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Kontact for all enquiries: info@hyperdub.net http://t.co/mWH0z7XxPQ for digital music, merchandise and vinyl .subscribe to the mailing list for news.

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@blackdownLDN it'll sound awfulTONIGHT | Join us for an EXCLUSIVE guestmix w/UK producer + @Hyperdub legend @ScratchaDVA! | Tune in 8pm @2ser http://t.co/k2AQ7bDaMZ
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The Teklife / Nextlife 3 x LP , Silver Vinyl, Triple Gatefold Limited Edition is available to buy from our site now: http://t.co/8LC37aDxgX15th may catch jack n danny plan b brixton for @itscoolyg bday bash & @hyperdub ep launch full line… https://t.co/TKMC4gSHXP
Retweeted by Hyperdub Speciallllllll guest announced right ere tickets http://t.co/nZiw48sBHH @kodenine also announced @unclefeva yah http://t.co/HjrxhF6rfB
Retweeted by Hyperdub TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS EXPLAINED: 1) Rich people make money 2) It "trickles down" to offshore banks 3) Government closes libraries/hospitals
Retweeted by Hyperdub thanks to everyone who bought or contributed to the Nextlife compilation for free for @DJRASHAD's family
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My absolute fav DJ Rashad trak! Massive inspiration in any studio session. Talk abt outsde the box… https://t.co/XTZxFRLI7q
Retweeted by Hyperdub @DeejayEarl_ @Hyperdub @DJRASHAD Gorgeous music, and also good help for his son http://t.co/vCMNuxLx1N #RestInPeaceDJRashad
Retweeted by Hyperdub @Hyperdub #hyperdesk http://t.co/XozxJc1ylN
Retweeted by Hyperdub special Fathers of Footwork show for @NorthsideFest w @DJ_Spinn, @TRAXMAN_TEKKDJZ, @RP_BOO_ + more! http://t.co/YftwAPcSIB 6/13 @PalisadesBK
Retweeted by Hyperdub Special night big up all who reached shout to @zomby @kodenine and the YoYo crew - vibes on both floors all night long.
Retweeted by Hyperdub Rip @DJRASHAD http://t.co/bzC3ITeFxA
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Tonight. @ Deviation at XOYO London https://t.co/Ip3mqXFos9
Retweeted by Hyperdub Since Deviation started in 2007 we have pretty much played music by @ZombyMusic and @kodenine every month. Tonight we welcome to the booth.
Retweeted by Hyperdub A new favorite: Ikonika - Praxis (Taken From Position EP 25/08/2014) Hyperdub by @Hyperdub https://t.co/1RIhYRWLQz on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Hyperdub Ikonika - Live at YunCai Cafe - Hyperdub’s low-end ambassador guides us through uncharted waters, taking in... http://t.co/zoHK7OBCnj
Retweeted by Hyperdub @MARTYN3024 @palmstrax cracking stuff
me after my exam today :: DJ Spinn & Taso: Burn That Kush (Hyperdub/Teklife 2014) https://t.co/T5Kf3lRKOb
Retweeted by Hyperdub This weekend is a year since the brilliant @DJRASHAD died. Next Thursday 11-1am on @RinseFM we'll celebrate his music with a stellar lineup
Retweeted by Hyperdub First Berlin exhibition from Hyperdub Graphic artist @optigramartwork with @LaurelHalo DJing in two weeks http://t.co/b83u92ldzB
"There's a Secret Replica of Iran's Nuclear Facilties Hidden in Tennessee" http://t.co/Gn2aaE553K
Retweeted by Hyperdub Friday I rub shoulders and play w/ legends @Tacumasong and Marshall Allen @SunRaUniverse for The Outsiders Festival http://t.co/bZCzUWtGCs
Retweeted by Hyperdub Jessy Lanza​ logró encontrar el punto intermedio entre el R&B y la electrónica, haciendo su música más que fina http://t.co/E37hJu4UyP
Retweeted by Hyperdub @DaftLimmy this is worth a read on that subject if you've not already http://t.co/4OBM1Cj2qKProper Hyperdub bags for sale - nice n strong - not just a flimsy tote: http://t.co/skyjWmUOU4😂😂 gna b playin Dalston / Powerlunches w @djdeamonds as East Ldn Club Trax this Fri cum thru w the… https://t.co/QRF1KnujkB
Retweeted by Hyperdub DJ Rashad, Nick Hook & Machinedrum - Understand https://t.co/ClXPcyhbmy #RashadForever
