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@NickdeSemlyen The word "in" was seemingly cut out of the first tweet for time.@TashCurly I'd be more hurt if a review cited evidence in my work linking me to a string of murders, and am then convicted of them.@NickdeSemlyen All will be revealed o the 2 minutes of Rogue's story.@Hit_Delete @SongWarmonger @TashCurly Part 6 is that film. Half Terminator, half Last Action Hero.Everytime the Trainwreck trailer plays before a film there's a lot of laughter. But everyone else stays silent. Weirdos.@Beggar_So @CentralPictureH Hot Dog In The Bar is the sequel to Football in The Groin?@SongWarmonger @TashCurly If more movies played with, rather than remade, classics then cinema would be eternally stronger.@willsgorskie I get that. I am flat broke right now. Hoping a few odds come in soon or I'm forever stuck.Looking forward to the next Terminator movie: John Connor Of Mars.@willsgorskie Guess you can close your eyes and think of the money. I hate having wrote that.@willsgorskie I could never do that. I know I'd just get angry.If you're seeing Terminator Genisys, watch the original Terminator again. It references it a lot in ways you might forget. Otherwise...
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@willsgorskie I hate those kinds of places. Just wanna stick headphones on and hide away.Magic Mike XXL explains away 2 characters in a way that makes me want a side-quel of those 2.Jaws The Revenge re-release with Spielberg being told the plot in an ad and scratching his head.@RobGirvan I will watch Genisys again before XXL.Marvel cash in on the hit Genisys/Cameron ads with an Edgar Wright Talking Head TV spot. He stares daggers.@Breznican That James Cameron turns up to talk about his love for the new one at random intervals?@RobGirvan I was unpleased outside of 2 dance sequences and a car chat about music.@joshbrunsting Could you imagine! The lion would be jerking it in the library and leavind his seed everywhere.@montimer Hahahahaha! Nope.@montimer Oh it had ideas. And it forgot them. Then we forgot the film. Roll on the next two installments.XXL is set in the near future of this weekend. It may be the sci-fi hit of the box office today.XXL is about a bunch of people traveling and healing people they meet on the way. Like This Must Be The Place without the Nazi hunting.Magic Mike examined the highs and lows of a particular industry with intended sadness. XXL is accidentally miserable.@jamieandaston @DogAteMyWookie @CentralPictureH I thought about that during the new film, icky.Magic Mike XXL really tapped into the feel of a Soderbergh film. Haywire.@squat_betty Avoiding all footage. I'm a good boy. A patient boy. A good, patient boy...Grabbed a seat for an earlier Magic Mike, the seats pre-sold already throw a "screw you" to Genisys.@dfpiii He sequestered me in his warm embrace.My school years were a lot like Seinfeld. "No hugs. No learning" Except for that first part. Thanks Mr. Jacobs.@TheGMcConnachie Fuck yeah! Machine Gun Joe is evil!@VODzillaMag @NOWTV My weekend was planned around this for a month.Sad lack of response to the notion of awesome Tatum Friday. Fine. Alone. On my own. Hooting.@montimer @PatrickDane @brendonconnelly @davidstripinis I give this opinion 3 out of 8 middle fingers.@papsby Is that why you held off on 6's title? Magic Mike Tenisys@TheTessMorris When has any genre truly died? The western keeps crawling even when folk claim it dormant.@papsby Magic Mike Sexen Magic Mike Eightnal@Screenjabber @Mark_Searby ABSO LUTELYWith so many film reviewers having to work for free, it's disappointing to read a professional film critic doesn't sit through whole films.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Mullane45 AsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhWho wants to join me for Magic Mike at the O2 at 8 tonight? We can be the coolest, hunkiest people ever!@TheCaterjillar I always like to open with a "what's the deal" or some classic Carlin stuff...@Hannah_Panther @brucemadelost Maybe something amazing!@brucemadelost Can't book atm cos no money but seriously want to.@brucemadelost Aug 2, Almost Famous http://t.co/g3FK6pxYUY@paulmcevoy "I came in 50 minutes late and I may have misjudged Disaster Movie"@Filmaluation #Mortdecai@scottEweinberg Good job you know how to spend the film talking about how the crew were like a family, lenses used and awkward silences.Gaspar Noe's Love was originally called "Inside Out"@brendonconnelly Tits 'n' fucks *fires gun into air*I felt the need to open my eyes and grab my phone to tweet that "joke". I am a fucking stooge. Latter day stooge. But not reboot.Whenever I have to make a speech in front of people I remember that classic advice "Just imagine everyone with their fingers up their butts"@asifkapadia Primetime.@DogAteMyWookie Merry birthmass palbuddy.The heat has settled a little. So just after midnight, out comes the writing tools. I can think again.@TheMilesJackson He had some good moments. Dude, Where's My Car for instance.
