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China brushes off @realDonaldTrump "disturbances" via @TalKopan
Retweeted by State of the UnionThe White House readies cyber sanctions against China ahead of its state visit via @TalKopan
Retweeted by State of the UnionPoll: Trump, Carson tied in Iowa - @DanaBashCNN reports #TheLead
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Donald Trump aide defends shots at @HillaryClinton staffer Huma Abedin
Retweeted by State of the UnionA conservative activist forms "Ready for Kanye" committee— possibly trolling #KanyeWest
Retweeted by State of the UnionWhat's your take on this from @realDonaldTrump against @JebBush on illegal immigration?
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Q poll word association for Hillary Clinton: liar dishonest untrustworthy experience strong Bill woman smart crook
Retweeted by State of the UnionOutsiders @realDonaldTrump and @RealBenCarson top the latest poll of Iowa Republicans. The #CNNSOTU panel weighed in.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@secupp and @DanPfeiffer discussed Hillary Clinton's bad results in a word association poll: 'liar' topped the list and @MarshaBlackburn analysed Hillary Clinton's comparison of GOP to terrorists on women's issues Parker, #AlisonParker's father says he spoke with @ShuttleCDRKelly about taking gun control fight to Washington the full #CNNSOTU interview with @BernieSanders here: agrees with @realDonaldTrump that taxes should be raised on hedge fund managers. agrees with @MartinOMalley that the DNC limiting debates is "wrong" is now within striking distance of Clinton in Iowa. I just interviewed him for #CNNSOTU. Watch it:
Retweeted by State of the Union#CNNSOTU is about to start! don;t miss @jaketapper's interview with @SenSanders and his exclusive talk with the father of #AlisonParker.@jaketapper takes on The Boss and @ChrisChristie in his @CNNSotu Cartoonion
Retweeted by State of the UnionAsked about Trump's clash with Jorge Ramos, @danpfeiffer says he looks at this & sometimes thinks this is "a plot to elect Hillary Clinton"Andy Parker says CA passed gun violence restraining order that probably would have prevented killing of his daughter if in place in VA..@danpfeiffer sees no Obama out there, says of Hillary: "We should not undersell that she is by far most likely person to be ... next prez"What's 1st word that comes to mind when you mention Hillary? According to @QuinnipiacPoll, top 3: (1) Liar (2) Disohonest (3) Untrustworthy..@HillaryClinton compares Republicans with terrorists: fireworks ensue between @MarshaBlackburn and @donnabrazile on #CNNSOTU roundtable.Andy Parker says Mike Bloomberg's people have reached out & Sen. Warner has offered to facilitate conversations in Washington on gun controlAndy Parker, father of slain journalist Alison Parker, vows gun control fight, says: "They messed with the wrong family." #CNNSOTUAndy Parker, father of slain journalist #AlisonParker told @jaketapper: "they messed with the wrong family" does @BernieSanders think of DNC punishing candidates who participate in non-sanctioned debates? It's "dead wrong" he says on #CNNSOTUBernie rejects Clinton surrogate Dan Malloy political expediency charge on guns; says he is for instant checks, acting on mental health..@BernieSanders on "Black Lives Matter" and his gun control record isn't sure that Hillary Clinton can take on billionaires and says the "same old" won't cut it goes hard laying out differences w/ Hillary on breaking up banks; trade, Keystone, Soc Sec tax cap; $15 min wage; Iraq war. #CNNSOTUGot a great @CNNSotu for you folks, with @BernieSanders and a strong panel -- join us! 9 am ET/noon
Retweeted by State of the UnionWe'll talk to @BernieSanders about the new poll and break down the results on #CNNSOTU is catching up to Clinton in a new Iowa poll- watch him live on #CNNSOTU at 9a ET with @jaketapper has an exclusive interview with Andy Parker, father of slain journalist #AlisonParker coming up at 9a.@jaketapper is back with a brand new #StateOfTheCartoonion - here's a sneak peek #BornToRun't miss #CNNSOTU with @BernieSanders @donnabrazile @secupp @MarshaBlackburn @danpfeiffer at 9a ET
What would y’all like us to discuss on our @CNNSotu panel tomorrow? Let us know!
Retweeted by State of the UnionGot a great panel for you folks on @CNNSotu tomorrow: @MarshaBlackburn @secupp @danpfeiffer @donnabrazile
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.@MartinOMalley says there's a "big difference" between him and @BernieSanders on gun control
Retweeted by State of the UnionBack at work Sunday on State of the Union -- see you then, tweeps!
Retweeted by State of the Union#WDBJ reporter #AlisonParker's father Andy Parker criticizes senators for not calling family:
Retweeted by State of the UnionAbortion rights group @ProChoiceMass protests @realDonaldTrump fundraiser @mj_lee reports
Retweeted by State of the UnionToday's moment in politics: @HillaryClinton 'The hair is real, the color isn't.'
Retweeted by State of the Union.@marcorubio on world leaders: Kim Jong Un a "lunatic," Vladimir Putin a "gangster"
Retweeted by State of the Union.@HillaryClinton on Trump's toupee incident: "I do kind of know what Donald is going through"
Retweeted by State of the Union.@HillaryClinton on emails: "I did not send or receive material marked classified"
Retweeted by State of the Union10 years after Katrina, 51% say the U.S. is no better prepared for natural disasters today:
Retweeted by State of the UnionWatch the best political team on television Sunday on #CNNSOTU: @MarshaBlackburn @secupp @danpfeiffer @donnabrazile
This Sunday on #CNNSOTU: @jaketapper interviews Democratic candidate @BernieSanders. Tune in at 9a and 12p ET. morning at 7:30 ET, @realDonaldTrump talks with @ChrisCuomo on #NewDayCNN. What issues should they discuss?
