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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/DshowFfGTr

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@AlonShaya @bigbadchef @poolesdiner That looks like harvesting to me! You all need to stay another week til I get thereI stood there and stuffed myself RT @smoothdude: Mounds of fried okra by @poolesdiner at The Food&Wine Classic. https://t.co/AvlU9CuurRLanded at SFO. Sleep needed. Then up tomorrow to shoot and cook with my brother @offalchris #alwaysfunI tried 1000000000 times before it worked. Don't quit before the miracle happens RT @MJHLL99: @andrewzimmern I try, I fail more often...@TheFoodPervert I just drove through that stretch on way to airport ... Now in SF for last day of commercial shoot.@RogueAles Nope. Clearly I need some! Sounds amazing
Call these folks. http://t.co/mhPBANR1bY You're not alone Hang in there RT @MJHLL99: @andrewzimmern How does one who loves drinking stop?Seeing this #Jupiter #Venus #DoubleStar from my seat on plane is CRAZY. First time this close in 2k years. Go look now!So true RT @dcpatterson: Srsly tho the cultural authenticity police has to stop. Cali food (cont) http://t.co/7QL6Hf33JhRT @CivilEats: Organic Nearly as Productive as Industrial Farming, Study Says http://t.co/phVj8JbJ3z http://t.co/MHRrMewETB
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhere were you? RT @TheFoodPervert: @andrewzimmern is in my hometown! I'm freaking out! 😜😄 https://t.co/xQBh9tARJ0@altonbrown @TastingTable We tea smoke in a covered wok under our kitchen hood for 5 or 10 minutes. Much safer@altonbrown @TastingTable I was just about to say same thing! And the fumes are bad for you, and the smoke ruins your oven for futureWhole slew of great quotes! RT @EaterDenver: @AndrewZimmern had to say at Aspen #fwclassic http://t.co/uqp8jmlbuG http://t.co/ZVw8L47ZLH@CNN_Oppmann @IvanCNN Funny, when I was there 3 years ago the change was in the air and we all knew within 5 years Cuba would be 100% open@corebev @RogueAles Yes!!! It's fantastic. Superior honey sweetness without cloying honey taste. Balanced herbal and tart notes.@RogueAles You cats make a bad ass root beer and I love the oversized bottles with retro artwork@CNN_Oppmann @IvanCNN Funny, when I was there 3 years ago the change was in the air and we all knew within 5 years Cuba would be 100% open@babymama11108 I love POKPOK! Andy Ricker is a superb human being!Glider time @ Redmond Airport https://t.co/kX3ibPtztPFahk!!! Amazing stuff @ Hwy 97 Oregon https://t.co/aJq6WzduPPCornmeal-Crusted Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce from @rebeccalangcook: http://t.co/4RRUBikaTW #recipe http://t.co/1aqDSYiUddEventide Fore Street RT @georgemoreau: @andrewzimmern going to Portland,Maine tmrw. Where is good place for seafood? Any advice#RECIPE: Braised Cucumbers Stuffed with Pork and Ginger http://t.co/9TpVqfRKk7 http://t.co/31G97u0uJ3Beer cheese and pretzel at Crux is for real @ Crux Brewery https://t.co/m0LZoMl57HTechnically not hotspots until they open and are hot. But the ramen place sounds promising RT (cont) http://t.co/h9VWxaH9Al@GaudetMatthew @EricGabrynowicz @cjaeckle @HughAcheson @BeastRestaurant @rlach @AlexRSaenz Zamfir, master of the pan fluteWhat an amazing operation at Crux Fermentation. Cool grub and according to all my drunk comrades, the… https://t.co/feqCc6NFKjThis is the ugliest part of this town? Why aren't we all living here @ Mirror Pond https://t.co/xQBh9tjgRsMirror Pond, Center of Bend OR... Green spaces, great people and one of the prettiest little cities… https://t.co/xwK3KBdFdn@spoonandstable CONGRATS http://t.co/2Mf9xJoVA86 #Recipes for Summer #Strawberries: http://t.co/lVg7JFtNGM #berries http://t.co/q1gLyC28Wr@davidchang @JeffGordinier Couldn't find a nicer one could you? And what about tater tot hot dish?Great news RT @mspmag: .@WarbyParker plans to open in @askovfinlayson this August: http://t.co/FXCUhWxW4n http://t.co/nlrg0TJEfp@andrewzimmern Here you go, good sir! Hope it helps your game! :-) http://t.co/al0CeaE9V8
