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It's gunna be a long weekhttp://t.co/boegjSJKJN
Retweeted by 》G《@G_is_for_Great 8pm cst tmrw :)
Retweeted by 》G《@Pornstargram @TeannaTrump holy fuck fuck fuckkkkkk 👀@InMelRosePlace still need a PST time....even if it's a ballpark number lol@HeidiWow2 @YouTube good songCan not waiiiiit til lunch haha starving for some reason.@InMelRosePlace time?Moving hella sluggish today at work...@JadeJantzenXxx MUST BE EXCITED@tashareign @NakedAndAfraid tasha....babe....they are basically starving themselves.
Hate having odd stomach pains. No clue what I ate but its not too bad just annoying pain.Look @MandyKay18 You're vine famous! https://t.co/eAGTz11VpHSo bored and tired rnJune 30th's leap second will manifest as an extra second in the last minute of the day, Greenwich time. ( 7h 59m 60s PM ET)
Retweeted by 》G《Since 1972, after we discovered we keep better time than Earth does, we’ve added 25 leap secs. Done only on June 30 & Dec 31.
Retweeted by 》G《@tacobell @FeedTheBeat @viceroy @BigDataBigData is #HappierHour even on the weekends???@tashareign there's one that's between Reseda & Encino. It's pretty big too.Seriously have no plans for the day except get gas lol smh@InMelRosePlace god damn and legs open too lol ayyyyyyyyyy heat waveOMFG YAS YAS YAS!!!!! TY @xxxRiley SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!! #RileySteeleFollowsMe http://t.co/Z3QSEOjBcRGod plz @xxxRiley let Riley follow me plzzzzzz😈 #SundayFunday #RT for a follow back ❌ 💋 http://t.co/LE6xQieDiu
Retweeted by 》G《
Bout to take a napBored and tired af waiting for my explorer to get worked on. Should grab an Uber & go somewhereCute http://t.co/qtwm2WvQCx
Retweeted by 》G《Haha fuck how many times can I fuck up my "1st city" in #CitiesSkylines tn? http://t.co/2J3ZvqlXTF
@InMelRosePlace love watching good docs@haveyouseennoor are u kidding? Ur already hot af@AubreyStarXXX @LilveronicaR this is so unfair but so damn sexy@KarmenKarma there isn't any bad blood with Arch Angel is there??? Hope not.@InMelRosePlace I miss those days... Think I'll buy more credits soon cuz I can never see u.I can't believe I'm going to say this but I think I just enjoyed a light beer... 👀@XNicoleAnistonX that's an amazing attitude and u look even more amazing too@JennyBlighe holy fuckToday is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins
Retweeted by 》G《@InMelRosePlace youre life seems pretty great too. Dont sell yourself short. Plus all this is is good technology, beautiful girls, & scenery.@POTUS to address #SCOTUSMarriage decision soon. Watch live on CNNgo. http://t.co/UYpqI3w42L http://t.co/HIDiGgImwp
Retweeted by 》G《Closely divided #SCOTUSMarriage ruling will stand as a milestone in the court's 226-year history: http://t.co/FHnoIFAe3u
Retweeted by 》G《Be proud. #equality #SCOTUSMarriage http://t.co/W0wC7rUjDT
Retweeted by 》G《@Chelseabrook93 how do ik u??
Knicks reacting #NBADraft http://t.co/qrZ8aIjwBo
Retweeted by 》G《You gotta be kidding me... Cmon @Lakers & @nyknicks you're killing me. #NBADraft #NewYorkKnicks #LosAngelesLakers http://t.co/eMHlhpNv5AListen... If #JahlilOkafor goes to the @nyknicks omfg... WowWith the second overall pick in the #NBADraft, the @Lakers take D'Angelo Russell from Ohio State. http://t.co/fI5L5rROOq
Retweeted by 》G《Mitch Kupchak just rolled dice on Lakers future by passing up a big man who could have been their future...unreal..
Retweeted by 》G《@Armani_marie I'll have to take advantage of thisLakers just made an all-time bad mistake.
Retweeted by 》G《@megaufcfan @Lakers I'm in shockWow...wow @Lakers #DAngeloRussell wow...Well @Lakers are on the clock... #LakersNation@Armani_marie damn legit?With their first No. 1 overall pick in franchise history, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Karl-Anthony Towns. http://t.co/yTs58N01lm
Retweeted by 》G《BREAKING: Minnesota Timberwolves select Kentucky center Karl-Anthony Towns with first pick in NBA draft.
