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the ass covering line in the third graf of all m&a pieces roughly reads: something may happen, something may not happen.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMicrosoft considering bid for Salesforce...what's crazy is the other "would-be buyer" still not reported: http://t.co/IYKmhRVJ3pAnthony Noto takes control of Twitter's hapless marketing department http://t.co/gzvCisNBHz
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMore Code Speakers: Barra, Maritz, Peretti and Smith by @karaswisher http://t.co/IFshvY1Wie http://t.co/xssYqzjbF4
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Is it racist? #metgalaSeeing an inordinate amt of Bee Shaffer in my feed #metgala #heirapparent? #vogue http://t.co/izo9Z3BeceWhen technology changes, one must rethink the product, as @kevinjdelaney & his team are vigorously doing @qz: http://t.co/zXInSjULeE
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@fmanjoo @mathewi @davidjoachim @nytimes entirely speculative on my part, as I wrote. but a fair starting pt in any marketing studyMeet Comcast, the Internet giant: Broadband subs passed TV subs in Q2. http://t.co/5MoUXahQCE
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAlmost there: Comcast ended last quarter with just 6,000 more TV subs than Internet subs. http://t.co/xyVzbmsPV0 via @pkafkaComcast just at the tipping point of turning into a broadband company (22.369 M subs) over video (22.375 M subs): http://t.co/iEzo0CwXig
The @NYTimes will soon hit 1 million subscribers. But does it matter? http://t.co/6fJeIL6J92 by @edmundlee http://t.co/CwFehYQISn
#twooverthehillwelterweights #PacquiaoMayweather should've happened much soonerI, along with @Rachel__Nichols, have been banned from the MGM Grand Arena for the fight tonight by the Mayweather camp. #TheFightGame
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNo fight for me or @MichelleDBeadle. Mayweather's team told my producer the camp was blocking my credential. https://t.co/JTjjXadPp8
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDoes Silicon Valley have a soul? It did -- as well as a heart -- in Dave Goldberg. http://t.co/gvaowQb8cz http://t.co/8xJ1cElQ88
Retweeted by Edmund LeeROB: Max, there's no crime, there's no mugging. ALVY: There's no economic crime... http://t.co/SUksg2da9hThis is an excellent @davegoldberg eulogy from @adamlashinsky http://t.co/WA2S9hThgG.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBeloved Silicon Valley Entrepreneur David Goldberg Dies Suddenly http://t.co/8viDdTkKqs via @karaswisher
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@cdixon my guess, yes, but not 2001 style. More focused.Yes. smart. https://t.co/ZNrBIo03B7pro-tip: just because you want a sale to happen doesn't mean it's happening. Q: have BOTH buyer and seller hired advisors? not on retainer?When startups take $ from hedge funds vs VC, there are risks they may not be considering: http://t.co/QikGacIJhU by @ktbenner
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@max02050 this is easier: http://t.co/n3Ygizwwb9 http://t.co/FYT8w7KZel@max02050 read company cert of inc NYTimes mission isn't monetary. When it comes to change of control duty is diff@max02050 2/3 of board controlled by Sulzbergers so their duties are very specificIt's only news if they're looking to sell. Again, for your benefit: http://t.co/n3Ygizwwb9Great journalism tips from @Sulliview -- a reminder for many, and sadly new for many too: http://t.co/6BJg1NOf6k
Clearest sign yet of the power shift at Bloomberg News--terminal editors installed in TV, radio, digital depts: http://t.co/bQogtW9iaHSmart personnel moves fr Bloomberg editor Micklethwaite. Congrats @cr_harper @adbmcc @OtisBilodeau @jsandberg et al. http://t.co/bQogtW9iaH"Can tech companies be in on the joke if they are the joke?" http://t.co/L4vRbxkPgu by @carmeldea http://t.co/NcyNQTmiaFLol. @edmundlee and i once wrote a story about dumbass asian americans. It ended up in some anthology. https://t.co/KBvbyS3lbD