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@ousoonerfanatic @bill_o_reilly Mr O is not now nor has ever been a supporter of real solutions (cont) http://t.co/aIvnRAt6FVHaven't decided yet RT @KameronJdevine: @andrewzimmern Was wondering if you are backing Bernie (cont) http://t.co/1vIepCFg2wThanks for the care package @TalentiGelato, you spoil me. xoxo http://t.co/jaCY5hwsIXAs recovering homeless person & supporter of dignity/respect this is Shameful @bill_o_reilly http://t.co/xYnfRZd6tY http://t.co/MUBonM2BB0Chef José Andrés: "ThinkFoodGroup" | Food at Google https://t.co/lr4d3t1N0A fyi @MVoltaggio @BryanVoltaggio
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@chunchucmil For sheer amazement the giant sea squirts in the Mercado Centrale in Santiago Chile and the coral worms in Samoa.An all purpose #grill seasoning for everything you cook over fire. http://t.co/Xa4xqCHZn7 @CHEFSCatalogCharred octopus with saffron hollandaise @ CHOW https://t.co/V1xoRYJVJl40# octopus ready for the grill @ CHOW https://t.co/vJsUmQJBpFAggressive. But I like it @ CHOW https://t.co/7GYU7krCO0Not even close Hey... Let's vote Target Field, best ballpark ever! RT @TwinsPrez: Vote Target Field!!! https://t.co/NgqmS5wUeD@ChefKentRathbun @cheftimlove Thx KR! Hope you're wellMe too RT @BBQsnob: @neltim15 Waiting on @andrewzimmern to open a Minnesota BBQ joint.#RECIPE: Grilled Leg of #Lamb with Bacon Fat Tortillas http://t.co/Of9gTuTY1K http://t.co/VFalrzssrpThe One Ingredient I Can’t Live Without: http://t.co/dUg880ET40 #videoThe crust of these crispy crab rolls is made with—surprise!—white sandwich bread. #Recipe: http://t.co/kXkUQ56LZ9 http://t.co/5IFm7NUJuN
.@MichaelChernow’s new seafood restaurant, @seamoresnyc, will save you the trip to Montauk: http://t.co/Ung7nDjD8H http://t.co/Nw4KkVICOl
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernBeen talking about this for 15 years and I can feel the tide turn. http://t.co/y6r4SbhpDX@theboutiquefirm I have been and what does that have to do with my statement?Most beautiful young mackerel I've seen in years. Bled on boat. Pristine eating. Fahk!!! @ Eventide https://t.co/UDi9ueZELzYes. It's one of the few new foods that has a chance to be good RT @Dwyer213: @andrewzimmern at (cont) http://t.co/jWZ74yqKwJYes indeed! RT @khgrnis: @andrewzimmern Are you coming to Bend??!!Yes. Huge 12 years on road overseas has educated me well RT @Dwyer213: @andrewzimmern are you a soccer fan?OMG!! Look who's with your and Ken! RT @chefjoseandres: Unbelievable night @toro_nyc http://t.co/xLb066jFI5Lucky that she is RT @Grantland33 USA Needs @hopesolo Best Keeper in the World http://t.co/5WXbvSu9tW http://t.co/6k02xSv1NIDeviled egg tacos. AND preview of astonishing #Tacos book alexanderstupak @jordanarothman. #tacodiethttps://t.co/8Sdf2udogA
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernInviting anti-gay groups to talk about marriage equality isn't balance, it's bad journalism: http://t.co/jkVnDnvTp4 http://t.co/p0Zip4oPZJ
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHood and The Bach in the far right. Hello Oregon @ In The Air https://t.co/bipwXWhu9u@andrewzimmern plz consider a rt for my 13 yr old surfer with autism. http://t.co/8kgqkbqEtu He watches his stats daily
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@regulator West Coast, better than most, you're not from France but you love French Toast. #muchrespectEsquites & Yellow Tomato Gazpacho from @taraobrady's Seven Spoons cookbook. #recipe http://t.co/SjA4kCwrZD http://t.co/2lROIouV18@mclarenfoto on the set #livetravelchannel @ The Set https://t.co/xO0IQfeZVTWant to help @afcmn & @BreakingBreadMN build health, wealth & social change? Support their @Kickstarter campaign: http://t.co/lFFpjqp6Humclarenrichard and his muse for the day @ ORBIT Studios https://t.co/ucaoB7zCHyLove it! RT @thehoneypaw: Thanks @andrewzimmern for stopping by @thehoneypaw!! https://t.co/FLcgPQ7DG1This dessert pairs the quintessential combo of strawberries and rhubarb with a buttery, cookie-like topping. http://t.co/NPDS0NIyQwChef Edward Kim of @RuxbinChicago shares his top picks for the Windy City: http://t.co/N86vs7puuK #chicago7 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Culinary Trips @andrewzimmern @fwscout @lifeandthyme +... http://t.co/PznG5mwT9c http://t.co/3V8KcVgRMX
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThis killer grilled chicken recipe is inspired by a trip to Cuba. http://t.co/cCxJl92YcO http://t.co/ZoPuJSfCYkdoing radio SMTour this morning. 20 stations in 3 hours. Sitting alone in my living room trying to talk quietly and not wake anyone up...
