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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive.

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$TWTR now worth $19.6B. You can buy it at a 20% premium for $23.6B, or 45X profit. For comparison $FB trades at 42X profit. #stillnotcheapSometimes, it's almost too easy to watch copyrighted video on Facebook. Feature or bug? by @pkafka✈️ to the land of chapped-lips and earnest empires. Will be there all week so look me up. 🍻 on me.
India’s Snapdeal raises $500mm from Alibaba, Foxconn, Softbank via @DelRey
I am hearing disturbing rumors that a certain venture capitalist thinks he knows everything. well done @williamaldenSnapchat to hit $50M in revs this year, as much as $200M next. Still needs CFO by @KurtWagner8
@TheMurdochTimes true, but has cult following outside of UK since publicity machine doesn't reach that widethink Amazon knows. think they also know 350 million people have watched the show. More Prime? Amazon is paying $250m to sign departing @BBC_TopGear trio for new show: by @MattGarrahanNew York Times heir Arthur Gregg named associate editor. Associate publisher next? you like media news, follow Tampa Bay Times' @annamphillips, who is livetweeting latest round of @HulkHogan vis Gawker + @nicknotned.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@felixsalmon but yes they have a decent shot@felixsalmon will depend on how quickly advertisers change spend. TV still dominates ad pie at 55 to Internet's 45. But that ratio will flop@felixsalmon especially as they're more than doubling revs YoYNBCUniversal's $250mm investment in @BuzzFeed values it at $1.5B, ~same multiple to revs as last year's fundraise: to make big investments in @BuzzFeed, @VoxMediainc by @karaswisher @pkafka hell
Give him the job! you are a gentleman and scholar certainly ;)Hey reporters on $FB earnings, don't eye markets too closely or you'll suffer whiplash and not know how to write the lede. Now down 2.5%@fmanjoo yes, but dunno twitter becomes a better business because of it (same w/whatsapp) -- if it just makes twitter *better* then sure@fmanjoo that said, strong likelihood GOOG is interested, more as social play (since + isn't working), than as biz that adds to bottom line@fmanjoo I think google still cares about profits, and since Twitter would be much more than a ProjectX type unit, still matters.@fmanjoo true! and is still not (or barely) profitable with a wonky userbase: seeing as how YouTube is barely profitable business whose participating userbase is fairly narrow, I don't see the difference@WhatTheBit like i said, advertising@ShiraOvide oh so many peopleAny journalist who says they've got a brand should stop calling themselves a journalist. Hint: You're in advertising.Best way for #mediadiversity is to hire -- newsroom sensibilities dominated by personal perspective and idiosyncrasies @tanzinavega
@FullDRadio @paulaEdwyer going by @ft sale (34X adj profit) @nytimes would fetch $3.18B. The family share would be $350mm. They'd want more."Nothing meaningful to share," @jack says when asked how the $TWTR CEO search is going.Hey @jack, investors still don't know how to make out $TWTR's quarter. wait! $TWTR also reports core users only rose to now the market may be confused. Up ~3% now. beat for $TWTR: 316m MAU v. 310m est. Up ~6% after market. Maybe they finally figured out how to set expections? i'm fairly certain you can count on that, tho if history is any guide, he will loseBloomberg crunches the $$ on @realDonaldTrump, and he's overstating his wealth by more than 3X. Actual worth: $2.9B
Assholes But I guess not when you consider the location -- literal and figurative guys take on US productivity slowdown from @mattyglesias aka, Silicon Valley ain't all that: now on Tumblr: 35 women tell their stories about being assaulted by Bill Cosby.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLike we said.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeEventually ESPN will be sold directly to consumers - Disney's Iger @SquawkCNBC $dis
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Like this... @inafried @ShiraOvide Norway, right?@ShiraOvide going to Katz's nextHey California... look at Gore Vidal, William F. Buckley, and the primetime clash that changed the way TV covers the news.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@joonian unlikely if it's current shareholders who never wanted remaining stake to go to diff company. They've always wanted to buy it backPearson confirms in talks to sell remaining ~49% @TheEconomist stake. Hearing implied valu at $1.2B to current shareholders.@MikeIsaac @fmanjoo you guys can tell your bosses I subscribed@MikeIsaac @fmanjoo so who's Socrates in this instance? ;) (you guys are actually doing something more Hegelian here)@MikeIsaac @fmanjoo but no podcast? a "talking" newsletter is an interesting idea, but then it just feels like it wants to be a podcast
Hey @jack time to say it out loud: sorry @karaswisher @edmundlee Ricky won't make any #content for me today.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGreat reporting. (Pulitzer, here we come?) @DavidStreitfeld nice. or alt: Amazon may have reached its prime.looks like @samdolnick is now in the "excludeds" category, Mike, so no? Go to your shop steward. Congrats Sam. latterI feel like this entire essay is a subtweet: @felixsalmon
Code name "Falstaff" for FT sale, which, actually, is cheeky-appropriate for FT. Nonetheless, nice tick-rock here: is close to hiring a Blackstone exec to be its CFO Scoop from @EricNewcomer @devinbanerjee tip @techmeme
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBuzzFeed and other new publishers are coming to Snapchat Discover via @pkafka and me
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@edmundlee @srabil you missed the realmna fun
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@taralach @srabil 35x adjusted profit in this case@felixsalmon but at the end of the day wasn't it really about price? was a kings ransomIs this a Bloomberg subtweet from Ridding, @edmundlee?
