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Love this! Thanks for the post heidilauren2! Love seeing #goingoffscript getting some sun on Oak… https://t.co/5kJt3t55F0And we're off!!!! Vacay, here we come! One week in the 🌞 Beyond excited 😄 https://t.co/7OyFPT6axc
.@GiulianaRancic works hard in LA, but she plays harder in Chicago. Where you can find the star unwinding in the city:http://t.co/LxUxbGyX03
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicHave funnn! https://t.co/f6AoioMfq5Congrats! https://t.co/eAM9tgmzX1Yummmmm! https://t.co/jUL9Gir2fAYay!!! Finally it has arrived!! @GiulianaRancic's #GoingOffScript is in my hands! All the way from America! http://t.co/r5JjeGwcOS
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicMichelle Knight goes Beyond Candid with @GiulianaRancic in 30 minutes! Hear her story tonight at 9 PM on E!
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Xo https://t.co/pg4N1mIrku
Xo! https://t.co/g04VFuBAPy
Awww. Thank u! https://t.co/UL8kSc55XCThanks @GiulianaRancic for coming out to @MaggieDaleyPark! Can't wait to have you back! @Suntimes_Splash http://t.co/5VoIuqkhgj
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicSo much to get to on @enews tonight! Be sure to tune in at 7/6c! See you then! http://t.co/oi0tO40RBuExcited to speak at @Intuit QuickBooks Connect in Boulder this Thursday. Use promo code LOCAL to register for free at http://t.co/SP35ul1ur4
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Breaking down the #BBMAs best & worst dressed tonight on @enews with @mrbradgoreski @iamcattsadler! See you at 7/6c!! http://t.co/x2n2bW37UfHow cute is this new kids line?! LOVE! https://t.co/pXu741ZN4VIt's pretty awesome;) https://t.co/iySlhuvw6n
Billboard Music Awards LOTD: dress by @mugler // shoes by @barbrabuiofficial // rings by @dk_levian &… https://t.co/lVRMkRdUR2First sign of a classy guy? He looks at you right in the eyes when you talk to him. These guys are… https://t.co/hc5W0kZXHYOne Direction #billboardmusicawards #eredcarpet #goodguys https://t.co/YMlKIoujzSLol. They are amazing! https://t.co/w5K8jAYxSQAww! Thank u:) https://t.co/q0h1ImFqFBLove! https://t.co/EwnfO6qLaQThey were so sweet:) https://t.co/IK4hj4mvhlPro;) https://t.co/rFBZIDO0sFThank u! https://t.co/9RTLvUvdQKRun back to hotel room from carpet, return dress and jewelry, throw hair in ponytail, car to airport,… https://t.co/Dj0n2tPge6Billboard music awards!!!! #ERedCarpet @Meghan_Trainor crushing on @ZacEfron I mean who doesn't love Zac Efron!!! @GiulianaRancic
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicIt's still so early and we've already had so many great interviews! So much more to come on the #ERedCarpet!!! Who's watching?! :)Here we go! We're live on E! right NOW!! #ERedCarpetLet's do it. #eredcarpet #billboardmusicawards https://t.co/dQe70UINLyLess than two hours till we are live from the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards! #eredcarpet https://t.co/E1EUrGqv6JIn 3 hours @GiulianaRancic @TerrenceJ @flula go LIVE w/ all your fave music stars at Vegas' Billboard Music Awards! #ERedCarpet
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicOn my way to host the @OfficialBBMAs in Vegas! Gonna ask some fan questions to ur fave stars. Send them my way-use hashtag #GBBMABehind-the-scenes of my photo shoot for the cover of @suntimes_splash. Be sure to check it out today,… https://t.co/8JvDfjZwud
Dear @GiulianaRancic, THANK YOU for talking w/ my mom @PamSteib today! She thinks the world of you 💜 #RunwaytoHope http://t.co/E59GBcgE00
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicYes I am!!! https://t.co/vveIR9tEImSuch a great night bring a part of #RunwaytoHope #endchildhoodcancer @GiulianaRancic @BillRancic http://t.co/f67Ofv0YjG
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicNow I am ready !! 😎 @GiulianaRancic #GoingOffScript http://t.co/ujlq10YO3o
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic@GiulianaRancic @BillRancic Went to RPM Italian tonight. Beautiful place, beautiful staff & excellent food. http://t.co/b6hDYvGTSG
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicIt’s a vacation in a bag! I love bringing along @XoGWine & @LuckyMagazine when I’m on the go! http://t.co/IYB3FCqG9gLove it!!!!!! Xoxo https://t.co/lk3CqJZVUsHey Birthday boy....U really do get hotter with age!!! @billrancic 📷 by khloiana_ https://t.co/FHVudDM6g344 Reasons I Love Bill on His 44th Birthday - http://t.co/0QliWYjFdg via @TheRealRothman
Xo:) https://t.co/yz990oAlESYay! https://t.co/Cj9mxWMeDZCongrats to my friend urbanalchemist on the book @rockstarremedy great seeing you today!! https://t.co/HiyKrcJfTd