@Uptomyknees I remember when I met the first person who also watched Boss and it was a shock to the system.I spent 2+ hours listening to a faux-commentary from 'Irvin Kershner' 'Alec Guiness' and 'Chewbacca' tonight. Too much free time?#tbt Summer 2009 http://t.co/4uWEzylja2
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@RobGirvan Fuck 'em. It's a 12.@RobGirvan Really? You can throw a few f's around in a 12a still. All felt just safe enouh I thought.@RobGirvan One f-word. A few uses of shit, never a problem.@SquidyUK Underused in modern cinema.@Big_Pants OK!@Big_Pants Nope. The one day of paid work I have.@TheCaterjillar Huzzahs!@davefranklin Maisie Williams will play the older Sarah Connor in the next one.@davefranklin Yeah, she's so adorable and at the mugshot beat being so short, weird.I would like more movies to make parallel time-line spin-offs. What happens if Eisenberg from years later returns to 2002's Campbell Scott?But the 1984 stuff is really good, it's got the best 3D of this summer season thus far and at times honestly tries to bring life into thingsI liked a lot of the parts of Genisys. I didn't care much for the second half's story-focus and overly tedious direlogue...Great to real-life meet @TylerScruggs for such an adventure.@EthanRunt There was no applause for the end.Genisys screening was a mix of crowd of earlier failed screening and those there for the 3D. It was mostly empty. They applauded it starting@BethKWebb Congratulations.If wifi doesn't work, then whyfi?@Mike_P_Williams Southend Seafront becomes the cultural hub of the country by 2020...Cinema is blasting "Theme From Skyfall" but covered by a woman, and not the glorious original: https://t.co/1Z0RZT1BUl@ScottAukerman So you're still in merry ol' Londontahn then.@SongWarmonger @unklerupert @v_for_vienetta @cherrysheriff @Live_for_Films Both were, for me, 9/10 films.@SongWarmonger @unklerupert @v_for_vienetta @cherrysheriff @Live_for_Films PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2! #MORTDECAI!@TheCaterjillar I think I just allowed cannibalism with that last piece. I'm not gonna retract.@TheCaterjillar Meat is fine. Murder is murder.@unklerupert @v_for_vienetta @cherrysheriff @Live_for_Films It's someone seeing others play with their toys, he gets to see his legacy.@empiremagazine I hope I win. I have the right twitter handle.At the O2 for GeniSms, there's a Salvation Army convergence going on at the same time. To counsel viewers post-movie?I'm not doing Ed fringe, but I have written a brand new hour of Spoken Word & am performing it next week here http://t.co/puzJKWCuor Do come
Retweeted by Andrew JonesOur summer #improv festival is coming up on 17th and 18th July, line up now announced: http://t.co/NbNRlJg7Od
Retweeted by Andrew JonesStart with the subeditors. http://t.co/8ilCw2R55e
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe German electro-script-writing band "Draftwerk"@DrGMLaTulippe I'venot seen it for weeks and it hurts.@RachelKoz I want to find a freezer to dump my body in.@bloodonthedice Thanks sir.@brucemadelost A 3 hour examination of life in 1900's Italian woodworking industries.@hokieblackuni They didn't know what hit 'em. Nor do the police.Such a good night for @EthanRunt improv show. Good work team! Liked scaring his mates with my 'Three Levels of Sexy Disney' 🙌 #Simba
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@TashCurly I want you to make a film I can be passionate about. And buy toys of. To play movies.Thanks to all who came to support me tonight, and thanks to @the_funkhouse for being an incredible teacher and person and confidence-giver.
Great fun seeing @EthanRunt do his first improv show tonight. He was a monster out there on that stage. (Literally.)
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