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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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I mean he's cute and all but I am pretty sure @MssrPotato is AS cute on his Insta as this guy....http://t.co/vyzDDBFzA310 incredible chefs. 1 epic night to #86AIDS. I’m going to The @RED Supper w/ @Mariobatali & @TheRoots. Come! http://t.co/sMtFTE7zS9Very cool to be in Liverpool at #SoundCity15. Here's @bryanmjohnson of @Spotify talking about #PRS/funding artists. http://t.co/ji6NDr9QJlComing soon: A smart toilet could help you develop a diet to fit your gut bacteria http://t.co/OG8pZkAc46 http://t.co/UjgqSQ7uzb
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAlways the people who consider themselves the holiest. Animals. #Duggars http://t.co/wECDvTeTNJ
How does @Splice drop a beat? CEO & co-founder @smart breaks down the future of #music creation via @business: http://t.co/qPkrbs6YAT
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.@TechCrunch's top editor @alexia steps down. by @karaswisher http://t.co/IV9PEOG398 http://t.co/GgIrZHKjZk
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@pkafka to distract a specific grumpy writer?@MikeIsaac can u ask them to turn up the bass for the live stream please.@observacious @Spotify my playlist will be Enya.@jordanrcrook tough crowd. Tech media are so FUN.Anyone who knows me knows I hate running. Hate it so much. W/every fiber of my being. But @Spotify's new running feature might change that.@MikeIsaac notice I really don't.@MikeIsaac you all so grumpy.Broad City on Spotify? Yes please!!
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@MikeIsaac @broadcity baby!Nice @SPACEHOG soundbyte during @Spotify press conference!! Cc @eldsjal @Roystonlangdonspotify+podcasts
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@LaurieSegallCNN @eldsjal that was a good line.Spotify CEO: "Discovery" and "listening" are converging. No longer separate activities.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSpotify is half of all streaming dollars, says Daniel Ek, #spotify
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWatching @eldsjal live while sitting in Leeds, UK. @Spotify has streamed 25 billion hours of music. That's amaze. http://t.co/fzNt8s7rC9
Will be watching with bated breath from UK! https://t.co/WY6ex1F2hoWordPress parent Automattic buys WooCommerce, a shopping tool for Web publishers. http://t.co/eMUUYLmg4o via @pkafka cc @wordpressdotcomUber is doing more than 1 million trips per day now. #qznextbillion
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhile I think noble and she's no question a profound woman, no friends no dating no TV no dining out no thank you. https://t.co/yPvOvHwZlr@JamieStelter cheerio from 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧! I'm simultaneously watching nacho making and MacGuyver. #GodSavetheQueen"If you're ever going to memorialize someone who's been brutally murdered I think it's through their nachos." #eater http://t.co/pU85DTanutThis doesn't seem to be holy and peaceful behavior. #Myanmar #apartheid #tragic http://t.co/7lLK7d4KAG
This story is breathtakingly sick. Savile abused hundreds of kids. Allowed to LIVE in hospital. AND sex w/corpses. http://t.co/VwJ40jsGig@MikeIsaac I wish I had birthed him. I loves him.Absurd that they are having it there to begin with so this shouldn't be a surprise. https://t.co/HJp5puAt0OI am all for disruption but for Jay Z to think people aren't flooding to Tidal for any other reason than its crap and expensive is crazy.This is a bananas story. Tragic and no one stepping up to help. What goes on?? #Thailand https://t.co/mMeJViont3
@brianshall have so much fun! Give them my love. :)Cannot wait to see these shows. #U2 #ilovetheIrish https://t.co/GXlpI8I8xVThings I saw in LA: 24 Teslas, a bro getting braids in his hair at salon "like they did in the 90s", people playing Kim Kardashian game.There's a 46 BR / 26 BA house listed at $3.5M in Houston. Great opportunity to start a cult! http://t.co/Ui7hb8JJW6 http://t.co/xubgiVt5zu
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Is there no Santa Claus??? WHERE IS THE HUMANITY? #SAD http://t.co/HsOIX1mZ9OCANNOT WAIT. #U2 https://t.co/1nXmf7mPt9Pass this along! #funjobs #tech #PR #NYC http://t.co/bSQNxHzdTYgot my larger Apple Watch yesterday, I just can't get into it… it's nothing against the watch, I'm already inundated w/ information
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingGuys. @BrewPR #NYC is hiring. Senior people. So much fun! #tech #PR #jobs #resumes Email -> jobs at BrewPR dot com. http://t.co/8Lhih5WCOAIt's not about the money. It's about the money. #GratefulDead #SoulCycle Jets and the Ritz-Carlton Replace the VW Bus http://t.co/uoN9YcDcPv
A thunder and lightening storm. In Malibu. Beautiful and needed. #Bu #iloveithere