Retweeted by Edmund Leewhich means @CarlosSlimhelu has bigger stake than the Ochs-Sulzbergers who controls the Times with only 11% equityrt/cx to last: @CarlosSlimhelu now holds close to 17% of $NYTNYT execs say they expect to lose ~4K-5K paid digital subs as result of @NYTNow going free, but expect some to convert to core app.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$NYT: Revs down, losses up. Digital circ 957k. Oh and @CarlosSlimhelu now owns 9.6% of Times--stands to gain nicely if someone buys out co.Former Intel Web TV Boss Erik Huggers is Vevo’s New CEO http://t.co/zgAqifHTVI by @pkafka
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Maybe Google should buy Twitter so Twitter can teach Google how to tweet. http://t.co/87eGCNw73B
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLoved this. "The one word reporters should add to Twitter searches…" by @bydanielvictor https://t.co/gSTxBgC1V0 h/t @pkafkaCongrats @cliffordlevy! https://t.co/IlLLodqeiHScoop - Salesforce working with bankers after getting an offer to buy the company. Story coming
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFive rules for your office telepresence robot! Must-watch video from @Recode's @jamestemple @bonniescha @TylerPina1 https://t.co/QpzslZMYQx
Retweeted by Edmund LeeIt's the shittiest of the shit prizes, Damon. https://t.co/PuBdzq12ha
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Folks, the whole reason why companies like @Selerity exist is to feed the high-frequency algo stock traders. Lesson learned @twitter?Twitter shares are halted now, news pending after @selerity leak $TWTR
Retweeted by Edmund Lee$TWTR http://t.co/6a1eXyszA4
Hey SF reporters: after talking to a bunch of smart folks, there's still plenty of missed opportunities. Let's see who wins.sorry SF, I'm just not going to eat a burrito for breakfast and your bagels still suckESPN is suing Verizon because it’s trying to sell small bundles of TV channels http://t.co/vG6w5U40H4 http://t.co/Wyp2X0AgkVESPN has sued Verizon for breach of contract re: "flexible bundle" of TV fios is marketing
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We'll be watching: https://t.co/4huOXri1sI
Retweeted by Edmund LeeScoopt: Bigcommerce set to make first acquisition as rival Shopify preps for IPO http://t.co/Kc1C14Guw5
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Hey, look @edmundlee @juliandibbell @davidkushner Village Voice special “net” issue from 1998! http://t.co/ldL0wsEMhw
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
View from @Recode's new SF digs. http://t.co/iPCEik0e4BOld school reporter skill still in tact -- talking your way into a building.@DavidCayJ @FullDRadio @hblodget @jonfine @paulaEdwyer already known, hammering home the point given how little equity family now ownsSheryl Sandberg: I Saw Myself in Ellen Pao http://t.co/nsmdVZli6b
Retweeted by Edmund LeeHey @rupertmurdoch maybe get back into distribution biz? TWC just went back on the market.@brianstelter @cnni @maggielake --> Charter$CMCSA CEO Brian Roberts on @CNBC now: There may be room for more stock buybacks
Retweeted by Edmund LeeComcast CEO on CNBC now
Retweeted by Edmund Lee(Big hand to @business' @sherman4949 and @WSJ's @ShaliniWSJ for breaking significant parts of Comcast deal dying.)"Today, We Move On" -- Comcast officially kills Time Warner Cable deal. http://t.co/0KkIqCHzIz via @pkafkaThe Comcast deal for TWC is gone, but broadband monopolies still rule most of the U.S. A little help please: http://t.co/596pQukdaX
