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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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So I just came home to @adamlambert in the mail, almost made out with it #Cocktails :) No more @HOBSunset, that's crazy, gonna miss that place, bring back some good souvenirs or a lock of @Steel_Panther hair ,)
@LoriAndJava Thanx girl, I need that :) @vintagetroubleToday is a @vintagetrouble #NobdyToldMe type of day • I need a group hug today :)
Heading to work, wonder if Steven Tyler is still there :)Can't believe Steven Tyler was at my work again tonite :)Just got off work & can't wait to watch Adam on the Voice
Yay, love the @adamlambert intro, thanks for playing GhostTown @mix941@Nevaeh1088 We just need to win the lottery :)@Nevaeh1088 They like to torture us, not enough employees to cover shiftsGot called in on my day off, sweating my ass off for. 9 hours. & no break, sux
@Mix941 @heather_red That sounds funGonna go for a jog even though my feet are hurting, no pain, no gain 0_o
@Runxandersmith ha ha, miss u stranger :)@ashleydzerigian Lookin hot, Love the blonde hair :)
@Morgan_Dancer & the accent, YummmI always wanted to go to Australia, who's in ,)
@1043NOW @djsupajames Nice start with @adamlambert GhostTown@LoriAndJava Just when u couldn't fall in love more, then he gets in bed with us, ha haCan't wait for the rest: Bedtime Stories video!
@AlliCrain Cool, I will check them outAmen, how does that happen @jctheproducerAfter work cocktails :) Who did u C, I see Frank in Ur tweets, who's he playing with, is he the one we met in LA
@Isolde_13 Yeah, it was good, wanna try a burger there@Pnutsmom Oh no, that's not good, u will have to give it another try thoughTried a new place for breakfast, so yummy! Im a happy bear :) @BlackBearDiner did I miss CeeLo Green at my work tonite, very cool
@Rebecca0313 Totally, I'm assuming it hit national news@thegreat_lalo Right, ha ha@CrisJanLim That's cool, did u do the lake/sphere shoot yet@Choose2Live Fire at pool, don't think it got any of the building & haven't heard cause, that's someone else's pic@BUSYBEE8 Aww, everyone was so sweet to my mom, she had a fun nite@BUSYBEE8 I'm not near the fire, but scary.@MarkShunock Good thing the bikini contest wasn't at the Cosmo 0_oNot my pic but looks like fire is out R U shooting for them today can't wait to see what u R up too with themRT @FlyinHP: Question. Amazing that a radio station @Mix941 is beating out & providing more news than the actual news stations. #JustSayin 😳
Retweeted by adams madams@glitzylady Crazy, it's at a 2nd alarm right now & the City Center has it's own fire Dept which is connected so should've had fast response@HannaBec Not my pic, just pix coming in from touristsHoly Crap, this ain't no joke, Cosmo fire my neighborhood was on fire, apparently it's just the Cosmo pool, scary!RT @crdelong: Fire on the #LasVegas Strip -- Hope everyone is OK.
Retweeted by adams madamsLove jogging to my old school @adamlambert songs #PreIdol #Glamnation@HannaBec sometime I 4get what I order & get so excited to see my packages at door @Rebecca0313@Rebecca0313 I buy a lot of hair & other exp products 4 half price, I hardly go shopping anymore @HannaBecTime for a jog@HannaBec I should do the prime but dropping a hundred at one time, I keep putting it off @Rebecca0313@Rebecca0313 Uh oh, u r gonna be addicted, I buy so much on amazon @HannaBec@AlliCrain Thanx, I needed it :)@Janislandgirl :)@Ryans1Gma :)
Stressful day at work, almost cried, some guests can be so mean :(@CrisJanLim U should, it's at my casino ,)@tinydolly I Know rightHad a dream where I had an Adam M&G & then it was taken away, but @tinydolly u got inOff to buy some new work fishnets, which sux cause they are expensive and last pair didnt last as long as usual :(
@kapaki It was my one day off this week, felt like I should've done something productive, ha haIt's official, I did nothing todaySo bored & everyone is busy, may just go to a show by myself, Vegas Life :)
@Rebecca0313 Ha haI've got the need for speed... @adamlambertHa ha, so true @Choose2Live @OutlandoGirl @adamlambert@ScorpioBert & the only cure is More Concerts!!!!!@OutlandoGirl Ha ha, there needs to be a parody video now "Chasing the Original Pie" @adamlambert
@adamlambert I'm chasing the Original pie, right now ,)I swear it's a sickness, looking up concert trips that I'm sure I can't go to or afford, ha ha #LambertDisease@missnisha6849 Right, I gotta save up for more upcoming @adamlambert concerts #prioritiesHate getting ready for work but I've been doing good last couple days, whoop!
@HannaBec Yeah, I don'tYay :D @adamlambert posted the pic I took at Morongo Casino on his Instagram
Retweeted by adams madams@HannaBec Yes, it's not what I started with, now I'm in outfit I don't like & it may be even worse soonCrap, we have new work uniforms coming soon, which means I may be quitting :(I love how the hosts were all dreamy eyed & gushing over AdamI C all U Glamberts in the audience, so jealous :)I C U @aleebabee too cuteWorked late 2nite but pretty much made all the money back I spent on all my Adam tix, woo hoo
Oh yeah, I did my best Joey "How U doin" to the "New Tommy" during concert, he had a hard time holding in his laugh, HilariousHome from an amazing @adamlambert concert, now time to go to work :(@LoriAndJava I know, been foreverOur road convo right now is killing me, the visuals we r having @tinydolly #strawberryHeading back to Vegas, thanks to @1043MYfm for an amazing night with @adamlambertThank U @adamlambert for an Original High tonite, amazing show, I can't even, U R amazing "feel free to fav" now were at my Moms local bar
@adamsmadams: And then this pic happened, thanx to @tinydolly @tinydolly took this pic right next to me, this is what our life was tonite I can say is my iPhone sux for pixBombs over Broadway IIHY change change change can't even, I think were pregnant @tinydollyI want to fall in love urban sombrero returns @adamlambert row, center, this is happening bitches U know what happens when someone doesn't come to a concert @tinydolly @KabbyPA@Isolde_13 Wish our partner in crime was here with us
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