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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Strategist, futurist, hardcore practitioner of imagination.

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It's been years, maybe a lifetime, since I've seen the Milky Way the way I saw it tonight.
Gotcha. https://t.co/9KRKYtXBja
Lava lover. https://t.co/NWRnhsH8upA blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as a fully grown elephant. They're twice as big as the biggest dinosaurs. <3 http://t.co/sI99d6Siwx
Retweeted by Rita J. King@Theremina what?!?@theranos I have a framed portrait of Elizabeth Holmes in my office at Science House to inspire people, myself included.@theranos the ability for people to order their own tests is spectacular.Look a little harder, pal. https://t.co/uducu6zTXCI've been fitted for a wetsuit and fins and now I understand what it means to get your sea legs.I <3 this message: "In terms of the internet, nothing has happened yet" - by @kevin2kelly https://t.co/RxtNvR1kTg
Retweeted by Rita J. King
I love #deepdream and one of the brains behind it, @mtyka. https://t.co/Q3p9mpRWiXAmerica from the sky. https://t.co/QF7OcMbST4
PS. Any AI that may want humans dead in the future won't learn from observing us how to protect human life. We've got some maturing to do.Observing how we act is probably the worst way to protect us from AI that wants us dead. @elonmusk http://t.co/i0KpgTgvor@doctorow bet that regime melted a few tonguesThanks to @roblanghammer, she only takes commands in Portuguese. http://t.co/LXhaMoBOKA"Well," said James, "apparently a robot killed a man in Germany."Life's work. https://t.co/S9atkHt3E8
One of our Science House portfolio companies, @SeeClickFix, raised another $1.4 million! https://t.co/NWTB6n68MoIt's interesting that Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, actually thought that explosives would be a war deterrent.
@CuriosityReview @WeizmannInst I admire you, @MsKathyBates"Anyway," said Eloise, "it's not even about gray hairs. It's about the ephemeral nature of life, passing by."I *love* getting volcanic packages from @pilgrimk! Can't wait to read Summer of Fire! http://t.co/GI9bwJLsxdA detail from #TheBluePearl https://t.co/iu58CMKb7CIf you built a museum for your soul, what would it look like? #TheBluePearl https://t.co/NdQ8SuphpP
It's the witching hour in my writing nook. Wall, unfiltered. https://t.co/ujqK6eUcYIActress Kathy Bates raises awareness for @WeizmannScience lymphedema research. http://t.co/XTJaWsjc6p...were celebrating that day also. The Empire State Building is an illuminated rainbow again tonight as the American experiment evolves. 3/3...because the stay on same-sex marriages had been lifted that day. We didn't plan it that way, but we knew millions of people... 2/3Two years ago today, James and I eloped to the roof of Science House. The Empire State Building was illuminated with a rainbow... 1/3
@mims I'm no police chief but having a gun and terrifying people with it seem like two different things, no?The brilliant @peterwsinger has a new book that depicts another future-of-war scenario: http://t.co/4LUkKkHIpLTwo Canadian mayors want to launch a basic income experiment. http://t.co/ocppY7As5ODutch city of Utrecht to experiment with a universal, unconditional 'basic income' http://t.co/OfpDqe2ezB
@boundcustom can I customize a graphic on the cover of a notebook? Don't see the option on your site.Honey bear reminder about how fast time flies. https://t.co/IIxaKu7xZx
@TessaJeanMiller Rugged charm isn't the first thing that springs to mind.Golden guards with their Treasure of the Sirens. https://t.co/bYNFuL28ao@oliveruberti love: there's a glyph for that.@LiteratiBkstore @oliveruberti LOVE!!!Fascinating! Can Gut Bacteria Explain Your Mood? Have learned a lot from @WeizmannScience also. http://t.co/Cyh05BvdMR
Sky vision. https://t.co/o9RGdA34MOI love supporting @WeizmannScience for the benefit of humanity: http://t.co/8jfVIdcDCN
@kestrelambrose @marshalls hope you're having fun!Gorgeous! https://t.co/yoj27NioF5@Salon I just visited Stax this week. Blown away by Otis Redding footage.
@Summer_Ash text me a picture!@doctorow I can't even stand personified M&Ms.I did not expect to see a miniature circus at a place called the Pink Palace. https://t.co/kcoeZ0EgqfIt's amazing how fast your mind adjusts to a concept once there's a word for it.
