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@Mirandapberman you may listen here starting at minute 18
ideal beverage @ B.S. Taqueria"i am not a soul warrior, but i have done soul war" —@KTLincoln on kcrw just now
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI'm going to be on KCRW in like five minutes to talk about SoulCycle if you want to listen to me talk about SoulCycle on LA public radio
@maxrsiegel not yet but it's now on my list, will report back@maxrsiegel totally, I just had no idea. I'm going to now lead the critical re-evaluation of GIGLI@scott_tobias @michelledeidre @davidehrlich BLOW OUT and DRESSED TO KILL at the top, pretty similar to yours below that + M:IJust discovered that Robert Elswit shot GIGLI and now all the cells in my body are turning to liquid@scott_tobias @michelledeidre @davidehrlich Scott, have you ever ranked De Palma's stuff? Would be interested to hear your favoritesOh, hey, THE GUEST is on Netflix, everyone stop what they're doing and go watch THE GUEST@scott_tobias the fact that a movie star could essentially prop up a fake religion may be the best possible credit to the promise of AmericaSaid the words "I adore Tom Cruise" out loud today in public, so just know that I'm trying to be the best version of myself that I can beIt should get at least 12 PulitzersI read this entire oral history of Les Grossman with the biggest and stupidest smile on my face @rachelysanders AAAAAAAAAAA
Retweeted by kevin lincolnGreat @NoelMu piece gets at the reductionism of Internet commentary; call it the meme-ification of cultural crit @NoelMu piece on @OscopeLabs' Musings about how the culture processes movies in 2015 is shaaaarp:
Retweeted by kevin lincolnFull disclosure: @rwohan and I are not ~officially~ George Pataki's campaign managers, but spiritually, we've always beenIf you would like to donate to the campaign of George Pataki, please send all contributions to his campaign managers, @rwohan and myselfHere is your regularly scheduled announcement that George Pataki is still running for the Republican nomination for president@sternbergh @BilgeEbiri #wheredidyoureadadamsbooks@sternbergh @BilgeEbiri I read almost all of Shovel Ready in a bar, which I would highly recommend
@BenMathisLilley ahahahahaha, I would also describe myself as a hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott@ChiaraAtik if they don't bring you into this writers room I'm boycotting television"Little Women is described as a hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott" LET'S GOOOO 3. Donald Trump is revealed to be three Donald Trumps standing in a suit@katedavisjones essay about leaving a city to go to live in another city, but a diss@davidlsims I don't ever subtweet / you see me when I'm coming for youAs a not-rapper, I'm unsure what my equivalent of a diss track would be, but we can figure that part outWho wants to beef with me so we can start dropping diss tracks on each other, it seems funToo*
Retweeted by kevin lincolnJamie xx, aka a nuclear explosion @ The Echoplex
@Scondren William Gaddis, Percival Everett, Diane Williams, William Gass, Joseph McElroy, Colson Whitehead, Harry Mathews, Clarice Lispector@freemaneric yes. it's weird that people still treat books and movies like a puzzle, but what can you do@freemaneric exactly. Plus the very character-oriented work that spans all of Pynchon's books that people act like doesn't exist@MilesKlee this is a great question actually, let me get back to you once it's won a prize of some sort@freemaneric completelyAlso there were a lot of postmodernist writers not named Delillo, Pynchon, and DFW. There still are. Many of them are women and not whiteLike, just because some people write autobiographical fiction now does not mean that postmodernism no longer exists. There is room for bothBinaries are not real@freemaneric it seems to think that Delillo and Pynchon were dragons vanquished by the knights of autofiction or something@freemaneric this in particular or whatever. It's so weirdhold enormous sway over very specific minds and parts of the culture, or else have become completely irrelevant because of the rise of metafReading literary criticism, it's amazing how often Pynchon and Delillo continue to be held up as these specters of the past who either stillShoutout to the one teen who asked a LACMA attendant where the "Kanye museum" is. I have the same QIn case you're wondering where every teen in LA is right now, they're