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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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Black Mass trailer is so good it's getting rave reviews. Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger. http://t.co/jbs7m6y6uR@maddiefrancois @comugrad Of course January is a long time off. Hope the buzz lasts that long.. @maddiefrancois @comugrad Like this. Hope it's as good as the poster.Where do the most millionaires live in Mass.? Another example of scraping data to tell stories. http://t.co/96BPAvjZVR via @BostonGlobe
@ionaholloway between 11 and 1. Or at 2. Or at 3:30.Wow. Loving the cobbles. http://t.co/IKAprXQJ8z Great post on Paris Roubaix by @skinnytires@MarthaHiefield Great post in AdWeek. So true. I have actually hired baristas myself.Digital talent is everywhere. Maybe even behind the cash register or the coffee bar. http://t.co/UiTuai0eBn@ionaholloway I feel like we didn't all get a proper goodbye. Come visit on Monday. And let's plan a lunch or drinks.Last official class with @edwardboches. Tear drops on my pillow ... but at least I'll actually get to sleep on Thursday nights #TopProf
Retweeted by edwardbochesConfutaining. Via Tom Monahan http://t.co/ZhG5LnTy9TCool. But may need a helmet in Boston. http://t.co/SclbniWitb@stephenlarkin Huge potential. Like anything else. You need a following/community first. Reason for doing. Useful or entertaining content.@stephenlarkin way ahead of you have already done that weeks ago w meerkat. Right now it is like early days of Twitter. Not figured out yet
How to find your doppelganger on Facebook http://t.co/ewpdIICrDw Should be even easier w a facial recognition program.
Ads (minus the words and brand ID) Speak Volumes In Their Images Of Women http://t.co/KC1kl7MLqS@AndrewEccles @copyranter Absolutely, though that is a more specific, unique to company, characteristic.@AndrewEccles @copyranter I strive to teach thinking: problem definition, strategy, broad creative (not always advertising) exploration.@AndrewEccles @copyranter Some CDs can't recognize a great idea without finished and polished work, so that becomes emphasis.@AndrewEccles @copyranter As a prof at BU now, I find a couple of problems. One, too many CDs in industry hire the book only not the person..@copyranter Good post, but that is problem w any portfolio school that teaches portfolio making rather than thinking or problem solving.More like how not to get ahead as a young creative. Except good shoutout for @heywhipple http://t.co/aVzdI64Gyj by @copyranterCongratulations to the The Post and Courier | Charleston SC for winning the most prestigious of the Pulitzers. Gre… http://t.co/jXTmInlT9m
BuzzFeed Succumbs to Advertising Pressure http://t.co/sq1qpsksiG And editor Smith says advertising and marketing not interesting anyway.
Even the NY Times writes headlines with Google as the primary audience. Interesting inside report on the process. http://t.co/dPhlzVpVIMIs Cuba the future of farming? Or a market for U.S. agri chemicals. Cc @KristinaSaliba http://t.co/GBiT7U6JZe@ionaholloway Which one should I get? http://t.co/Fi1cowbp89
Wonderful piece by Sally Mann on her photographs and a public's reaction. http://t.co/EsJ3JEfduv
Kill your business or be killed. - Isobar Blog http://t.co/Km7dRgHEgb via @patsmcObvious but true. Apple > IBM. Nike > Lethargy. Benetton > Hatred. Jet Blue > Mistreatment. A brand needs an enemy. http://t.co/INYcaMJqDuLEGO Serious Play - the basics by @AgileAgency_BE #businessdevelopment #creativity http://t.co/IkBDywGq7Y via @SlideShare
Kick some ass, Iona. “Nike’s Better For It Campaign: Not Mad, Just Disappointed.” by @ionaholloway https://t.co/48Nlgb7GLvBe careful out there. Bike fatalities rise in Greater Boston’s suburbs http://t.co/XGZe25uWTS via @BostonGlobe@benkunz and I thought you were smartest guy I know. My wife Barbara figured it out in two minutes. I had no idea.
“Oh, your dark chocolate only has 70% cacao? You poor thing. I only eat 97% cacao fair trade raw vegan organic hel… http://t.co/XZQNqwWGb4
I did not figure out Cheryl's birthday. I bet @benkunz did. http://t.co/6rLgSLOmrsPercy Sledge, Who Sang ‘When a Man Loves a Woman,’ Dies at 74. So great. That song was/is so great. Sang along to … http://t.co/3AwuKHxzfqDo something kind. Give something back. Share it online. Boston launches #OneBostonDay http://t.co/h2nX0cdqoOA great lesson re casting and reading an actor's anxiety from John Slattery -- a third way through this piece. http://t.co/Zt3mrGaESRThis is simply (or complicatedly) amazing. http://t.co/ScJSyaDj2S
20 year anniversary of one of the greatest all time culturally influential ad campaigns. http://t.co/7Mlgwny4d4 via @ernieschenck2Excited by @chhirp - launched today. Tweet your voice / sound / music. A mic for Twitter. Made by two awesome ex-Googler buddies. Try it.