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic#NBCUpfronts Final touches before @GiulianaRancic hits the stage. #Hair @jcrawjc #Makeup @danieldeleno http://t.co/8pezKxx9Xy
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your… https://t.co/e7iQb4eQu8LOTD: top and skirt by alexanderwangny // shoes by @nkirkwoodlondon // hair by #jimcrawford // makeup… https://t.co/EenLzDQJ5l
I would have to agree:) https://t.co/WhdIJlRpXNOur hostess @GiulianaRancic takes a moment in the Social Lounge before she takes the stage at #NBCUCable Upfront http://t.co/4IC1O1EVTT
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicSaved the best for last #NBCUCable #Upfronts2015 @GiulianaRancic @Andy @NickCannon http://t.co/GhwUdCuFut
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicHey Orlando, I’m coming for you! Meet me at 3pm this Sat, & pick up @XoGWine & a signed copy of #GoingOffScript! http://t.co/5vrqfZfSpqTraffic face 😐 but this gorgeous day makes up for it 🌞 #NYC #nbcucable https://t.co/zXUHkElElIHonored to be on ur cover @Suntimes_Splash in my favorite city! Click here: http://t.co/znzoX44Ex7
Long hair don't care...💥💥💥 @ a hotel room in new york https://t.co/aP7bcNECRFXo, G will be having in-store wine tastings TOMORROW, May 14th, at select Walmart locations in the… https://t.co/SaSlSjlc7j#NYCvibes 💙 dress by @SandroParis // shoes by @louboutinworld @ Somewhere in NYC https://t.co/jO2CtMm2l7Check out this interview I did with @Booksforbetter! Advice for keeping a realistic balance as a busy working mother http://t.co/X7955z2j6d
@alanaperin_ xoxoxHope u like it! https://t.co/7cn4izmLesCheers back at ya! https://t.co/kwR7bklLSEUr too sweet! Xo! https://t.co/mb57eCecoWIt's Maje. One piece https://t.co/PD2bKTxOHfThanks! https://t.co/WpcuHdUI9lXo! https://t.co/2QC4g7OOzCXoxoxo!!! https://t.co/0U6kOb4jgvWoo hoo! Cheers! https://t.co/yPuWHclc00Xo! RT @ConstantineM: thanks for the lovely shout out on @ENews w/my dude @JasonKennedy1 like what? The feelings mutual. @AmericanIdol 💥🎤
Xo https://t.co/DhGDgyCeSEWe've got all the #AmericanIdol cancellation details for you tonight on @enews at 7/6c!! See you then! @eonlineWe're so excited for our next cover star @GiulianaRancic! Here's our first behind-the-scenes sneak peak! @RCChicago http://t.co/fWmc60ObtW
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Mother's Day in Malibu 🌞💖💛 @ Nobu Malibu https://t.co/8qem4urxWW@Aruba12Diane lol. Too cute!!! XoxoGreat way 2 spend my Mother's Day Being waited on by my Hubs & kids w/my feet up...this book has me 😂 @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/1Cn8gywBsB
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicHappy Mother's Day to this #superwoman. I couldn't love you more if I tried, mom 💖💛🎀💜💞 https://t.co/K2sYeFkK7vHappy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies out there. May your day be filled with lots of love… https://t.co/4LUVeAJs1W
Enjoy! https://t.co/TcL3Cw4W80Amen https://t.co/4fqXK4NVhUYes! https://t.co/BiE4g5LYuDAwww. Nice to meet u! https://t.co/Inh2f7UxDsLuncheon today here at @fordpark for the @christushosp #LiveWell15 Conference. Can’t wait to share and talk with these amazing women!On our way...Come see us today Texas! https://t.co/7ffFQ8wVvkSo sweet! Great to meet u! https://t.co/nJJPNCvrQSThank u! Great day! https://t.co/nQUPSzttSGI'll be spending my 3 hour flight with the last copy of #GoingOffScript that @flyLAXairport had. @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/gsXeCOvwU4
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Not gonna lie...this is pretty cool! @billrancic interviewing #PeytonManning at #leadercast today.… https://t.co/a2ckA9Pb2rI think so! Lol! https://t.co/Yt3Sx6gWuyWow. Great room! https://t.co/HNV4bQNA4rAww. Thank u. We r loving it! https://t.co/Bxu9aQZWkLSuch an honor to be co-hosting the #Leadercast2015 event today with @billrancic. We aren't even an… https://t.co/bOE9EDM7ruLol! https://t.co/ljoJHOkjCiAlways;) https://t.co/DH78tseRX5Xo! https://t.co/uEfU2UHArBReady to be inspired by some incredible leaders today here in Atlanta! #Leadercast2015 #thebraveones
#tbt ❤️❤️❤️ circa 2011 https://t.co/ZBH0io4BFrAtlanta.....NEW TIME! I will be at the Peachtree City, GA Walmart today at 4PM! Stop by to have a… https://t.co/ofTyr7Y3b4I have friends in high places 😘✈️😘. Thank u @flacoanthony for this post. Hope #goingoffscript makes… https://t.co/zlEEIShbRd#tbt to @Leadercast! Excited to be back again tomorrow! Come hang w/ @.... http://t.co/PtOeiDpxx9 http://t.co/4JkYPCIxuX
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