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Teenage Rebel of The Week (retired) 'To Hell with poverty- we'll get drunk on cheap wine'

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“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten” #UKYAChat
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMore warm weather records Johnny Clarke - Play Fool Fe Get Wise (Extended Version) -
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSouth American Getaway (Butch Cassidy/Soundtrack Version)
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMighty record for this hot Sud de France weather. 80° in the shade baby! Jacob-Miller - Keep On Knocking (& Dub)
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe cars face says it all...
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThere is really a shade of red paint called Dante's Cardigan
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
This is splendid. And totally true. MT @Trillian_01: ☺️
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFeeding time for my mum and dad's local hedgehog.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOh yeah and Obama 100 million o help the amazing African women leading the work would be nice. But give to the women not NGO's. 😘
Retweeted by Suzi BebopDear Obama any chance you can say something about fannies before leaving Kenya. Maybe like "I support the African-led work to #EndFGM" ✌️
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAs it is Sunday, it is worth reminding you that if you think you need an X Ray, a 24 hour service is available at your local hospital.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@PulpLibrarian A Victorian lady with a cat :) another stern looking cat,though lady is lovely.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopPseudoscience and strawberries: ‘wellness’ gurus should carry a health warning | Hadley Freeman
Retweeted by Suzi BebopApotropaic witch marks in my aunt's house Somerset
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWe join John Barleycorn @LammasFest with @PentacleDrums & @HuntersMoonM
Retweeted by Suzi Bebopthey should make a silica gel for sadness
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe Bluest cocktail on the Harbour #collioure #France #summer #noworries's photo
@TheWetFishCafe confit chicory: we've been doing it for years! Wonderful stuff...@MargieCavs Aah! Missed opportunities! Thanks for the thought, keep it for another day :) onwards to Collioure now....have fun!
Supper in Narbonne! Line em up m'sieur....#holidays #HOT #France #summer @ Centre Routier A Narbonne
Portobello market 1950s. #oldlondon.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWhole of Four Quartets, for sure bush market & Goldie the Eagle which had escaped from Regents Park. 1965. #oldlondon.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAriadne with vegetables's more like it.... news of the day so far! Call for Proposal: The relationship between poverty & stress, low level anxiety and depression:
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop‘Nothing Solutions’ 👊 From my debut album "Georgia" out August 7th. :)
Retweeted by Suzi BebopEmperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari) was born #onthisday in 1892
Retweeted by Suzi BebopElayne Boosler: When women are depressed, they go shopping. When men are depressed, they invade another country. | #Quotes
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThere are fragments of a Qur'an at least as old as the #BirminghamQuran in Sanaa - which the Saudis are busy bombing:
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOh dear. Anyone know how to say "banking crisis coming" in Swahili?
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
@iharrow at the moment, most of it in West Harrow! (Burgled last week, neighbours this week...)@iharrow views on increased litter? Dumped bulk refuse? #street art ?@TheVintageYear I missed out on it personally #petite@iharrow he's very polite isn't he? #tiredOpposition to High Speed Two just will not go away. Much to some people's chagrin. #hilarious SCRAP #HS2
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe Heinlein Manoeuvre – when you’re saved from choking by a Stranger in a Strange Land @JonathanMeres @Louiestowell
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOpposition to High Speed Two is relentless. One of many letters in today's Guardian. SCRAP #HS2
Retweeted by Suzi BebopPaxman gets it right about #hs2. A grotesque waste of public money. Stop the gravy train now @David_Cameron.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebopsamaart's photo Yorkshire storm with sheep. By Sammy Adams Glos artist #textile #texture#nature #art #Stroud
"Like punk was to disco, rap rebelled against RnB" said @MrChuckD & one of his heroes was Joe Strummer. White Riot #publicenemy6music
Retweeted by Suzi BebopNo jury could convict, sir! Mine's a Bloody MAry, as you're asking... is heavy and slow moving on Uxbridge Rd (Southall UB1) due to religious celebrations.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopCarry Miffy with you!
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThere is a Beer Festival at @CastleHarrow #TheCastleharrow so @oakelmash is sampling. A few. #london
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, trying to think of something clever to say on Twitter.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOur health should not be a business opportunity-we need to fight to keep #NHS in public hands & free at point of use!
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI bet demons have a lot of fun recording their voice-mail messages. ‘WHO DARES TO DISTURB MY SLUMBER? COWER BEFORE ME AFTER THE BEEP.’