Retweeted by edwardbochesYou don’t hate Millennials. You hate 21st-century technology. http://t.co/INJXsk5iPU
Retweeted by edwardboches
@.mancevic Hire this woman. She can art direct this well, too. https://t.co/2si51htfJeMy students are hardcore. https://t.co/2si51htfJe@ionaholloway holy shit. I want to be you. Yikes.If you know any golf purists who need a second (or third) set of clubs, I am selling these classic Hogan blades. G… http://t.co/wJQaFPRoaI
BU COM Creative Cafe. 17 days to go. Get your books ready. Cc @comugrad #thiscouldBU http://t.co/k4tLe5JJpA
Paid Attention. Advertising and strategy's new must read. @faris finally has a book. Coming late April. http://t.co/RxSOp78Bag
@msabovik Can I have your old refrigerator?@k8iedid and you don't have to sit through an entire game. #womenrulethecourtsSponsored content but an explanation of programmatic and dynamic that even a creative can understand. And actually… http://t.co/3ppLbADe4WAdvertising strategy for the overly data-driven 21st century. Traveling w/o a map. Great post and recap from @BBHLabs @AgathegDeath data. With visuals. There should be a pool to guess how many deaths #GoT will feature this year. http://t.co/qaaZykJzPYJohn Hancock to track your health and fitness data in real time and adjust life insurance policy premiums in retur… http://t.co/kk61z9Imvy
This is insane. Talk about muscle memory and total control. http://t.co/SQIw95C6SdSo, who else didn't know it is against the law to turn in your windshield wipers if your lights aren't on too? http://t.co/SHh76ngIGw
The new TBWA. TBWA reorganizes to be a 'Less Traditional Model' http://t.co/1xbKca33Py via @adage
Retweeted by edwardboches"Both me and my husband love our work." What happened to grammar? I have a hard time even reading this piece on an… http://t.co/Mxqs1KNGNw
@GatheringLight Ex-colleague. Long gone from @mullenunbound. Except in spirit..@bose Shoutout to your #soundtouch support. Fast, easy, responsive. You guys are good.@GatheringLight maybe. Can you email me?@schneidermike I go both ways.@edwardboches A big thanks to Steven Chambers for taking the time to talk with our class! @JiboRobot #thiscouldBU
Retweeted by edwardbochesListening to @JiboRobot 's CEO Steve Chambers talking to class. #awesome. #ThisCouldBU http://t.co/ldMNk4Vg4yLIVE on #Periscope: @steveChambers from @myjibo https://t.co/QnJOZEVIoo@edwardboches learning about robots|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/iq9NyvqnkH
LIVE on #Periscope: @msabovik. We are saying hello. https://t.co/lkyhOKJndHLIVE on #Periscope: In the halls of BU COM off to teach class. https://t.co/xDURmLZp92Airbnb opens in Cuba. Get there fast. Before McDonald's and Starbucks. https://t.co/A30o3lA1RJ
@megdex https://t.co/mcN15RDC8k@megdex go to website.
How Millennials Are Changing the Way Ad Agencies Work. With a shoutout to @andrewgraff for A&G's roadmap. http://t.co/1IPG4yOU3hNot Surprised. My House is Validation: Young People Watch More Than 22 Hours of Online Video a Week. http://t.co/EpJcgdK7Og
This may be the greatest business journalism / PR / tech job ever. Made by Many is hiring a Embedded Storyteller https://t.co/5BbQf3Tyrh
It might be funny, or not, when your daughter talks to Barbie about stuff that Mom and Dad are doing. http://t.co/FGjTvv01ueThe digital revolution is driving greater gender equality. Good news for @comugrad students. http://t.co/KjImnfg3HF@BostonDealio You are sentimental. That's good. He will be pleased it is in the hands of someone who cares.@tobetv Oh I am going to try and spent that. Timing my demise with the depletion of the bank account.Millennials kids don't want their parents' stuff: not the furniture, not the flatware not the books. Good news for the dumpster business..@GlobeKranish Great reporting and story telling in feature piece this am. Well done. Thanks. http://t.co/Gp4O6bQgaZhttp://t.co/bLFger5mIb
In 14 minutes: on way down street #meerkat http://t.co/JZoJcYO5h9Very cool app. Help blind people see, read, navigate surroundings. Via Neil Perkin http://t.co/cKEJ54HtMX@eranium easy to do. Watch your settings and auto downloads and always rely on wifi. Did that once in two days.Basic email advice for students as you enter job hunting season. http://t.co/5YrGKhyRXL. Cc @comugradCan safely say I've met some above-average girls @BUCOMGrad! #thiscouldBU #advertising http://t.co/iPC6LoarPW
Retweeted by edwardboches@eranium @comugrad sadly no.
.@edwardboches @hillholliday Thank you so much!! I can't wait.
Retweeted by edwardboches@edwardboches that's a fantastic hashtag/campaign
Retweeted by edwardbochesHeard from Sir Martin Sorrell this morning with @BUCOMGrad... First time I ever saw @edwardboches sweat #legend
Retweeted by edwardboches@AlyssaMarion12 @BUCOMGrad Ha. I was far from sweating. I just chose not to confront a guest who was a little one-sided himself. But funny.Big congratulations to @eirinnspekter for landing a gig at @hillholliday's Program 35. One of coolest creative programs around. #thiscouldBUWith access to Twitter’s social network, Periscope gains a notable advantage over Meerkat because its users can in… http://t.co/LKvtmZ55iE@lacreid Upwards of 50 million a year.@NickChilds @periscopeco ok. Will use.@edwardboches Sir Martin Sorrell. #thiscouldBU|LIVE NOW| #meerkat http://t.co/XFVpissvMAYou don't need interminably long lectures on courses on sustainability. Just learn to do good. #thiscouldBU via Sir Martin Sorrell.
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