at LACMA with me seeing the Kanye / Steve McQueen video installation@rachelysanders please, I broke it down into individual scenes that I prefer over othersThe idea of coming up with a top 10 favorite films of all time list is so paralyzing that I just slid off my couch like a piece of cardboard@zoeinthecities The Red Shoes is so good it should count as two movies anyway@davidlsims @c_heller I wish she'd just listed all her own movies@c_heller ahahahahaha YO BINOCHE CAN'T BE CONTAINED BY A LISTTime Out had actors pick their top 10 favorite movies and then tabulated it into a 100, and they're great lists like this essay about the mysticism of Clarice Lispector; I very much like the Twilight Zoney art at the top of it morning, here's a squirrel that's possessed by the devil
decadent, depraved @ Night + Market Song is just straight-up a great piece of rock criticism by @jeremypgordon FADE IN:
PS You haven't seen DRIVE until you've seen it after reading these brilliant theories from @PAPPADEMAS (scroll down):
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BilgeEbiri did you see RESULTS? she's terrific
@mirandapberman threw a dinner party, she cooked a very good chicken
I wholeheartedly approveZac Efron's character in WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS is named Cole Carter. That's like if I made a space movie + called the protagonist Rick Rocket
"He articulated our American darkness as well as any writer ever has." George Saunders on E.L. Doctorow.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BenMathisLilley I know sexy when I see it. and golf is sexy
Celebrities endorsing Uber is on some real Marie-Antoinette-eating-cake shitThe new @ezrafurman album is a barnburner. It actually burned down my barn. But in a great way
Team Rapping Child In The Virgin America Safety Video hasn't been 10% of the talk there should be about how world-conquering Vince Staples' album is. It's an obeliskYou're the Worst news: Season 2 starts Wednesday September 9th at 10:30. I highly recommend watching. #YoureTheWorst
Retweeted by kevin lincolnI wrote about golf, and why golf is good, for Grantland
I'm going to tell people to watch 7 DAYS IN HELL and act like I think it's a legit doc. This seems like a good move for meOnly way I would've liked 7 DAYS IN HELL more was if they made it the length of THE JINX and pretended it was real@williamfleitch "There's always work in corn." -- Will Leitch, pretending to be an fictional intern's mother, Gawker, 2005@juliarubin @audevwhite @SierraTishgart yes, but you all can just meet me at Sqirl, ok cool good plan@audevwhite @juliarubin @SierraTishgart chu got against swedes@audevwhite @juliarubin @SierraTishgart "translate from Swedish" I liked the accordionsWatching HOLY MOTORS is kind of like having a series of pranks played on you in slow but deliberate succession, plus accordionsAny rapper who drops "Spieth On 18" this week will instantly become the best rapperspeath (sp?)SPIETH / SPEETH / SPEEDTH@BobbyBigWheel what do you have against golf infightingThe dude leading the (British) Open right now looks a little like James Corden if he were pretending to play golfI want to write a Sebaldian account of just walking around various golf courses, sleeping in sand traps, being accosted by caddiesThere is a green at the (British) Open that has two pins in it. It's like the Moebius strip of golf. I keep looking at and feeling deliriousI just yelled after Zach Johnson missed a putt and my parents' dog — his name is Fred — was pretty irritated@ibmartin yeah I was thinking Marion. Scott's way better than Tebow though. I don't know shit about baseball@rachelysanders this is the real meI wonder what the extra-golf equivalent of Adam Scott's belly putter is. Maybe Kevin Martin's shooting motion?I am so filled with adrenaline by the final round of the (British) Open that I might go and benchpress a golf cartGolf Digest is trying
@juliarubin HI@minakimes you were on to something! I am so fascinated by Mark Cuban's film-producing careerThose are my fun facts about TWO LOVERS, which is a beautiful movieAnother fun fact: Mark Cuban (i.e. the basketball Mark Cuban) executive produced TWO LOVERSFun fact: the same dude (Joaquin Baca-Asay) shot both SUPER TROOPERS and James Gray's TWO LOVERSJust watching Lubezki's cinematography in THE REVENANT's trailer alone might be like, the 5th-best movie experience I've had this year
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