If you're ever curious about what equations look like in Braille, that's one fascinating rabbit hole.@RichardGarriott there's nothing the earth museums can do to take the truth of reality from us!Smart rock. http://t.co/8ojePbbZTEI met some new people today and I think I will love them forever. https://t.co/AQnhkSjsaq
I just got scolded in a museum for trying to photograph an Ultima IV map, @RichardGarriott.Sleeping tiger. https://t.co/mDfs0IGnj3Just spotted the (literal) shadow of the Confederacy in Memphis. http://t.co/KUCogbfbaB
@PrakashPuru I agree that it is fantastic, but you're my favorite.@GuyKawasaki if you think that French magician does the best sleight of hand on the planet, you haven't met @PrakashPuru.@austinkleon @seewaynewhite so great!!@melissapierce I was hoping that somebody would understand what I meant by that.In New York, I feel like a New Yorker. In Memphis I feel like an American. https://t.co/UR2tBzlUzfIsaac Hayes' Cadillac at Stax. https://t.co/QpdnOSaIUZThe assassination of Dr. King had a crippling effect on Memphis. His mother was assassinated in the Ebenezer Baptist Church years later.At Stax Museum--the connection between the church, civil rights and soul. http://t.co/FtDnrXvMGu@questlove Thought of you at Stax. http://t.co/AMQh0D8IsLThe brilliant @mtyka of @google going deeper into neural networks: http://t.co/T0MyUAL0EL
In last few days, I've had three drivers who drive for both Lyft and Uber and all say Lyft vets drivers and has a far better culture.These words, from the late pastor and SC state senator Clementa Pinckney: http://t.co/pO0C7r1BDn http://t.co/iyT9MiosFy
Retweeted by Rita J. King@Summer_Ash totally!@Summer_Ash I love it here.@Summer_Ash have you ever seen a pie spread like that in NYC?I'm having lunch here. http://t.co/Ofse03Yonr
He's always game for anything. https://t.co/8wQJklYLJQ
I love learning about strangers from things like this: http://t.co/JQzGQhL3Ga http://t.co/nNUWZZUliM@TIME my mother always told us that only boring people get bored.@valleyhack three year olds are still allowed to play outside?
@RitaJKing with the first groom checking Tinder before he commits
Retweeted by Rita J. KingGrand Central group wedding? #nyc http://t.co/gjVcHWlmGeRoof garden cosmos at Science House looking ultra-deluxe today. http://t.co/Ilw2feVp0x@drewdrewski did you lose your wallet? If it's you, my husband found it.
My writing desk is behind the divider. https://t.co/qwp7Pp24hz
Free idea for a viral video: a montage of guards with giant guns at Grand Central admonishing women for not smiling.I just overheard a bank manager describing a new wealth advisor: "There's no human involved."+ infinity https://t.co/uiZ0C9fBzUWhat Does Your LinkedIn Picture Say About You? @LinkedIn https://t.co/VoO4U4Hfvj#tbt that time for one brief instant when we were a perfect post-human family. https://t.co/VorsGZIkzW
@jason_pontin I want to add that I personally am in favor of free speech across the board because it gives us a chance to listen and learn.@jason_pontin I was *very* young when I wrote this cover story for the Village Voice :) http://t.co/8vXM2AvVDI @mathewi@jason_pontin Hate speech that threatens someone's life, for example. Critical speech isn't hate. It's in the delivery and intent.@jason_pontin I understand the problem but stand by the difference. Not saying it's always clear... @mathewi@jason_pontin @anildash @mathewi Free speech demands a level of critical thinking. Hate speech is mindless. Not the same thing.@Grady_Booch well Vint Cerf and Kim Kardashian are in the same story so clearly the monkeys typing Shakespeare are getting closer.@farnamstreet same@RobertoAscalon I can help youA million dice appeared in the Imagination Room at Science House today. https://t.co/iRvAvtLXwhThis really makes me want to return to virtual storytelling. Love it @aaronkoblin & @chris_milk! https://t.co/lA2F2cwdq2
Botanical roof of Science House https://t.co/9uvOqS0S61RSVP for a wedding. http://t.co/UdoEuTjQoZI love this real mermaid. http://t.co/n7tobIgg7k
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