Retweeted by Hyperdub Rashad feb 14 2014 https://t.co/YMqOsqqJn3
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.@ItsCoolyG is having a birthday do at @planbbrixton with a bunch of @Hyperdub mates: http://t.co/1KyeHiTWma http://t.co/Rl2lpzifsh
Retweeted by Hyperdub @tubbo no it was purposefully an entire show backwards@DEEELAYED shops will sell any online soon and if we get any back we'll have them too
Okay, NOW I heard #DOK 's #EastCoast on a commercial for #TheAmazingWorldOfGumball . @Hyperdub is apparently loved by @cartoonnetwork
Retweeted by Hyperdub . @jessy_lanza, Lindstrom and @dorianconcept play Mexico City this week http://t.co/vPoSklL3XwWe're at @idlehandsBS1 and @C_SIDEUK had just bought Next Life #Teklife from Hyperdub #RSD2015 http://t.co/4ufMPpswX9
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Just announced few more names to line up fri 15th may Plan B look !!!!!!! @ScratchaDVA Love Intact sound / Dj Vek http://t.co/VOLa1YLtfZ
Retweeted by Hyperdub Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote. Have you registered? Do you plan to? Why? Why not? #JUSTJAM
Retweeted by Hyperdub A beautiful tribute to The Spaceape on @hyperdub for Record Store Day. RIP Stephen Gordon. http://t.co/RdVlMYG4fL
Retweeted by Hyperdub Soho is jumping! The don @ScratchaDVA is playing records outside @SOTUSOHO right now, bliiiiiiss 💥☀️
Retweeted by Hyperdub this photo....💅💖 http://t.co/nhQh8Csphp
Retweeted by Hyperdub @King_Huff we should have some online in a month when we can sell embought my only record today out of love&respect for @DJRASHAD !! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @Hyperdub #teklife #nextlife #RSD15 #riprashad http://t.co/fJm9pViGIT
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How I spent @recordstoreday (@runjewels @Hyperdub #TEKLIFE) #rsd15 http://t.co/qMlLfskM4R
Retweeted by Hyperdub @Hyperdub #RecordStoreDay release @kodenine @thebugzoo #spaceape (RIP) http://t.co/oowjdyHand
Retweeted by Hyperdub @King_Huff rough trade / soul jazz / flashbackSoS - Soho Street Party #rsd15 2day. Il b playing outside the store☀️ https://t.co/C7IWnzxswn
Retweeted by Hyperdub @oli_murky rough trade -@oli_murky soul jazz - flashback
Nearly 4 years since my first release on @Hyperdub - still available here http://t.co/PKRLHQ5XSn
Retweeted by Hyperdub Spacy, haunting and quiet, @kode9 and the late great Spaceape reassemble @thespecials classic. https://t.co/IkjNfUBLPF @Hyperdub #RSD15
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And my personal #RecordStoreDay favourite: @Hyperdub x @teklife57's #NextLife! #RSD15 #CrowdmixRSD http://t.co/9VNLgWUP9y
Retweeted by Hyperdub . @Tanmushimushi or get it somewhere else at normal cd prices?In Focus: New Anger-Powered Cars May Revolutionize The Way We Drive http://t.co/5FnakwCSVO http://t.co/EoQ1HilEzY
Retweeted by Hyperdub In LDN tomorrow with @WaltonMCR, @RIZLATEEF111 for Ahadadream presents @ Plan B, Brixton. Might get a bit wild.
Retweeted by Hyperdub If you're a shop and you're sticking our RSD Spaceape and TEKLIFE records, let us know and we'll retweet you - thanks !A new favorite: Bass Music China Guest Mix 025 – Scratcha DVA (DVA Music/ Hyperdub) by @saiyan_dnb https://t.co/j0e6W8FZ8q on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Hyperdub Only a few days left to register to vote if you haven't done so already http://t.co/9d10szpGLy #GE2015 #parklife @rustyrockets
Retweeted by Hyperdub @codeinedrums just sent out a notice o retweet the tweet asking stores to tweet to us if they are!@codeinedrums i'll have a list soonFor those who are aware & care: @Crackstevens is hosting a @JUSTJAMLONDON on voting/not voting this Sunday. If you're into it, @ the man.
Retweeted by Hyperdub and you folk out there who want to get our records on RSD help us by retweeting the last tweet we just did,#RSD #Workinitout@Hyperdub we are. Just waiting on the boxes to be delivered!
