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Little Known Fact : Mr T's first name is Herbal.
Retweeted by Terry LanderThought I heard Mrs L ask our eldest if he remembered to take his Ritalins. Turns out she said vitamins. #PanicOverHere's some #MondayMotivation http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5 #FollowTheHerdSomething to get your teeth into http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5
Fool people into thinking you've passed your Advanced Driving Test by simply using indicators at roundabouts.
Retweeted by Terry LanderI'm not sure why Ross Poldark is stirring ladies' interests. It was set in the 18th century so he's long dead by now. #Poldark8 science-backed reasons to read a (real) book http://t.co/Dl0e4o9vmu http://t.co/fTW8BkzWBJ
Retweeted by Terry Lander@RoryWilton Good to see so many Cornish actors getting roles, looking forward to S2. #Poldark@RoryWilton #AidanTurner #Poldark @BBCOne http://t.co/9G78wfQayf
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SpacemanSonic I've ordered this in preparation http://t.co/oEyApQv20L@SpacemanSonic Graphs, obviously.Is it just me or does "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" look better now than when it was released in 2008? @Film4
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SpacemanSonic I like halfs cos I can walk the next day.Everybody likes http://t.co/vUzr5vtS6x@SpacemanSonic That sounds a lot like two marathonsmy new fav thing is americans being shocked childbirth is free outside of the US http://t.co/7IniXl0oaG
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SpacemanSonic If we wait two years the #LondonMarathon will break 1,000,000 runners.@Emgogogo @at_your_pace @Brooksrunninguk Well done Emma!Amazing support today, delighted with time and 2nd gb lady. Over moon with teamates times. Thanks @at_your_pace & @Brooksrunninguk
Retweeted by Terry LanderHere's a book about how I trained for the marathon. Not a training guide, it's a "Woah, I nearly broke my foot there" http://t.co/NyTUDVEYWmThis year's ballot for the 2016 #LondonMarathon will be open for a period of five days from May 4th. https://t.co/qex9WDrb4aBrand new post. http://t.co/vUzr5vtS6x
"Luke, I am your father. And I need you to come over and explain how to work the Internet." - If Darth Vader had lived.
Retweeted by Terry LanderRT: @LondonMarathon "Road Closure Information for the 2015 Virgin Money #LondonMarathon" - If you can dodge traffic you can dodge a ball...@taylertoons Your admiration is duly noted. It was really good as a one off, may do it again but not for a while. Halfs are a nice distance.@taylertoons Shezza's trying to talk me into next year. I'm now trying to talk *him* out of it.Mrs L spends about a month every year trying to talk me out of a return to the #LondonMarathon...Watch out for that @SpacemanSonic. You send him one custom copy of your bestselling book and he goes all 'let's do it again' on you.@SpacemanSonic What races are you doing this year?@SpacemanSonic Or I could go as Jabba the Hutt http://t.co/ycQrNsbrSR #AintHappenin'"Starbucks: Technical Malfunction Disables Computers in Locations Across US and Canada" - As long as the kettle works, what's the problem?@SpacemanSonic I'll let you know if I do or not.@SpacemanSonic Our speeds are chasms apart so I'd have to do and see you at the finish line.Top tip: Avoid wasting time reminiscing when you are old by living a largely unremarkable life peppered with forgettable moments.
Retweeted by Terry LanderI won't write for free. Not for any principles, I'm just very lazy.
Retweeted by Terry LanderMy new cover is all down to the excellent handiwork of @SukyGoodfellow - give her a follow. http://t.co/CohbxVSfPQMacmillan in the Mix LIVE from Cape Cornwall School right now on Penwith Radio 96.5 & 97.2 FM
Retweeted by Terry LanderToo good not to re-share. Originally seen by one of our followers on ASAPScience http://t.co/Ne3WE45LFx
Retweeted by Terry Lander@PenwithRadio @InMacmillan Martin Holland fines tunes our outside broadcast http://t.co/nK9i37tm5l
Retweeted by Terry LanderThin guy ran six marathons @SpacemanSonic #ATweeterInFiveWordsI once half-ran a half marathon and got about half way.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@vizcomic Ban this sick filth. http://t.co/rALotx6KLzA little inappropriate, Brian. @ThePoke http://t.co/NhXhfyjLCjHere's some free material before my book comes out next week etc. http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5@taylertoons It's got to be a tough gig, mind.@SpacemanSonic it's not me you need to convince...it's VLP MezzaOh dear. It looks like Keith Flint from The Prodigy will be fighting Batman next year... http://t.co/RwhIxECuXg
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SpacemanSonic I've got to take the kids swimming on Sunday
Seven more followers to reach 1300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone! :) Rx #RichardTonkin #Poldark #docmartin #Chippymiller #cornwall
Retweeted by Terry LanderTalk about exclusive! http://t.co/vkyfKJoGB8
Retweeted by Terry Lander@mrkhndy Two skinheads sorting their differences through tiddlywinks?I was eating milk bottles for about half a mile...One vivid memory of the #LondonMarathon was the spectators, one of whom opened a packet of sweets and accidentally poured half of it outTwo years since Shezza "@SpacemanSonic" Shezzleton and I did the #LondonMarathon - he was a bit faster than me, I'll admit.@ThePsyentistUK Just read the article and it answered my question. I've never been less stirred by a debate. Our Lord atop a cycle.Saw a kid wearing a shirt with a crowned minion and the word KING, and I really wanted to explain why minions are by definition not kings.