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.@HillaryClinton on #WDBJ shooting: "We have got to do something about gun violence"
Retweeted by State of the UnionApparent #WDBJ shooting suspect has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials say:
Retweeted by State of the UnionVa. governor on #WDBJ shooting: There is too much gun violence in America via @Eugene_Scott
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.@realDonaldTrump vs. the world: Here's a look at what the fast-typing mogul's been posting
Retweeted by State of the Union.@LindseyGrahamSC on @realDonaldTrump: "I'll beat his brains out" in South Carolina
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.@ScottWalker on birthright citizenship: 3 positions, 7 days, CNN's @ericbradner has the story.
Retweeted by State of the UnionAmericans say "gut instinct" and military training kicked in as they attacked gunman in French train attack.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JimWebbUSA tells @Acosta on @cnnsotu he also met privately with Biden within the last month for about an hour
Retweeted by State of the Union@RealBenCarson tells @acosta he "makes no bones about the fact I used to be a Democrat, and a pretty left-wing one at that" #cnnsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union'Read My Lips': Carson Gets Testy on CNN over Drones at Border Comments via @mediaite #thisweek
Retweeted by State of the UnionAmbassador hails Americans who stopped European train attack as heroes. Watch briefing live on CNN.Train heroes: The men who helped avert a massacre in Europe @CNN Webb 'proud' to see female Rangers
Retweeted by State of the UnionGreat line this morning from @Bakari_Sellers on @HillaryClinton's "Kanye shrug" cc: @davecatanese
Retweeted by State of the UnionCarson wouldn't use drones to kill illegal immigrants-but he'd order strikes on caves utilized along US-Mexico border
Retweeted by State of the Union.@VictorCNN I see they had to break out the urban dictionary lol.
Retweeted by State of the UnionBen Carson dismisses ‘anchor-babies’ controversy as ‘silly’ | AP photo
Retweeted by State of the UnionBen Carson: "In no way did I suggest using drones to kill people" along the border
Retweeted by State of the UnionCarson on 92 anti-abortion ad he recorded & quickly disavowed "I used to be a pretty left-wing views have changed dramatically"
Retweeted by State of the Union.@RealBenCarson on whether "anchor baby" is a racial slur: "I think it is silly political correctness...we need to talk about actual issue.".@neeratanden says on #CNNSOTU that GOP has moved far right since 2012 on immigration; says the Latino vote is going to grow in 2016..@secupp: Jeb trying to argue with Trump supporters is a waste of time. They don't care that he's not conservative or inconsistent. #CNNSOTUWatch the full #CNNSOTU interview with @RealBenCarson : the full #CNNSOTU interview with @JimWebbUSA : says @ScottWalker turned himself into the "proverbial pretzel" reacting to Trump on ending birthright citizenship. #CNNSOTU.@KevinMaddenDC concerned about Trump-driven debate on birthright citizenship; says Republicans have to get over 40% of Hispanic vote to win#CNNSOTU roundtable highlights @scottwalker's changing stance on ending birthright citizenship from @kasie to @johnjharwood interviews..@secupp @kevinmaddendc @bakari_sellers and @neeratanden discuss Hillary's joke on wiping her server "with a cloth" Trump pushing GOP too far Right on issue of ending birthright citizenship? @KevinMaddenDC @secupp @Bakari_Sellers @neeratanden weigh in.Hillary supporter @Bakari_Sellers refers to wipe w/ cloth remark as "Kanye shrug" that will last throughout campaign.'s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski discussed Trump's massive rally and how he'll deal with Jeb: on Biden White House run: Biden has been running since 1986. #CNNSOTUWill Biden team up with Elizabeth Warren? @neeratanden @Bakari_Sellers @KevinMaddenDC and @secupp weigh in on #CNNSOTU roundtable.Trump mgr Corey Lewandowski on @murphymike saying Trump is not Jeb's problem: "What they say and what they do are two different things."Re: "white power" shout at AL rally, Trump's Lewandowski says: "No one is condoning violence...but we should not be ashamed to be Americans"Would @JimWebbUSA serve as VP for Joe Biden? "You don’t want me as your Vice President," says Webb. #CNNSOTUDid Biden indicate to Webb that he is going to run for president? @JimWebbUSA: "I think private meetings are best left that way." #CNNSOTU.@JimWebbUSA on #CNNSOTU: “I met with Joe Biden for an hour last month… I have a high regard for him…”.@JimWebbUSA says he met with @VP Joe Biden a month ago: on Pentagon investigating military personnel using Ashley Madison: "We have a lot of other issues we need to be looking at.".@JimWebbUSA on women getting thru Ranger program: "I am very proud of these women...military should be able to decide how they use them."Democratic presidential candidate @JimWebbUSA explained recent North Korean military moves: explains the ad he did in 1992 and why he regrets it considering his stance on abortion today: on Trump's rise: "What we are seeing in the country writ large is total discomfort..." #CNNSOTU.@RealBenCarson visited the border and said drones could be used for security. He explained how on #CNNSOTU: on situation on Korean peninsula: "This is an opportunity for us to get a confidence builder with China..." #CNNSOTU.@acosta plays 92 clip of Carson making pro-life ad then denouncing the ad: "I make no bones about the fact that I used to be a Democrat...".@RealBenCarson on the controversial use of the term "anchor baby": It's "silly political correctness" on drones: "Read my lips..I said there are caves they utilize.Those caves can be eliminated. I'm not talking about killing people.".@RealBenCarson on his recent drone strike remark: "in no way did I suggest that drones would be used to kill people... total lie" #CNNSOTU
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