Retweeted by Edmund Leewatching @duncanrobinson for @FT staff meeting@felixsalmon years ago they made a tentative bid that was well below that if that means anything this time aroundThe @FT is off the table. Now @mikeBloomberg can concentrate on buying @nytimes by @edmundlee Nikkei is basically a PR machine for Japanese biz; it initially ignored the 2011 Olympus accounting scandal (which FT broke)
Retweeted by Edmund Leefor media geeks out there the @FT sale does NOT include ~49% stake in Economist, or the building: (makes more sense)@edmundlee But it also doesn't include the Economist stake or the London real estate.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee844 million pounds, YES. But still not the billion sterling they wanted.!!!! Nikkei buying Financial Times from Pearson for $1.29 billion she could've made it difficult to sell the Economist stake, which still important to FT since it gets a sig. dividend too@jennifersaba @FT @LdeRothschild she has sway over Economist board, holding the plurality of shares@jennifersaba @FT yes, but surprised @lderothschild is agreeing to it. Dividends will have to be forthcoming in any deal, then.One thing a bit surprising (or maybe not) is a deal for the @FT *will* include its ~49% stake in Economist: now here's the @FT reporting that Axel Springer is in advanced talks to buy the FT: here's @pearson confirming they're in "advanced discussions" on possible sale of @FT: Springer possibly announcing @FT deal "in the coming hours", my @DerSpiegel colleague @spiegelin reports
Retweeted by Edmund LeeSo, @mikeBloomberg is buying the @ft? Reuters says Pearson has decided to sell to"global, digital news company"
@rosslevinsohn Fired visionary. Replaced w/ lawyer that paid himself $330 Million/7yrs. 20% drop in ratings. Talent exodus. Cuts for EBITDA.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@rosslevinsohn the company can comeback. I believe that, but not with current Viacom management. They have to go. Board should be ashamed.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@rosslevinsohn Viacom execs have no connection to youth culture. Sued YouTube. Turned down $500 million. They have NO plan. No risk taking.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMTV started out as a stream of 2-3 minute make sense. @felixsalmon @EmilyAnthes @ClaraJeffery @fmanjoo @Sulliview fix it mikeConfused about the culture clash at Gawker? Here's an explainer.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
@amychozick oh definitely, the media mogul (usually) wins. Great story. (bonus pts for Briganti quote)The @realDonaldTrump v. @rupertmurdoch #nocontest thought on @ft sale: It will be heavily contingent upon FT unwinding ~49% stake in Economist. And that's largely up to @lderothschildagain, media writing/reporting is hard.Apple likely sold about $900mm worth of Apple Watches. Just check the "Other" line item. Q2 Earnings According to Mayer: "Good." Me: Meh. via @karaswisher
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey @realDonaldTrump, remember @TimOBrien whom you sued (and lost)? He's also worth $10 billion:
Great lineup for tomorrow night's #MuckedUp: We'll be talking all things digital video w/ @kayvz @jtemple @gregory.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMy 10-yr-old's on-demand queue: Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, @KeyAndPeele #summer #badparent?Walking out on a newsroom requires big stakes: Anything less than that is amateur hour.hey Republicans, you're doing it wrong, but that's OK.
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