Retweeted by 》G《The moment we've all been waiting for is almost here... the Lakers are on the clock! http://t.co/r3sQpv3NiE
Retweeted by 》G《Gunna be busy af until my boys #TwitterlessChesterMcCloud & @addictd2_money get here. So much to do but #Vegas in 10 days baby!!!!Damn just damn
What makes me mad is @JenIvyXxX (the @tashareign imposter) has more followers than me!!! #WhatIsLife #SMH 😭😢😭😢😭@JenIvyXxX how could you rip off people with the beautiful @tashareign pics? I hope your ashamed.It is scientifically proven that masturbating before bed helps you sleep. I did all the tests and trial runs, it's good to go.
Retweeted by 》G《💣💣💣🔥❌❌❌ with @AbellaXXX first kiss and I felt in love with her @AbellaXXX at @wonderlandmiami sponsored by @BangBros http://t.co/DX7UsYTJs6
Retweeted by 》G《@Erica_Boyle @Daddyissues__ gotchu lol 💳 🍷 🍹
@imCakes_ PST? Promise?Really wanna snap some necks rn.Everyone has an opinion about everything. Chill tf out world.Since I'm wayyyyy early for work I decided to stop at @Starbucks to get a #Smore frapp. #Jorge is my name!!! http://t.co/EgOQK7lythWhy is @JadeJantzenXxx so damn beautiful. Legit could stare into her eyes forever. 👀 😍The patch maintenance is complete the #ESOTU #XboxOne NA and EU megaservers are available. Read the patch notes here: http://t.co/I2vBa9PNie
Retweeted by 》G《Think I'll just lay here for another hour in bed listening to the @TESOnline cuz the servers are STILL down. #ESOTU #ElderScrollsProblemsI think I'm in love http://t.co/dhPBvskOhg
Retweeted by 》G《Whyyyyyyy am I up so early. Guess it's a good thing. Folded my clothes and got ready before work. Still tired. 😴😴😴@TESOnline HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE????The #ESOTU #XboxOne NA and EU megaservers are now offline for the patch maintenance and are currently unavailable.
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Blake Lively 💙 http://t.co/RfvPymnpKI
Retweeted by 》G《Facts bruh https://t.co/gxI3ZomKf2@JennyBlighe what a dick move lol@HeidiWow2 it looks like you're having fun!!! Miss ya.@taramorganxxx what's up? How come?http://t.co/PqWR58dPNO
Retweeted by 》G《Manhattan Beach, California, 1950s http://t.co/igDQyZfBWt
Retweeted by 》G《Nothing like hot #DisneyPrincess girls at #EDCLV2015 to excite you!! 😍#EDC @PlaymateKhloe @Nicolette_Shea http://t.co/wOgEb2nQgh
@NattyFoxBox haha I get it now. I love in and out its the fucking best!!!! U don't gotta worry bout guts lol@JennyBlighe wow I'm real sorry to hear about his ex. I hope you get sweet revenge.@LexiFrenchLive smh really? Hahahahah anyways been hella long since we even spoke. What u been up too?@LexiFrenchLive whoa where you been?@NattyFoxBox what does that even meeeeeeeeeeeeean??? 😧@HeidiWow2 when u said short hair I got nervous but this looks good!!!@shawnalenee_xxx I just missed u on MFC@xxxRiley it.must be amazing being you tbh. To wake up and see that body. Damn!Happy Father's Day and 1st day of summer! https://t.co/Ao0AJpHE8M
Retweeted by 》G《@HeidiWow2 that's amazing
Snapchat ➡️ JenSelter http://t.co/1f98j7zjjV
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@shawnalenee_xxx well I can't wait to see u and actually talk to u lol just post when ur on and hopefully I'll be home.@shawnalenee_xxx @MyFreeCams its just petty BS and trolls and mean girls. Not all of them I will say that. I'll get on to see u tho.@shawnalenee_xxx @MyFreeCams really? I wouldn't even bother you'll regret doing it. Trust me.@JadeJantzenXxx woot woot yay July bdays!!! You should come to Vegas with me for mines!!! Jk jk lol but Can't wait. Any plans for yours?@JadeJantzenXxx haha awwwww when isbur bday?? Mines July 14th@InMelRosePlace FUCKING UNREAL
If a girl says she's experimented with girls, that doesn't always mean she's bisexual. She may just be an evil scientist
Retweeted by 》G《@PrincessSienaa @Notkimberkush 💳 💵 💳 💵 💳
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