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@scottmckeating also, @Hyperdub are releasing the High Life footwork comp on 3xLP. That's my personal top item! #teklife
Retweeted by Hyperdub Newcastle's independent record stores come together to celebrate Record Store Day http://t.co/LPRhYaMUgS
Retweeted by Hyperdub @beatdownncl @scottmckeating Thanks for Stocking our RSD releases Beatdown! We've got the Spaceape 7inch out then as well
@chalravens wish she'd done more music on her own bitdout now is this live mix I did for @Lexdray http://t.co/eLxfpUs6eY #teklife #treatedcrew #lexdray #welcometoBerlin http://t.co/KRClZ1zqtc
Retweeted by Hyperdub @AndrewMaleMojo interesting !A new favorite: Cooly G - So Deep (Taken From Wait 'Til Night - Hyperdub 20/10/2014) by @Hyperdub https://t.co/Wl0akUZiQ2 on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Hyperdub This question was on Amazon's front page this morning. Has big data jumped the shark? Paging @claudiakincaid... http://t.co/heZDtJ7gx7
Retweeted by Hyperdub Just in and limited to 23 only: http://t.co/s6xZzoouZr Better Late Than Never! http://t.co/0HpFqNmMbEBTW all those who saw @ScratchaDVA 's excellent boiler room yesterday - he can be booked to DJ via marcus@littlebig.org.ukDarkstar: Gold (Hyperdub 2010) https://t.co/h4q94wPleT @YouTubeさんから
Retweeted by Hyperdub @thanossapiens yep i found 3 in the warehouse.@ForteanLondon Indeed! Much better view from inside @WHSmith than through the grille on Cannon Street… http://t.co/2rzJueKSP0
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hope you enjoyed my new music. Eternal 💚 for this guy @ScratchaDVA. #ALLYALLRECORDS @boilerroomtv @Hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub MINDFAME Presents: IKONIKA (Hyperdub, UK) Saturday 18 April at Amber Chocolate Bar @ikonika @hyperdubhttps://t.co/fkTMxUUCDy
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hyperdub w/ Kode9 & Scratcha DVA BACKWARDS SPECIAL - 12th April 2015’ by Rinse FM on #SoundCloud https://t.co/1prZiDDXzV
Retweeted by Hyperdub @GaryDanko41 shop isn't doing its job if they won't look into trying to get it in tbh - u shd be able to order or try to
@GaryDanko41 ask your local store@thanossapiens yep next few weeks - we have the Japanese edition cd with extra tracks in stock tho🔥 Scratcha DVA & Mickey Pearce.... absolute lords out here 👑 @boilerroomtv http://t.co/l5RWXo2B31
Retweeted by Hyperdub Copwar levelling Boiler Room right now http://t.co/p9hTgtCKSv
Retweeted by Hyperdub Check @ScratchaDVA & @mickeythepearce KILLING @boilerroomtv right now: http://t.co/Jwm7hK1KRKIt's @ScratchaDVA on now for his @boilerroomtv http://t.co/Jwm7hK1KRK@ScratchaDVA @Hyperdub any release date for your EP? I need every. fucking. tune, such a rare thing nowadays
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@Projeqt_ @ScratchaDVA hold tight > incoming@boilerroomtv London: DVA & Friends : on youtube https://t.co/UrfrTRdJ1U
Retweeted by Hyperdub Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @boilerroomtv http://t.co/mwRhHlOc5z London: DVA & Friends
Retweeted by Hyperdub Up next on @ScratchaDVA 's boiler room @NervousHorizon http://t.co/Jwm7hK1KRK @LarryLokane set was fire@BordeauxBlues Record Stores YEP - ask local stores to try and get em inAlso Get 10% off in our shop with this code for the next 3 days: WEARETHE10PERCENT - Search Deeply http://t.co/O1IYYGY7M2 many exclusivesAnyway - enjoy this boiler room for now http://t.co/Jwm7hK1KRKThose are available worldwide for RSD too, both look stunning.Gold @codedskins 7inch and silver 3 times Teklife LP for Record Store Day this saturday. 1,000 copies each.That guy @LarryLokane lifting the roof off our session w/@ScratchaDVA & friends. Tune in: http://t.co/cwySIuoZ6h http://t.co/NGqKeEg0nM
Retweeted by Hyperdub @louispattison turns up in odd places too https://t.co/J6EIHXSkMg@louispattison good to see Pierre Bastien mentioned@Hyperdub @boilerroomtv d'accord.
Retweeted by Hyperdub Liveliest crowd i've seen at @boilerroomtv for a while http://t.co/Jwm7hK1KRK
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