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Media&Comms, Marketing & Economics Student at SydneyUni. Football, Gaming, Pop Music. Wednesday Drive at 2RDJ 88.1FM. ChelseaFC, England, Socceroos, SydSwans.

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The general situation when I'm home... 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 https://t.co/dBulf88iM6Beautiful sunny green morning https://t.co/IxKggIBiLj
Who's sleepy? 🐢 Say hello to the latest addition to the dog family! https://t.co/ECjVj91ERIAn unforgettable @PetrCech moment... #ThankYouPetr https://t.co/gcE5iOCARh
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#ThankYouPetr https://t.co/gcE5iOUbIP
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI am what I am!!! Winnerrr!!!! Hahahahahahah, 11 to me 0 for you!!! http://t.co/sUPSFfkh
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGoodbye to a Chelsea great. http://t.co/0LSZyn5UnA #ThankYouPetr http://t.co/4dxzfnFaPM
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHappy birthday, @ChelseaFC​ legend Frank Lampard! Watch his greatest #UCL moment: http://t.co/NtxAIPsqbi http://t.co/X9f3wKWNY4
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoClass from Cech. #CFC http://t.co/dlvbSfmsuY
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From Twitter. Are you trying to tell me something?πŸ˜’ https://t.co/br72PMhON9For those of you not at the AC/DC gig, and not about to rock, Top Gear is on. #AintNoisePollution
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCan't believe that one life has room to accommodate the first and the last steps of that incredible adventure. Thanks for your company.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoFive years ago today, Frank Lampard was denied this goal against Germany. http://t.co/EV7w1BaRFf
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoStrange that BBC News is talking down the last Top Gear tonight. Do they not want big ratings for some reason?
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoMany many thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years. So sad and sorry it's ended like this
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
9 years ago I used to walk this tunnel every single weekday for a good 6 months. In a strange new… https://t.co/mQ2AujjTPCIn my hotel room in Singapore drinking a bottle of Veuve Cliquot right now. The holiday is off to a good start. http://t.co/mTqjskIyYAπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ These past two days have been great. Being back to a place with so many memories, it's been a… https://t.co/tYmkJht32m
See ya later Sydney. Off to get some sun in the tropics! 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
.@whufc_official 15/16 by @umbro deserves another look, mainly because it's an absolute beaut. http://t.co/xHCGPS2WBJ http://t.co/Jw7bI9B2cE
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGetting pumped up for the big game... https://t.co/IgRaVG4k1T
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoNanananananananana nanananananana Batmaaaaan https://t.co/X70tzHNcU0@ChelvinYong ohmygod fine@ChelvinYong it barely fits. Foot for comparison. http://t.co/Js0BTfqxU1Literally cradling my Batman: Arkham Knight box cause the biggest plastic bag didn't fit @ChelvinYongSources telling me #mufc have offered Β£832m, de Gea and the country of Wales for Sergio Ramos. Deal being held up by Wales reluctant to go.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCome over... http://t.co/xr2x2jUG4F
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoPetr Cech: Premier League - πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Champions League - πŸ† Arsenal: Premier League - πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Champions League - ❌ http://t.co/gmwnjmZPaK
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSo true... http://t.co/ao1KrlUebw
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Petr Čech: "I won everything I dreamt of at Chelsea, it's now time to win some twitter polls at Arsenal." http://t.co/XEV3gJsYSP
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoUp, Down, Left, Right, A, B, C, Start. 😏
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico.@FFA to appoint professional Hyundai A-League referees. http://t.co/RVuz0hAQ6n #BeautifulGame http://t.co/nXST2Eqt3E
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAnd where people don't always take you as seriously word by word. Laugh a little.Can't wait to get out of Uni. Maybe finally having a privilege isn't equivalent to being a satan.
Incredibly happy with @rubey_lcheek's response to Mourinho's scathing comments after the Sydney game http://t.co/lhzSD1ejDrReceived this on Groupon's newsletter. What sort of award does it win? http://t.co/CLQCGZcB0YTheme: Pursuit of Happiness Album: #TheOriginalHigh Artist: @adamlambert Hearts. http://t.co/bRra2sqlvM http://t.co/SHFMEyY97a
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoDo you seriously expect much from flying with a budget airline? http://t.co/TY2VXLiXHz
Had a fun night with these people! Dinner, bowling and drinks!#AwYeah #poifect https://t.co/CTmlLiY7m4
Good segment on BBC breakfast this morning about swearing and it's psychological benefits when we are in painπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#TBT: What’s it like to face a Frank Lampard penalty? https://t.co/xcG93UgmB8
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Well there goes all my confidence@skitzo12 so aggroI am going to set up a coin jar for "Every Time Someone Thinks I'm English". I'll be a billionaire soon.EXAMS EXTFAMS NEXTFMX NEXFLMX NETFLIX
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoLiverpool's first 7 away games: Stoke Arsenal Man Utd Everton Spurs Chelsea Man City http://t.co/tlkTccmGDA
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSwiss banks reported suspicious activity around accounts of Fifa, says Swiss attorney general http://t.co/3Gle6gsoWU http://t.co/bOWyoHvMaM
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico15 MINS TO GO... #FixtureReleaseDay
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWhat's with @Spotify changing its logo again? Isn't that like 4 changes already in just a few years?