I just thank the world for bringing us @amyschumer. This is really perfect. http://t.co/Xc2TiBlKtP@jswartz yay! #Iamastill22inmyheadAn incredible read - A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold http://t.co/zvzUTWV4XP#regram from our ferocious founder @brooke #Brewtreat 2015! https://t.co/vRTPLGx2JU
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Samsung Just Brought the Smart Home a Little Closer to Your Home https://t.co/pu2waQ2cQN via @YahooTechA fascinating subject written by a wonderful writer. Can't wait to read this biography of @elonmusk by @valleyhack http://t.co/JmWyyffT2b
Congratulations @corytv! You're the absolute best in the biz and we are all so lucky to see and hear more of u! https://t.co/UU5zc4sPkh
Love to all having a rough day bc you don't have a mom, don't have the mom you want, aren't a mom & want to be, hate old photos, hate brunch
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling3rd time in California in 8 days. #UpInTheAir ✈️
That @zlurie is the best. GoPro exec Zander Lurie to temporarily help lead SurveyMonkey http://t.co/U82M9Zluac via @karaswisherMy favorite @Spotify weekly Playlist...sign up for it! https://t.co/CIiWEudrBmSuiteWorld – NetSuite’s @fredstuder talks “bringing sexy back” to ERP http://t.co/ede5BaeKsZ #NetSuite #Cloud
Awesome move Ben! Cc @dj #itBit https://t.co/kXrTNnF9IV
@JetBlue nope.@JetBlue special needs? U can DM me. Thanks.@JetBlue there was nothing they can do. 5 long hours. Not worth the $.@ethank @skidder @dcurtis we know how well that usually ends.@ethank @skidder @dcurtis all yours!@SG @fromedome the promise is real & loved it. But you're on top of seatmmate so if they have screaming toddler on lap it isn't worth $$$$@skidder @dcurtis if their seatmate didn't have screaming toddler on lap where they use iPad w/ no headphones & switch back & forth w/wife.I tried @JetBlue Mint. I won't do that again. #MintyAre you at #SuiteWorld? CEO @ZachNelson just announced a huge partnership with Microsoft! http://t.co/3Zyvcb8F1f
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Food writer/historian @OzerskyTV, 47, passed away today in Chicago, @pete_wells reports. He was there for the #JamesBeardAwards.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingEnough with these amazing talented people in their 40s being taken from us.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@SG he did really well. Really well.@SG they should have all gone home after Beyoncé showed up. #Queen@brooke super fertile Christian family on TLC.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSerious question. What is a Duggar?Kano computers has raised $15 million to help turn kids into coders via @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/kZV6SgM3Rf@katelaurielee yeah that was bad. That indeed was bad.@katelaurielee @JetBlue yes!! Where u at??"Our menu is inspired by @Saxonandparole a restaurant in the east village," is not what I expect to hear on my flight. Cc @JetBlue #mintHer whole campaign is that she knows TECH. Yet she forgot to get her domain name handled. #burn http://t.co/rxMhf9iQKx"Dude, you're getting a Kano." http://t.co/aatRGJezU5@JasonHirschhorn @JetBlue I'm trying it for this first time tonight.Fired up for Billy Beane & Eric Wedge to speak at SuiteWorld 2015! join in online! http://t.co/3ILkLhdzRt http://t.co/N2E5H4nOBr
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@fmanjoo I am thinking Hawaii.Why? Really. Why? http://t.co/QmnPexh7ROLearn To Code Startup Kano Gets $15M To Build A Creative Computing Brand http://t.co/YCTqgF0WjW by @riptari
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingJust announced at #TCDisrupt -@TeamKano raises $15 Million from Breyer Capital. #coding #SeriesA tip @Techmeme http://t.co/TShe2v2QjL#PRTip: Please don't say "we will probably go public but what do I know b/c right now we need to actually get revenue" #TCDisrupt
The world is much less bright today. http://t.co/C7h6ygU65L
It really really bothers me they used such obviously fake babies in American Sniper. Made it feel like a college production. #dollbabiesBROOKE madness with @audrabrookie that time at SX. Thanks Felix!!! https://t.co/q7xhtWwDTA@tmeyeratplay thank you THOMAS!!@msuster I'm getting dumb in my old age. I'm in your town. Because it is awesome. And I stay younger longer.@msuster me too! I'm April 30th too!@msuster right back at you Mark!! 🎈🎈🎈@skidder for the BUGATIS obvi.I totally think if this were my home I would never complain about NYC again. #bonkers http://t.co/VLZkTssLfG
The undersigned hereby implore the Obama administration to return Kelly Rutherford’s children safely to the U.S.A. http://t.co/pvbirc86fcSorry but dinner at the Rainbow Room is not worth sitting thru this for 5 hours. No way. http://t.co/IAV8KuEqBa
@ethank we are ships passing in the night...heading to LA tomorrow!Beautiful day in SF. Around corner from office having a coffee. And @BrewPR SF is hiring! Jobs at BrewPR dot com #pr http://t.co/TmNsappNAQ@Roystonlangdon take pic and twitter shame them.
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