Amazon's AWS unit is a $5 billion business growing faster than main biz. #spinoff http://t.co/XBSMhxeK5u via @DelRey http://t.co/y6OvvCzNWnEra of the big media merger is over. Now less likely @rupertmurdoch John Malone Barry Diller Les Mooves et al. can pull another one off.Smart of Brian Roberts to make sure there was no breakup fee in CMCSA-TWC deal: http://t.co/sApt50d78QComcast’s Time Warner Cable deal is fully dead…still doesn’t hurt-improve customer choice: http://t.co/cThxzwXaD8 by @sherman4949My 10-yr-old who's playing stock market as classroom study "My strategy is to sell high and buy cheap, which is basically the only strategy"@owenthomas @MikeIsaac cut to make sense. Sometimes the raw feed is helpful/merited but usually it's bec writer/editor can't make decisions@MikeIsaac oh yes...was certainly effective for the subject, buzzfeed...but from an editor's perspective i dunnoI am reliably informed the answer is "no." https://t.co/OS3yKCxDeoWas a condition of this interview that it not be edited? Serious Q: @jktrotter @BuzzFeedBen http://t.co/uYyECjHaAg@FullDRadio @hblodget @jonfine @paulaEdwyer @DavidCayJ more importantly: https://t.co/9idfSxSjCCThe Sulzbergers hold 11% of @nytimes, lowest I’ve ever seen, and yet still controls the board: http://t.co/mBwF1WeYVu http://t.co/SlKvDRGJ8U
It looks like the FCC is about to kill Comcast's Time Warner Cable deal http://t.co/aLR7NSRirc by @amy_schatz http://t.co/vGwT96y4ZVThis would bury Comcast-TWC deal in endless bureaucracy, effectively killing it: https://t.co/Kb1kjMppcxFacebook users notch four billion video views every day. http://t.co/LA7LlzpQ1R via @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/mu2VluEpac
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGoogle just launched a new low-cost mobile phone service. Here's why. http://t.co/NNP5MiRFsV by @InaFried @mhbergen http://t.co/76sX4Q5mzOFacebook met/exceeded quarterly profit expectations today on tktk. “TKTKT,” Zuckerberg said in a release. Mobile ad revenue TKTKDavid Carr told me years ago that he always wanted to be a Pulitzer finalist. Proud to see he finally got that wish: http://t.co/kPumwgajDE
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.@Path is looking to sell its social networking app to South Korea's KakaoTalk http://t.co/jnUXOv0KGn by @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/xnhSRoRiKk@inafried in my case more like how @dickc was once COOThe least secure job in the c-suite: COO https://t.co/C5ygWgugv3In a couple hours we’re going to kick off our #codeenterprise event in San Francisco! Follow along here for live updates.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWith a prince's backing, James Murdoch may soon ascend at Fox: http://t.co/r7aEmmfRYO
Retweeted by Edmund LeeCome on, come on, come on http://t.co/9WNg9upMAg
Excited + honored to report @FullDRadio got picked up by @NPR One Rejoice. Download. Praise: http://t.co/VeaDi8pGvH http://t.co/8n8Uk4v9Ij
Retweeted by Edmund LeeWay to go @zachmider (even though he's rarely on twitter) for a much deserved Pulitzer win (and Bloomberg's first): http://t.co/CjKzG4T3aj.@recode scoop: Nokia plots return to the phone market http://t.co/DYnircfLGP by @InaFried
#FF7 with @kenli729 @edmundlee and @greg_lindsay (@ Union Square Park - @nycparks in New York, NY) https://t.co/ng7ouCXoQF
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@davidcho neither. Media is funny sometimes is the only point..@KenLerer, who's backed @buzzfeed through 4 rounds of financing, finds them "rude." Leaked Sony emails: http://t.co/YekAdVvlTh
Heard awesome story about @rupertmurdoch today—features Alex Cockburn, former Voice media columnist. #savingforlater http://t.co/0zRI9jio9THuge Bloomberg scoop - US antitrust lawyers leaning toward a recommendation to block Comcast/TWC deal.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeVerizon's latest TV offering is sign the TV Industrial Complex is breaking down. http://t.co/6bvcgHxbNm via @pkafka http://t.co/74irYBMPNs
right now dad's out. #parkslope #40plus #fuckyall http://t.co/1dVbU6RUsc@SFNick aaarghthe chrome storm trooper…the chrome one. "The force is strong in my family": http://t.co/rt6bYQVHHs http://t.co/LJPfyOtqgk
Help, I made a $57 million garbage food startup monster http://t.co/Hud0A1UFGr via @verge
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