Fucking fucking fucking fucking bastard fucking Windows
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoNew Puma head guard launched at Arsenal kit launch tonight http://t.co/vfuGD1CWMR
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
You're not special. You're one of thousands the advertisers are targeting.@adidasUK @AllBlacks I'll have a guess....it's blackI find it funny when people complain about targeted ads on FB, saying "FB knows *blurb*" like as if FB cares about their personal life
Spotted in Strathfield today #topbanter #wafflebanter #cheekywaffle https://t.co/1MGI6NlcZuCharly Musonda urged to leave Chelsea on loan by his father http://t.co/W6uAJUYYA1 http://t.co/RQdsrSw8uU
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico"You're super hot, but I almost died four times today and I'm too stressed out to have sex." - Realistic James Bond
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@feiDrake true true. Let's do Saturday night (27/06)? @MYM_Jiunhon @jeryuannn @imAGination_08? Get some others that aren't on twitter?@feiDrake http://t.co/ORt1MBMRCfWe announced the signing of @cesc4official one year ago today! https://t.co/opfj5nhQa9
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Congratulations to Frank Lampard on his OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list... #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@feiDrake late morning of 27 June! I'll be in town till the Monday.@SkyFootball noI'll be in Singapore in just a couple of weeks lads!!! @feiDrake @MYM_Jiunhon @jeryuannn SO KEEN!!!Well this is gonna be tough.... @NSWWaratahs at 7.30pm while @sydneyswans at 7.20pm.... Dilemmas #GoTahs #GoSwansI'm an #infographicgeek with @Piktochart! Join the summer giveaway to win some goodies! https://t.co/pewvCWNcJn
#OnThisDay in 2014 Cesc Fabregas joined @ChelseaFC. Read more: http://t.co/FlGpCSBwhK http://t.co/vLC3gPH8Ql
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoLiking what I'm hearing from @adamlambert's latest album. Some songs are gonna make it into my personal playlist. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great work!@Axwell @Ingrosso ME. x10000A year ago today http://t.co/wFzc0liwe8
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico.@cesc4official on his rise to the top... http://t.co/HJHI8RjiSh http://t.co/0zD0q1B8B3
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Ouch http://t.co/5YuNIIzF9t. @rogerfederer @Wimbledon Hopefully it will be easier to talk about you, than it was to play against you :)
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Gotta say mate absolute world class signings so far with Milnaymar and Ingsiesta! These are the kind of signings that will make us champions
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThat West Ham fan was right, Frank Lampard was no good as a player after all.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
@6thrat #tweet #twat@6thrat you can tweet but not respond to Reilly #priorities
Thomas Vermaelen plays one game all season, celebrates every trophy in full kit, no word. John Terry does it, crucified.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
21 days to Singapore and Indonesia 🌴🌴🌴Sometimes it gets so hot in Manila you just gotta lie naked!! hehe :) #hollywolf #playboy #philippines http://t.co/akcKDzEJGj
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico.@hazardeden10 is set to captain Belgium this weekend... http://t.co/GYJBSXgrqO #CFC http://t.co/ry9gw9inIV
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoBruce Jenner reverses his decision, Daly Cherry Evans new boss of FIFA, Sepp Blatter seeks asylum on Gold Coast as Steph Kardashian.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
#TBT: Three years ago today, @hazardeden10 signed for @ChelseaFC... #CFC http://t.co/AyyZSoGfjm
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChelsea and Lille have agreed terms for the transfer of Eden Hazard, http://t.co/BTsOdR5t #CFC (SL)
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoMacclesfield 2026 sounds like the most legitimate World Cup bid in years... https://t.co/p0pJ8bJ0tQ
Throwback to the time a Manchester United fan got married into a family of Man City supporters. This was his speech. http://t.co/3L9M3N9pKY
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoKendall Jenner looks like 3 small children stacked into a coat to sneak into the cinema. http://t.co/eWpZr49hFp
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico@ChelseaFC thank you for capping off a great season with a great trip down under! Hope to see you here soon!@Skybirdmax @ChelseaFC I was at MH for Boxing Day and it was great! Away at Hull even better! Can't complain much if the boys keep winning!@Skybirdmax @ChelseaFC The shed Bar was fantastic. Spent some time there before the game! But the stadium acoustics didn't really help!@Skybirdmax @ChelseaFC just like the bridge, only a handful are singing@Skybirdmax @ChelseaFC true. Was busy trying to generate some sort of atmosphere down at the Chelsea "active" end but was too hard.Thank you @chelseafc. What a season this has been. Starting at West Ham at home, away at Hull and… https://t.co/00BM4U0eDL
Modelling life also starts here for these girls... #dumpalicious edragondumplingbar eastvillage https://t.co/RSaMpcrTzSModelling life also starts here for these girls.... #dumpalicious https://t.co/NAgLX0Pap8The modelling life starts here... #dumpalicious https://t.co/aoEjLftVLv
Last one from tonight. Can't wait for game day tomorrow! @chelseafc #CFCinSydney #CFC https://t.co/82UnKDDLC8Beautiful night to watch the boys in blue train #CFCinSydney #CFC @chelseafc https://t.co/wJpOh7CXxsWe want you to stay, @PetrCech!! #CFCinSydney #CFC @chelseafc https://t.co/5p13yUJkeUChampions πŸ†πŸ† @chelseafc #CFCinSydney #cfc https://t.co/HzERrfEzef
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