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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/DshowFfGTr

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The best-looking hoodies out there (IMHO): http://t.co/9ELthnxwsY #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/GwSH2uTXaCMy Kitchen Playlist: Songs to Listen to While You Cook http://t.co/LJzaA09Q03Pickled granite, cookies, bitter almond cream, strawberries, pickled cucumber. BRILLIANT dessert… https://t.co/HnIJtY6qlYBeef and berries @ Heyday https://t.co/TznnGUguwMMussels, razor clam, frozen yogurt, herbs, potato heydaympls @jimmuhx @ Heyday https://t.co/VEGcUTQD0BDay one with new car. Pulled over again. I think @biggayicecream pays them to bust me @ Highway 100 https://t.co/cjNRXyzpYE
Is this real? @fwscout asked me to cook a casual dinner with "a few other folks" not walk amongst legends! #honored http://t.co/24xFU8AmtWTravel pro and chef @andrewzimmern shares his favorite noodle dishes around the world: http://t.co/3aetRDpgzI http://t.co/2ekPAFbEJL
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@zahavrestaurant Learned it from you badasses. Onion and ginger juice, herbs and yogurt, cinnamon and fenugreek@larsleafblad I am ordinary guy who got lucky my friend. But recovering community is one of MNs best assets #onlyinmn@shitfoodblogger You?When you're so excited, and you just can't hide it. http://t.co/GYdVBuOLgo #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/JrqkRGpUU5Steamed Mussels with Aioli: a simple but inspired dish I've eaten all over coastal Chile. http://t.co/XaZoAXETSh http://t.co/01LXA75uR8Where to eat in #Rome: http://t.co/rSpvMUCmZi http://t.co/niwWA4VCD4.@ottolenghi's #recipe for cauliflower cake: http://t.co/BPVmYcSmiO http://t.co/EkjdTDbkCY7 Easy Ways to Up Your Grilling Game: http://t.co/0VUKlkIl9K#VIDEO: An intimate look at what's in my fridge http://t.co/fh475lLqui
@Chemist1976 @KeithOlbermann So you know, KO is one my heroes... Back down or I will bring a tsunami of fermented deer anus down on youWell, with a touch of schadenfreude its even better RT @BetteMidler: Josh Duggar resigned from an (cont) http://t.co/Iis8Jht8D0RT @grubstreet: "World’s 50 Best Restaurants" winners: http://t.co/Ikduuky7Xg Congrats Coi, Saison, R at Meadowood, Joe Beef, Momo-KoRT @grubstreet: World’s 50 Best Restaurants" winners: http://t.co/Ikduuky7Xg http://t.co/AHyiPc8tQu Congrats Manresa!!Congrats NOMAD! RT @grubstreet "World’s 50 Best Restaurants" winners: http://t.co/Ikduuky7Xg http://t.co/AHyiPc8tQuVia @grubstreet World’s 50 Best Restaurants #'s 51-100 http://t.co/Ikduuky7Xg http://t.co/AHyiPc8tQu Congrats to allI get paid to do that kiddo. RT @shitfoodblogger: If pressed, I can make every food a metaphor for my dick and/or balls.@TJImbro @KeithOlbermann I got news for you. Game 7 is TBL's to lose. They're young/strong. But NYR can play with Ducks or Hawks#6 and #77 just gave up on that goal. Credit Nash for staying with it but those other bozos just let him scoreAnd Bishop is Yanked, and nearly Beaten #ButCoachSaysHesAnEliteGoalie #NYR #CelebrateAfterGame7NotGame5Cooper
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@tranquilotravel @nerdseyeview Well, that's kind of you josh. Appreciate itNumber of female #entrepreneurs quadrupled in last 5 yrs. http://t.co/1H1CgGrGbB @lindarottenberg http://t.co/inAECFGb8Z