@TastyHighFive You will love it#RECIPE: Cold Cucumber Soup with Yogurt & Dill http://t.co/gaX9fKClyb http://t.co/Y5OMy3BJiCChefs Birthday of the day: Happy Birthday @rockpoolgroup honcho Neil PerryGrilled Scallops with Tomato & Red Pepper Chutney #recipe http://t.co/TQJtC73RPV http://t.co/IXr7udjGSuWhile dads away my kid learned to flip dive today. OK, check that off the list... @ The Pool https://t.co/W1LENpUpE4I am so happy for America on this historic Pride Day where so much social justice progress is being celebrated. #allpersonscreatedequalI spent Pride Day with my 88 yr old proudly gay dad who told me last week it was ok to be public about our family after 50 years silence.Via paulscheer ...funniest Pride Photo of the day. Lmao. It's the new pro-choice offshoot movement https://t.co/8prORiROg2#RECIPE: Low Country Soused Shrimp with Sweet Corn http://t.co/YDoUsFWUgu http://t.co/veTTF8OfasYes, this is a position in our Mpls office. RT @hurstk: @andrewzimmern would they need to live in MN?Looking sharp for #jacquespepin @agirlandherfood and @andrewzimmern #fwclassic #latergram #aspen https://t.co/Lhp7mFlWHl
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI argue that Obama’s ‘Grace’ speech is his most accomplished single oratorical performance http://t.co/MYrVwNV4Na
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSunday opportunity. We are hiring a serious digital media, social media & marketing specialist. Email resume to info@andrewzimmern.comhaha yup! RT@TaiwanExplorer: This is how shooting with @andrewzimmern actually looks like http://t.co/EieRHhcdbl #Vietnam
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernBacon, Caramelized Onion & Gruyere Quiche http://t.co/QCkyTLvJPr #brunch #recipe http://t.co/s2dbsh86aEOnce in a lifetime experience @gavinkaysen & @andrewzimmern cook and serve you dinner @BreakingBreadMN http:/bit.ly/afckickstarter
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@rajspace @BizarreFoods I have a million times before and since. Love the stuff@ShabanaWasseem Wish I had the time! I am traveling all month... Your pictures and invite are very compelling and kind
Ragout of Clams with Spinach, Sausage and Orzo: http://t.co/nTfkvYDtrV #recipe http://t.co/qVVpbNy6vd#RECIPE: Refreshing Cucumber-Mint Lemonade http://t.co/t58Vou59DrNext week RT @badluckalien: @andrewzimmern will you ever come to the netherlands?@mattaccarrino @JustinCogley @offalchris RT @CollaborateKing: Mpls only top 25 bike city in world in USA https://t.co/A3opvzyRg6@wrappedinsaran @GuthrieTheater @spoonandstable is the place to go@TravailKitchen @mayor_murphy @stephmarch Wish I could be there!!! Why am I traveling during all your partiesMexican Halibut Collar Carnitas platter at Eventide @ portland https://t.co/gh6IMWijOB
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