Retweeted by Terry Lander@SciencePorn There's a difference?He has it all planned out. http://t.co/gtSHsI7cbE
Retweeted by Terry LanderI have already sold a few so the previous advertising is cancelled out by this cheery message.One week left until my new book is launched in paperback and on the #Kindle. Details are here: http://t.co/n1lX2uPiAS
@PenwithRadio please support #TheStank marathon walk. Ur own @Lyvit is walking 26.2miles wit me for @cornwallairamb http://t.co/M7lg3WSjvi
Retweeted by Terry Lander@NickMotown At last! Electrical jokes on Twitter.If you have time today, why not go outside and have a biscuit with a friend http://t.co/tQLgeyktxt
Retweeted by Terry Lander
Incidentally I got a cracking new blog idea but http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5 is getting in the way. Watch until next year and then I'll reveal allHas someone blogged about http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5 or RT'd it or something? The views have gone ape-bananas.Its Tuesday its #TToT on @PenwithRadio 6pm @Lyvit @sstrong82 will entertain you with banter and features.
Retweeted by Terry Lander
I'm thinking of margarine as an example of Lander's Syndrome. Gradually using less and less as the tub empties.Yes, I have searched online first.Is there a name for using gradually less of something as it runs out or can I claim that as Lander's Syndrome?Lots of people seem to be buying my stand-up show today. Maybe you should too? http://t.co/7urjpzrgOU Oh & register to vote. Or something.
Retweeted by Terry LanderLight reading http://t.co/vUzr5vtS6xPosted some sketches up on my website. Mainly of Edinburgh musicians at local open mics. http://t.co/HxzTXXYMLD
Retweeted by Terry Lander
Seven years from writing Mad Men's pilot to making it. Three years for Red Dwarf to sell. New writers: know you are in it for the long game.
Retweeted by Terry LanderTV is shit tonight. You should all buy and watch this instead. Thanks thanks: http://t.co/7urjpzrgOU
Retweeted by Terry LanderA long one tonight, pull the family up and have some 'us' time. http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5@sstrong82 I've sent a few messages out to the grieving reds fans.@sstrong82 I wouldn't put your house on it.@sstrong82 http://t.co/En0s587Hca@sstrong82 You have to win it. Rules changed last year.Are we becoming that bad with spelling and grammar that we need to return to pictures? 😕Everyone's watching the football but they've all got one eye on http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5@Lyvit This is still relevant. May the 1st be with you. #CakeI'm ONLY $100 away from my current goal of $750!!!! Can YOU help me reach it today??? http://t.co/ocSUcNqy9k PLEASE DONATE/RT!!!!! THANKS!
Retweeted by Terry Lander@TheDelovely Pretty sure the pound shop by Argos has them. #TheCamborneIdentityYou will need your reading glasses on this week. http://t.co/WHFYL2v3Z5
In a world where everything starts with a B I'd be watching Breading vs. Barsenal #SoClose #ReavArsThat @MrMichaelSpicer remains a very talented man #followsaturday https://t.co/FhutYf2ljOMy books are available on Kindle. Wait, is this the idea? #RecordStoreDay
@MathieuFrench Sounds like you're having a shit time.@MathieuFrench TL;DRI like my salad like my poker opponents - obscured from view by a massive fucking pile of my chips.
Retweeted by Terry LanderI hate to be all political and that but check out this T-Shirt #Election2015 http://t.co/L9aIPaDLznHappy Birthday @taylertoons innit.AVI by an idiot for charity Latest gallery update If you can, give :) https://t.co/whD8Z0vZ1g https://t.co/Kpksoul2vy http://t.co/eI54cF9VGU
Retweeted by Terry LanderHappy Anniversary! https://t.co/NceDhYIKxoHas anyone got Mark Bolan's email address? Need to tell him that music should be more than 2.30 long these days. Cheers.I'm looking for a job in social media. Email me on JohnFrBrennan@gmail.com.
Retweeted by Terry LanderIt's time I started taking life as a writer more seriously. http://t.co/UFxSqYZhFU
#IllustratedTwitterTypos http://t.co/pTMCEBPahw
Retweeted by Terry Lander@ThePsyentistUK I didn't record it this week but there is a repeat of the show on Monday at 10pm, your song is in the first hour.
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