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#NCLIVE #ClubPhantom We in DEre fukn wif my dawg @icebergEnt Brangn u all that #MB4L flavor you been… https://t.co/R12Z3kpjn3
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder North Carolina The Talent is Right Here At Home come show love to these dope artist that stay where u… https://t.co/k7XaZlOIOjrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent NC LIVE #THEBIGGESTMUSICFEST & PARTY THIS FRIDAY… https://t.co/k2WPAuawHKrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent NC LIVE #THEBIGGESTMUSICFEST & PARTY THIS FRIDAY… https://t.co/SqyOMjRlaFrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent THE LIVEST PARTY & MUSIC FESTIVAL GOES DOWN FRIDAY NIGHT… https://t.co/4Av8pJJNRJrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent NC LIVE #THEBIGGESTMUSICFEST & PARTY THIS FRIDAY… https://t.co/khWEOu3yN5repost via @divvypic from @icebergent DM ME YOUR INFO #instarepost20 https://t.co/cZM64SThatrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent LIVEST PARTY GOES DOWN THIS FRIDAY phantom TEXT 9198166598 FOR… https://t.co/Aj7t6Yu0Kbrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent NC LIVE FRIDAY NIGHT phantom THE ENTIRE STATE COMING THROUGH… https://t.co/bwJXqbPKkh
Stop it https://t.co/vAlsCcRzipCherish the moment. @OfficialBelaire http://t.co/h0OKkhgMSG
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder LeBron sure looks healthy tonight. Nobody heals faster.
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder !!! FRIDAY !!! @icebergent @alladreamnc @drtydame919 #BlackBoyzEnt ro_o4 #BeeStrongEnt Presents NC… https://t.co/Rke8wthzRv
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder
Snap dat pussy back (Mike Epps Voice)“@NC_CAPO919 Vinegar don't care who use it 😭😭😭😭”@FlashySunrize @LosoCorleone I was lit@FlashySunrize I just followed you😂😂😂😂“@King_Eog1984 A few of my followers RT @ImDaBully: Describe trash pussy”Describe trash pussyOnly stank... Lol “@CashMulahh Shiiiiiiiddd RT @ImDaBully: The pussy can't be trash if she fine... ... http://t.co/uf9B8zvsHWThe pussy can't be trash if she fine... “@King_Eog1984 When she fine af but pussy 🚮 what do you do”“@LosoCorleone @ImDaBully yea” can u email them to me bsquaredprod@gmail.com@Diona_910 nice avi #weaintbegginwebuyinNew Music! Quise ft. Young Breed & Tracy T - Chasin Money (Dirty)
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @LosoCorleone u got the pictures from that night in the studioChase that check @DJSamSneaker HA 😂😂😂 CHA$IN MON€¥ http://t.co/GuDNeflrFi
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #DontBiteTheHand #NeverTakeThingsForGranted https://t.co/gHFtC8iZOwBRAND NEW @DucePoundQuise CHA$IN MON€¥ Ft. @YoungBreedCCC & @TheRealTracyT @MaybachMusicGrp RT #YoungKing https://t.co/7B24CEdJVU #MMG
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder The D was good #HeBeat “@Geeky_Sheek I'm gonna sleep so good tonight 😩”Golden state is dangerous cause they can clear a 20 plus point lead in minutes. Lol
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder repost via @divvypic from @ducepoundquise Backstage @ Summer Jam @teamquisemmg x richforever x ybmmg… https://t.co/sj870dnPh2repost via @divvypic from ybmmg Take 1 2night! We coming thru! U heard Ro$$... U see @fatboy6661 Its… https://t.co/mgYOMerAhnrepost via @divvypic from @ducepoundquise richforever told me and ybmmg WE THE FUTURE & he got 10… https://t.co/CPQeGqUobj@MarcusTheMesiah LMAOPUT THAT THANG IN ROTATION https://t.co/ta3Hlljgzt
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder YoungBreedCCC rock dat bixh!!! http://t.co/yUlhL2YQGV #RapMagRozay
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder http://t.co/NyoYk4QdYd YoungBreedCCC rock dat bixh!!! http://t.co/qDBnoLMbn8 #RapMagRozay
