reading "Trigger Warning" by @neilhimself last night. I could not put it down. "The Thing About Cassandra" floored me.My office is full of things that inspire me and it is a big help.I find that having a bookshelf full of my favorite books next to my desk inspires me and I always hope some of the goodness will rub off@dansmithism One of my favorite movies of all timeNow listening- "Feeling Ok" by @BestCoastBe you. I'm in your corner. This is your positivity for the day. From me.
Night night! all I'm using an iPhone how do I save and post gifs on here? Haunted! morning!
@riotgrrrlmikey old locks? But otherwise this sounds very hauntedAnd that's fineIt's not a very good idea at allI don't know if anyone will like it but it probably won't matter at that pointI just came up with my "old man comic idea". The kind of comic when you have gone so far out of touch because the generation gap is too much funday
Could be demonicIf you said yes then chances are you're hauntedYou guys have any cold spots in your house? Places that you can't get warm?@jordantboyd @Gabriel_Ba so awesome!!Magic Mornings@jimmyurine so scary@jimmyurine @jimmyurine oh no! Probably the wind@jimmyurine spirits are everywhere!@jimmyurine it's some heavy informationA neighbor once told me that when you see a ghost of a dead relative it's not rly them cuz only Jesus can rise from the dead so it's demons
Mirrors are extra scRy at night, try not to look in them!There's a good chance your house is haunted...most of them areGhost Devotion’s new album up for pre-order at Collect Records,, stream “Addition” now
Retweeted by goth claudiaTonight, NYC! @creepoidphilly + @MarriagesBand + @GeoffRickly + Nicky @BandofNOTHING DJing!
Retweeted by goth claudiaMy condolences to @KurtBusiek and his family
2015 posted a photo I didn't mean anything for or against religion. Just that I wouldn't use praying hands in a social interaction @girl_in_a_bandPraying hands confirmed 🙏See, to me, this is praying hands 🙏, even though I'm hearing it's a high five. I'd prefer praying hands even though I'd never do that irl@bigwormy preachYeah just cuz we are dads doesn't mean we aren't up to date on the lingo! I drop brbizzle irl to people
Retweeted by goth claudia@comicsaquarius I think I will be at more cons this run@bigwormy lolsecrets within secrets@Jelly4056 I wish I had sung it this wayI mean a new comic, not a book book. A book though, that would be something...
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