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@daylana Mango chutney available at any groceryIf you haven't seen The Tim Ferriss Experiment, check it out here: http://t.co/ItidibdTLi Amazing show despite Tim not asking me to cameoSimple & elegant, mussels fra diavolo is best with lots of crusty bread for dipping. #Recipe: http://t.co/83KhCV5Gb7 http://t.co/0A39j5O0CGEver wonder what's in @andrewzimmern's kitchen? Get the tour from AZ himself, while he rocks his signature eyebobs. https://t.co/KwzAcqK0aw
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI never leave home without my @scottevest. Get yours here: http://t.co/RiLahTDz4H #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/SPoIWppCo312 Pasta Dishes to Master #pasta #recipes http://t.co/jZwdJlazjp http://t.co/idWkYQzOqUThe Perfect Bacon Sandwich http://t.co/xKfeTgYrpS http://t.co/FW6qybzy7G#Recipe: Pickled Golden Chanterelles & Morels http://t.co/7SvznLKhig http://t.co/Ml649TjBTd
@rdsx50 Spoon&stable Heyday piccolo Corner table La belle vie@beckbjj "She wears castanets and she works without a net... I like her better when she walks away..."@CGProgram Those two teams look bestAlmaty Kazakhstan at Uzbek Woman restaurant RT @reginaldwarwick: @andrewzimmern where is the best plov on the planet?@jennyhutt Email me and we will make it happenSleep. Do emails Watch BBC shows RT @brianburlage: @andrewzimmern what's the best way to pass time on planes?@CGProgram Come again?@brianburlage Start a website and write. Everyday. Travel writing can be about taking the bus across town. Write. Write. Write.Huge RT @annettesan: @andrewzimmern Watching your MN compatriots @MST3K. Are you a fan?NYC Not even close RT @hokie6: @andrewzimmern @Hazel_De_Grande your favorite US spot?Blood RT @Johnnaay: @andrewzimmern What's the weirdest drink you've had?Zaxxon RT @Hazel_De_Grande: @andrewzimmern Pokémon or Mortal Kombat??@CGProgram Daddy's going to have to realize it's Ducks in 6. Ducks/TBL will be a great finalVia @TheBlackHoof On Memorial Day lets celebrate these stories too. Wow http://t.co/wfS3I8kXjIRevisit?? Can't get enough China. Ever. Samoa. Australia Cuba Russia RT @Hazel_De_Grande: @andrewzimmern what country would you revist?I loved that one! RT @AlwaysaScouser: "Circle Pull" in noodle factory Taipei episode. @AndrewZimmern 's saucy food jokes kill me everytimeToo many. Last night driving very fast I cranked Escovedo's Castanets. RT @Hazel_De_Grande: @andrewzimmern what's yr current fave songNo. I spend too much time on all the edits RT @Hazel_De_Grande: @andrewzimmern do you ever watch yourself on television??@HungryInChicago Not yet. Everyone raves. And I have never found anything involving dough/cheese/sauce I didn't loveThe brilliant Raj Patel. A must read. Gender Equality & the Food Policy Conversation https://t.co/tKr5M6Hf1K via @CivilEatsThis is why I love u RT @HungryInChicago: Diets are for pussies. @pequods #chicago http://t.co/T66BqXbpSQLike locusts RT @revgraysox: @andrewzimmern when table full of food on the show, does crew swoop in & eat after the camera stops rolling?That's one of the finer BF moments and the best stuff wasn't even included RT @morgan9173: @andrewzimmern And mattress breaker segment?I've never been so embarrassed as now glancing at TV and explain to my kid and his friends why I'm wearing a sailors shirt and neckerchief.@pbrstreetgang_ I was shocked no one else did! Cmon, sexy angel in distress is an automaticGet your Mystic Knotwork bracelets here (in my four favorite colors!): http://t.co/KF1lEBSMMs #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/naCTzlSg05PLEASE HELP RT @phicklefoods: @fwscout a fund started for Eli Kulp’s medical bills. Any chance you could tweet it? http://t.co/aV2KWq108bTruth RT @1SaintNation: @andrewzimmern loved the Dubai ep. Love the way you show no matter where you go, people are more alike than not.Tune in now!!! RT @WrightInNC: @travelchannel @andrewzimmern I want to go to Panama City. Excited to see your take through food!Every day RT @heminicky: @andrewzimmern @TitoHerrera hey andrew, did you ate saus?