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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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@Copernicus2013 have a chart?Barclays hearts $WFC, says they're in a "goldilocks situation"...IMO these 10 are pretty fluffy without substance http://t.co/0XXd6y8l3H@modestproposal1 the magic $50bil asset level is where the "we're going to super glue your hands together" set of regulations kick in@modestproposal1 Yeah to me it's less about asset size than it is activities, leverage & asset quality allowed@CandiceLen @Breaking911 he really stuck his neck(s) out@TheArmoTrader a bunch of Suntrust's, PNC's, etc@barnejek isn't it past your bedtime?!We're told the big banks are too big & need to be split up but smaller banks are merging together due to regulatory costs.What will be left?@izakaminska that's an amazingly targeted troll job?@TheStalwart @IvanTheK it's effective given our last names@peterk121 @munilass for the most part, yes@boes_ Is there any concerns about lending risks shifting to the shadow banking market & whether the Fed can monitor them@activiststocks it's work for me too, but I find it peculiar when certain people take great joy in pointing out others' mistakes@activiststocks It's twitter dude@jake_f @munilass @zatapatique Comes down to collateral. In new MBS/ABS structure really isn't the risk here given underlying collateral imo@zatapatique @munilass I get the sense that today leverage in combo w/ structure is more essential to hit yield bogeys versus in '07@maxvision33 you love pointing out calls gone wrong@munilass Agree, so merely a shifting of risk from regulated entities to shadow banks@munilass That's fair. Just think ppl overplay impact of rates in '07 & possibly underplay the impact today. Granted today's markets are hot@DavidSchawel Oops, wrong link. http://t.co/u9yqPhze3o
Retweeted by David Schawel@munilass My point being rates were less of the cause in '07 as opposed to underwriting standards - today rates more of a pure driver@M_C_Klein arguably tougher to tie previous risk seeking behavior to Greenspan's actions (more about loose underwriting)than today's actions@ilkandcookies I can see you doing thatIs it possible for people to think Greenspan held rates too low causing the housing crisis but not think the Fed should be hiking here?@IvanTheK It's much more interesting to me now having participated in repo, banking, overnight funding, etcRemember repo 105? Good times.@DividendMaster company is a disasterActually turn out pretty well http://t.co/CzNpyicnU0 https://t.co/qCbDZVDHqL@deuxetvingt also interesting it's happening given USTs
@SJosephBurns @Copernicus2013 people get too overconfident in a bull market - likely much success was from luck/beta rather than skill@hilarycakes https://t.co/tFpFbKlKMD@hilarycakes you missed a chain of fried chicken puns#chelseaDaggerGame 7 here we come ladies & gents #blackhawks@nokamber heck yeahBOOM@IvanTheK @georgepearkes I admit it was pretty fowl@georgepearkes there's got to be a colonel of truth in there somewhere cc: @IvanTheK card?@_NickRogers_ thoughts? http://t.co/YKfw7xiwoq@MarkLazerus have you asked Q about Teuvo on the PP? Please.@IvanTheK finally!@IvanTheK I just want to see a goal here@___laissezfaire new name!?!@IvanTheK land lines, radio contests, VCRs...what's next?@MicroFundy I'm getting nervous. Was hoping for a quick start@jrichlive @VirginAmerica isn't there a limit?@BrattleStCap @EquityNYC @BarbarianCap I worry about that all the time!@RussianBear what do you mean which bond index?@PEAD_Trader @munilass 8s!@M_C_Klein manufactures value or structure & liquidity?@RuthlessGravity oh I'm aware@RuthlessGravity you consider 2.0 deals to be yield products? Had traded very close to agency jumbo for awhile.Weak interest in the recent Non Agency 2.0 jumbo deals - JPMMT deal being marketed now 2-28 back of TBA for 3.5% PT@JodyShenn whether people know they need 3% or whether they actually can't afford it?@IvanTheK that was such a fun stock to watchThey practically wrote a manual & gave it to Lawksy to expose Ocwen https://t.co/wkwWffFFAM@IvanTheK I hereby sentence them to watch the entire '15 NHL playoffs to see just how boring their sport isChina’s surging stock prices increased net wealth by ($6 trillion), equivalent to 57% of China’s GDP, in 18 mo h/t @ProSynAP reports the Clintons had a shell company that funneled money to Bill w/o Hillary having to disclose its existence. http://t.co/pVx3U4Zcl4
Retweeted by David Schawel
Fast-growing Texas is seeing outsize impacts from extreme weather http://t.co/aRj8MS7x6L via @NYTOpinion http://t.co/u0alYl8dTs
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK nice winRafa Nadal's new $850k watch can withstand 5,000 Gs of force https://t.co/195gzxs83m Bigger question: why wear a watch while playing?@elerianm Ducks still need one more! Not over yet!@HFBondsTrader you clearly don't know what "breaking" means :)@Hooper_Quant bought my first car from the daughter of the Spiegel CEO in Oak Brook. True story.@SapienQuis @munilass might as to throw in Cubs & Blackhawks tickets@skhammer apparently not many@munilass Underwriters telling us to "speak up for desired structure" (short calls, terms with sinkers, flex coupons, etc)@munilass in a different series, $46mil of '42s at a 6.00% http://t.co/uf6mOFThYePrice talk on tomorrow's Chicago GO deal stronger than expected but still over 100bps wider than BBG A- GO curve for comparable maturitiesSmells bad, no question $NSM https://t.co/omYS2nXZeiThis is sick. Something needs to happen in the NFL. https://t.co/4Vieow2m6uJimmy John's going public. Next we'll have a chain of dry cleaners & nail salons cashing out.@IvanTheK Hopefully lots of 1's and 0's in the purchase price@LWinthorpe including or excluding Uber?@Coffeeisforclo1 should clarify, this is price talkFor comparison, Bloomberg showing (take it fwiw) the 8y A- GO at 3.83%, so the px talk on these Chicago '23s are 113bps wider$168mil City of Chicago GO bonds project & refunding deal pricing... 5s of '17 at a 3.53% and 5s of '23 at a 4.96%@deuxetvingt @M_C_Klein lol@IvanTheK I could have sworn when we went to breakfast you were wearing them"We're actually having a little trouble finding the employees we need." -Cedar Fair @CNBC
Retweeted by David SchawelFischer thinks too much weight is being placed on the first move. Tough, that's what happens when the mkt gets used to ZIRP for so longStory of the day is the $USDJPY breakout@joshuademasi there was someone a few years ago doing TA on the fed balance sheetGood read by @tracyalloway on how investors have outperformed benchmarks from buying new issue corporate debt http://t.co/0l2Gawl10T@IvanTheK ughhhhhhhh
He scored from BEHIND the goal line. http://t.co/tOKxFFQaUd
Retweeted by David SchawelI'm speechless. I'm without speech. #BlackhawksNot over yet!@IvanTheK Game of momentum@BCAppelbaum it's been going on for so long it's very believable@MarkLazerus last two goals by Teuvo & Vermette for those keeping score at home@DavidHaugh last two goals by Teuvo & Vermette for those keeping score at home@IvanTheK need something to change quick@IvanTheK don't know what to say@largecaptrader1 I'm not the judge! Maybe it enables it?@Dollarlogic @EricBalchunas @CareerPressInc haha! just being honest!ICYMI: I reviewed an interesting book: "the incredible shrinking alpha & what you can do to escape its clutches" http://t.co/rHit0uShbJ@DavidHaugh I know it was from you, but it's the non stop them from the media & ducks@DavidHaugh was even more physical last year against LA & coming off a 6 game series vs Minn. This is getting overblown
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