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Nigga got so mad at me Friday when I said he looked gay doing this shit “@MarcusTheMesiah Word TF up! http://t.co/8UkALoEKtW#Repost @maybachmusicgrp with repostapp. ・・・HOTTEST SONG BUZZZ REMIX COMIN SOON… https://t.co/ejAb5gpTgb
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Double Salute 2 @YoungBreedCCC & @DucePoundQuise I Fuck With Both Of Dese Niggaz.... #Rotation #IFuckWithWhoFuckWithMe
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Real recognize real @ducepoundquise https://t.co/pkT6f9Hmuw
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Real facts “@PRETTYINGA These fake perfect for Twitter hoes be thaaaaa biggest hoes ! Trust me !”🔥🔥🔥“@rickyrozay @YoungBreedCCC rock dat bixh!!! http://t.co/EqDMgLXnyxCHA$IN MON€¥ https://t.co/NELdtihxsK
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Tell her stop running from you and Run wit you. #BossUp
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder 🔥🔥🔥“@DucePoundQuise Just shut Orlando down with ybmmg & richforever CHA$IN MON€¥ @MaybachMusicGrp https://t.co/NKkOXFDOuAWhen you see a perfect 10 - you tell put that thing in rotation! ybmmg richforever Performing live in… https://t.co/ASeCwipiYe
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder My dude @ducepoundquise performing in orlando with richforever #chasinmoney produced by NC's own… https://t.co/fgJ1sM0xDOMy woe ybmmg performing live with richforever #Rotation #blackbottleboys #MMG #xtortiongame https://t.co/aGKxmWD4hFOn Ice. http://t.co/pNFm7rAOZL
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder I'm convinced that looking like you got some money for a weekend is more important 😂😂😂 #Debateyourmirror
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @MarcusTheMesiah @YoungBreedCCC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥@MarcusTheMesiah @DatPiff: [Mixtape] @YoungBreedCCC #BackInDaTrap http://t.co/weS6D6UzY5 powered by @DatPiff“@MarcusTheMesiah All my plans require money. And the goal is to make money. And no loses. Period. It ... http://t.co/K3CZrIS023#WEAINTBEGGINWEBUYIN https://t.co/35yvPL52DaNBA be sucking LeBron Dick “@MrsLadyJai “@CityBoiCoop Shit wild Bruh smh. RT @BlackBuddhism: Are ... http://t.co/lmFZd2ntUiThis Saturday... We Bout Our Busine$$ #Uptown Shirts Meet n Greet! Come Out! http://t.co/ZcQfYxRcnR
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder 5/22 The Streets Gone Eat! #ReRock Droppin'... It's a Gift! http://t.co/IDak9Jkru0
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Re-Rock so potent... The Streets Need Dis! @YoungBreedCCC 🔥🔥🔥 http://t.co/Aw5AvecQwT
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Salute to my woes @YoungBreedCCC and @DucePoundQuise #Rotation #ChasinMoney #ReRock #xtortiongame #youngkings #mmg #blackbottleboys
#NOWPLAYING Young Breed @youngbreedCCC - Game Over ON http://t.co/JlPR5UqJE0 LISTEN http://t.co/smKBSe0es3 FOLLOW @CLUBROCKERZINC
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder RT @plies Double Salute 2 @YoungBreedCCC & @DucePoundQuise I Fuck With Both Of Dese Niggaz.... #Rotation #IFuckWithWhoFuckWithMe
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @JvonWatts @YoungBreedCCC @rickyrozay @DucePoundQuise rotation.. Salute
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Bumping that @YoungBreedCCC loud af on the beach ✔️👿👿✔️✔️✔️✔️ #still305
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Rick Ross ft Young Breed - My Nigga (Remix): #PlayingNow on http://t.co/Af9MwPJ3Js -
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Rick Ross - My Hittas (Feat. Young Breed) (MMG Remix) (Clean) http://t.co/JXC5bWcbup #HEAT100RADIO
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder My Phone died in the middle of this one 😡😡 but I still #gotem' 😍🔥🔥 @YoungBreedCCC http://t.co/oTUnz6YpAM
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Young Breed ft Styles P - Bout Whatever: #PlayingNow on http://t.co/Af9MwPJ3Js -
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Get Lebron tf outta here.