@Frmrshl98 My production team seeks out the most informed and learned culinarians and social commentators.... Coincidentally all hot.@BossC Strain and save. Use in making tortilla, basting chicken, vinaigrette or whatever.I thought that was funny myself RT @julieeis____: "With a beat like that I really feel like twerking but it's illegal in this country."Talenti is the shit RT @shitfoodblogger: Some shit went down and this is where I am. http://t.co/Gb43hWWRCiI'm in Panama City on a new #BizarreFoods tonight at 9|8c! http://t.co/FWU4vukMMu New system confusing for fans, but this IS a NEW episode@Bats_Cat @travelchannel We've already done one ep there of @bizarrefoods and I am planning another right now of another show@lauraelizabethj @BizarreFoods @ruhlman I used to date him in high school!@CecileRaubs In grateful for you@chrissyteigen Tuna noodle casserole with peas/carrots/celery/mushrooms is one of my top 5 comfort foods#RECIPE: Grilled Lamb with Bacon Fat Tortillas http://t.co/Of9gTuTY1K http://t.co/qnil6QmZ6aHe's my friend. Ohana. #poimaster RT @Lilykoi_9: @andrewzimmern oh god you know Daniel Anthony....We are greeting each other like real men RT @Slbbase18: @andrewzimmern dude what are you doing ?!!! http://t.co/UATOAAyeAy@mchetner @TravelHistory_ @Bourdain And I trust you Marina7 Easy Tips for Grilling: http://t.co/0VUKlkIl9KMexican Pork Burgers with Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa #grill #burgers http://t.co/hTXrI4Brh5 http://t.co/PoL4oGosKd@GillesVerot @KusudaYassu @dzarikos @Bourdain @DanielBoulud Now THAT is somewhere I wish I was right now#RECIPE: Leg of Lamb with Lemony Dill Sauce http://t.co/kHJy2Rzrhy http://t.co/YDfO20xsyx
@dbrauer I don't advocate violence of any kind, but anyone taking out a pedal pub gets my respect@stephenhero By 2017 we will be starting the entire Washington Generals squad from 1976@stephenhero @mdotbrown Early indication from Flip, they were seriously considering TC Bear, my 10 year old, your dad and Mr.T #sadGood point RT @DoorsOff: @andrewzimmern @thedailybeast Probably not as long as the BBC knew about Jimmy Savile.@BrittianMN Amazing! Don't use and go to meetings@PalmBeachFood Guavate on a Saturday afternoon@stephenhero can u tell us who is starting five on first Timberwolves playoff team? I'm saying its in two years. Who's on it?@JamiePridemore That's what they'll do I'm sure. And it's a good move. Wiggins and Towns are a nice duo to build with@jim_weaver84 It's the Warriors yearGreat question! RT @thedailybeast: So how long did TLC know about the Josh Duggar sex abuse allegations? http://t.co/X4wHg5DEKESince the Cavs clearly don't need him or really want him, can we have Kevin Love back in MN? Now that we have #1 pick he may want back in?this gives me an idea for an hourlong prime-time drama http://t.co/wPACprJ5Ed
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@BrittianMN I am from NYC. I live in Minneapolis. Moved here in January 92 to go to Hazelden. Stayed sober and stayed living here.The ultimate lobster roll say so from the always correct @stevedolinsky @chicagotribune http://t.co/qF4GtZHYxvHuguenot Torte with Cherries http://t.co/8pALzEoxn7 #recipe http://t.co/CwphXujUnW
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