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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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Come celebrate a year of zero fucks parties with us.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@mrtazz @zerofucksde @mtodd apparently there’s a dude from Sweden called atmos, so I slapped some Unicode on it
@pea53 step 2 was assigning the PR to a teammate24 hours until we leave for the big dirt rave and I have to wrap up a pull request 😥
@blakegentry We out here@cameronmcefee
No matter how old you are you always want to sit at the front upstairs of a double decker bus 👫🚍
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@j2h @tenderlove I can, josh, I can
@ohhoe your bot is adorable@zeke is it bad I thought “don’t shoot?”
@okayjeffrey Dude static sites are dope
@shawnwasabi lol we do boiler womb@dylanegan Thanks, our gift arrived 😀
Laptop is full of stickers now
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You can scroll forever. yup. Took me a bit to figure it all out, but it’s fun.@pea53 @janaboruta @chelsea I don’t play games much anymore but the wii-u has gotten me to spend more time recently than I have in years@janaboruta @chelsea because it’s fucking awesome. I also spent 15 minutes explaining why it rocks to people last night@yann_ck no dude, it was not cuteSo Cindy just brought me a live possum. So I have that going for me.
@mrJUSTINMARTIN feel better, dude!
@TEEDinosaurs awesome. Thanks@TEEDinosaurs what time do you play?@kcshearon @eanakashima @bugsnag wow, congrats
CONNECT KNOWLEDGE, PEOPLE, AND CATS @janaboruta OMG you’re the best@batalia @janaboruta THANKS 💖my life coach said i need to make my goals smaller and more attainable in terms of my squad
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeDisclosure history lesson: MS was the 1st major vendor to pledge not to sue friendly hackers.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@dylanegan @janaboruta please send one our house and we'll rock it at BM I swear@janaboruta you already own one, fwiw. It’s pink and in the garage.@dreww @meat @janaboruta should work. OMG, thanks so much.I really like when people say “no offense atmos, but…” and eventually I help people succeed. 🙌🏼 everybody.@meat what’s the opposite of faving
Fixing a bug in production
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@helenaustin @protocool I remember those caboose t-shirts. 🐵
@brianmario @janaboruta apparently made a list and she’s sending one to youI now have a sticker of myself. I’ll see myself out. Thanks @janaboruta and @nickh have suggestions for wired keyboard and mice for home office? Ideas on simplifying usage between 2 computers and a cinema display?@solarce same thing tbqh@solarce “cron job janitor” has a better ring to it@rtomayko
A oneliner to keep your children busy. "while : ; do read -n 1 A ; say $A & done"
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My dog is a gentle giant sometimes.
@theandym that’s when it really starts@theandym tbh I have no clue what we’ll do if everyone comes. Time to freestyle it.@holman def the hair. I’m not playing tonight. It’s all @crisdobbins @thedaniel and @DJSpacecamp@theandym as long as we aren’t over capacity it should be 5-10$ at the door.tfw 1000+ people rsvpd for the party you’re throwing tonight 😳@eanakashima omg thank you@lstoll my decade old aeron is still kicking@thedaniel @lstoll @ElizabethN @chacon has been great for me for about 15 years@svenfuchs @kneath @roidrage I’d say both once you hit a certain size, but that’s just me.
Showed @jsncostello my new hair and he immediately dug up Kurt Cobain pics. Dre album is on apple music.
@james_s_white @jfryman but I can’t clone it or boot an ami with email restriction or Google/GitHub domain/org, right?@dangerdave Same, that’s how I use it@dangerdave @nzkoz @capotej suggested and I haven’t tried them yet though.@fabrahamlincoln installed PGP and no one ever heard from him again@cloudypianos I have a lake tahoe sweatshirt that just has the shape of the lake and everyone thinks it’s Ireland. Good convo starter though@wycats @maccaw gotcha, the isolation has been a big win for me for a while and I definitely take it for granted.@wycats @maccaw word, I still haven’t used it. Must’ve been people peddling rubundler/rip/rpg at the time that described them similarly. 😜@capotej DOPE, thanks. I’ll give it a whirl and see what I think. /cc @nzkozit is literally free to be nice to people how cool is that
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@maccaw Isn’t virtualenv the bundler equivalent? I feel like everyone used that as the go to when rubygems was so much worse.@JaiWolfx Bummer, maybe we’ll catch ya next time.@JaiWolfx @1015sf any idea what time you’ll be playing? We’re throwing a party across town, but should be done around 2:30-3:00amHas anyone made something like @getcloak for personal use through small ec2 servers but also gives you iOS VPN profiles and such?We’re throwing another dance party @PublicWorksSF this Friday. You should come, it’ll be fun. @KarlTheFog Because it’s beautiful af@bascule is this the week? 🎩@puppetmasterd @rickbradley launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@calavera @paulcbetts @dpiddee @lstoll @roidrage I had to log in to the web ui for the first time in forever and made it happen. Good call.@chrisledet does that persist between reboots?@paulcbetts @dpiddee does that persist? I swear it always turned itself off.Is there a setting in OS X that lets me say “no apps are ever allowed to add notifications” I hate having to opt out of each app i install.@jewelia @tindie @hackaday wow, congrats@wfarr so sorry for your loss@josevalim It’s why I always use the bundle cache stuff. You don’t expect things to go missing, but they do. gem yank 😩
Subtweet your way to a happier, healthier you!
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeFound an @atmos in my Illustrator
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeInteresting article on @kqed about the crazy gun violence in Potrero Hill lately. @roidrage you can only leave this place via SFO though. There's a wall, I checked.
@evanphx @mrtazz @lstoll shoutout to 1999@evanphx @mrtazz @lstoll normal reaction “I treated it like a computer and I can’t unfuck it. Sorry. Please help”#ILookLikeAnEngineer @GitHub. Wait, I am one! ⚡️
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@mrtazz @lstoll the prodigal beard returns.@mrtazz nope. My employee badge has me with red dyed tips though.@mrtazz thanks. I’m pretty excited.@kdaigle internal tools, should be a lot of fun.@flangy one of my faves@kneath NOPE@sambreed basicallyI somehow deleted all basic Unix commands from my system because I still don’t understand boxen/puppet.
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