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe church banner that encourages us all to 'arise'....#whoops
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHappy Birthday to Clash founder @missingchannel Keith Levene! @DailyRockPics @PunKandStuff @TimeOutLondon @RobLowe
Retweeted by Suzi BebopBirth control was so much more violent in the old days.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop...aaaand we're back @tonykitous #ComptoirLibanais #delicious #fresh #fatoush #beer @ Comptoir…
@elementaladam @notanna1 I loved 'The Future Is Female' badge. Then we got PM Margaret Thatcher..“@tweetalansmith: I want Debbie in every episode. And Lilian. There. I've said it. #thearchers”and Tiger. Bring him back FFS#resurrection“@BBCTheArchers: “Put Charlie between two buns, I’d give up veganism.” #thearchers #Kate”*sniffs*1 in 5 MPs is a landlord. 1 in 33 of the rest of us are. Don't let them distort the debate
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@BBCTheArchers script by Pinter? Or Stoppard? #phewA new tv show #RespiteIsland where #RealPeople go to have a rest and get #pampered so which channel will make it 😉😉😉
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThank goodness #loveisland has finished 😚 I say what about #CarersIsland so we can a break with our families 👪 be pampered but no tattoos 😞
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@benjohncock Brideshead Revisited: The Divorce@benjohncock Son of Brideshead Revisited| Kamasi Washington (@KamasiW) - North American + International Tour. Begins next month... |
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHow World War 2 began on Twitter . . .
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSocial housing + amazing buildings + startup space vs demolition + corporate offices. SAVE NORTON FOLGATE
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFor these 2 girls the circle of #FGM has been broken & they now know that we care!! I am bloody emotional right now.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWith news like this I know the last 4 years of hard work & personal lost was worth it. #EndFGM
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop'Family Portrait With Peacock' Kissing Amnesia until 2 Aug @shubbakfestival @kalfayangallery @RBKCculture #MuseumLate
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMelanie is here to play!
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWhat church?
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"It's obvious #Chattanooga shooter was ISIL!"-US interviewee Fred Flight(?) "Don't you need evidence?"@MishalHusainBBC Not him. #r4today
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
Yaaay! And Fat Freddy's Cat I do hope! of ice >3500 m high on the surface of #Pluto
Retweeted by Suzi BebopTrying to explain cricket down the pub. It's not working.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
[Putting petrol in car] 19.95 19.96 19.97 [stops] [gently now] 19.98 [very gently] 19.99 [ok, once more] [deep breath] 37.83 GODDAMMIT
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@PulpLibrarian: .@steempySFC you may need this...” Housewife. Or electrical engineer sometimes does bit of housework#thearchers Whilst visiting the mega dairy at Berrow Farm Debbie encounters Rob and his manly charms
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFISH ARE CHANGING GENDER! Best line in #thearchers in a long time.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopA question of #grammar! 😉
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe relief when you knock on someone's door and they're not in
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIt's @Miffy_UK's 60th birthday this year! Buy knitted Miffy from my #etsy store! #maldonhour
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI hope she keeps publishing earlier and earlier drafts, so that by the end, Atticus Finch eats children and uses the 'c' word.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
"Cam 'to demand UK should be exempt from #europeanunion employment laws'-"@DailyMirror -@nja5-via @mattPez #Tories
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIt increasingly seems @OwenJones84 that for @David_Cameron & @George_Osborne "hard working families" was shorthand for middle class voters
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWhen are "hard-working families" not "doing the right thing"? Apparently when they're low-paid workers who have more than two kids.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWhatever happened to 'sitting? I keep reading 'sat' as in I was sat. This means you were put there not that it was a continuous action.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIs moral cruelty an essential component of austerity, or just something they add to give it bit of a kick?
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@jothekendall @Polly_Graph I did The Byrds.. working on the Burritto Bros right now. The Nudie suits should be fun!
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI do love a bonus fast train on @metline in the daytime.
Me and the Great Roy Ayers last night. You don't know him?Look him up U online ain't you? #NoExcusesNotToKnowSht
Retweeted by Suzi BebopClass! In space! And Time! #TheOriginalMaster because it's a 'Biographical Picture' not 'twice Opic' whatever that is!How's it pronounced? Settle this for us please! RT for BIO-PIC FAV for BI-OPIC #Biopic6Music
Retweeted by Suzi BebopTories: We plan to sacrifice poor children to the god Moloch and make the disabled fight to the death. [4 days later] Labour: Fine by us.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@TygerWhoCame2T one for the collection Roger Delgado as the master
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@DelgadoFans @Whovian_Podcast @kellermachine The Master being the usual menace that he is... Classic Dr Who
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWeekend upgrade! Preparing to visit Nursing Home in comfort. #long #day #ahead @ Cholsey Meadows
My favourite book MT @PulpLibrarian: A Cure For Cancer, by Michael Moorcock. Penguin, 1973. Cover by David Pelham
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
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