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder LeBron really toughed it out vs team w/o Horford, Korver and a one-legged DeMarre. Can't wait to talk about this 10 a.m. tomorrow ESPN2.
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Can't wait until LeBron has to face the Golden State Warriors.
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder GETCHO OVERDRAMATIC ASS UP. Smh. #CLEvsATL #Cavs #Hawks http://t.co/6qAixFDIja
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Dade county boys had the arena lit!! @YoungBreedCCC @rickyrozay @DucePoundQuise .... #MMG http://t.co/DTpYLE9wAG
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Concert was dope last night! Dat boy Ross let @YoungBreedCCC and @DucePoundQuise jump on stage and perform chasin money. #MMG
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Just posted a photo https://t.co/JXTD1KvU5jJust posted a photo https://t.co/jcBFXcfDRr
Check out the newly remodeled phantom ..It looks good #Icantmakethisup @icebergent @alladreamnchttps://t.co/kn7UDl0okj!!! The NEWLY REMODELED CLUB PHANTOM !!! @icebergent @alladreamnc @imdabully phantomclub… https://t.co/rVSmNdubeW
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #ReRock available for Download Now! http://t.co/NPVPcXXf3O
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #Mood https://t.co/xvCnLO2Ls7🔥🔥🔥🔥[Mixtape] @YoungBreedCCC #BackInDaTrap http://t.co/mAY2UTjhvp powered by @DatPiff
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #Mood https://t.co/UyKAlJykfGIs your coworker bae or nah “@juicyjazz220 Is it bad tht i depend on my coworker to bring my Saturday Muffin so i wont b hungry”Make sure you support my Woe @YoungBreedCCC today .. Pull up , drop some 💴.. Get right for all the activities tonight http://t.co/IjBVHvckMl
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Go download ybmmg new mixtape Back In Da Trap now on datpiff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/Op9l370imaHey @icebergent @alladreamnc switch the style up and if they hate just let hate and watch the money… https://t.co/xa7yVsM4y7Salute....Im up blasting that How U Livin right now..“@YoungBreedCCC Gm World!”My Current situation cooling with my son waiting to here what these College Recruits Talking bout he is only ... http://t.co/yYXzbsGwJaCheck out the newly remodeled club phantom.... Come party with us on Friday Nights ..… https://t.co/An9gEqmN5NThe remodeling Is almost done.... Phantom is sexy af.... https://t.co/xejeqtWk65The newly remodeled club phantom... Salute @icebergent we lit tonight #PULLUP https://t.co/GxnAiL9ay3@jmanifestnc on da track 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 salute @ducepoundquise and ybmmg #chasinmoney this was cooked up… https://t.co/0bjSaigqvB
I swear this song so goddamn hot..... ybmmg this one of my favorites but the whole mixtape dope… https://t.co/Huv77eMyHErepost via @divvypic from @iam_jaszie LINK IN BIO #AROUNDVIDEO #iAMJASZIE #IMUPNEXT #SUMMERHIThttps://t.co/SrHHaDfqNzrepost via @divvypic from ybmmg We in da Streets wit it!!!! Download it Now! #ReRock #BackindaTrap on… https://t.co/w2Dyd2xexXybmmg @DatPiff: [Mixtape] #Rerock #BackInDaTrap http://t.co/weS6D6UzY5 powered by @DatPiff https://t.co/qtbWE7Mcn5@DatPiff: [Mixtape] @YoungBreedCCC #BackInDaTrap http://t.co/weS6D6UzY5 powered by @DatPiffrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent 2NITE PARTY 10PM TIL 5AM phantom FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT, FREE BAR… https://t.co/TpOjTyz4dqrepost via @divvypic from @icebergent 2NITE PARTY 10PM TIL 5AM phantom FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT, FREE BAR… https://t.co/45WTpwBF15repost via @divvypic from ybmmg It's TIME! I open up Shop 2day! #ReRock Ya'll Ready?! #instarepost20 https://t.co/vW07jn3B8K
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