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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@j13mcdaniel Only the Mac App Store version can access iCloud, per Apple's provisions. The version from our site cannot use it.@danielsgroves Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Daniel! 😊
@danielsgroves @Spotify Glad you like it!@grnmushroom @mitchellhislop I love you too. ❤️@jaredpdesigns Exports aren't encrypted, Backups are. And they are more easily restored.@jaredpdesigns Possibly, but for backup purposes, it is best to use the Backup function in File > Backup.@jaredpdesigns Looks like CSV only covers the common fields, not custom. Only 1PIF covers custom fields.@ScottSwezey You're welcome!@mitchellhislop Welcome aboard! Let me know if you need anything!@0xEFF @marczak 3 to 4 was a paid upgrade, but 4 to 5 was a free update. The 4 license works with 5.@NathanFlurry We don’t normally discuss future plans, but thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@M_Capi_ Thank you!@ScottSwezey Yes, the free iOS app can store Logins, Credit Cards, Identities, & Secure Notes, but no other categories.@istx25 Hm, that's odd, as Cancel should immediately cause a Master Password lockout. If you can reproduce it, I'd love to know.@NickStGermain I love you too. ❤️@NickStGermain We just ended one 9 days ago! Keep an eye peeled for future sales, as I always announce them here.@fxdgear 👍@Aleen @MrRooni That's because there's a lot of nice things you do, 'leen! ❤️🔐@wsellers @MrRooni *swoon*@fxdgear There are many possibilities. For now, 1PasswordAnywhere via Dropbox is what we have. https://t.co/pgJLRf4G2X@wsellers If you're ever in Toronto, we'd love to give you a tour of the main office downtown.@fxdgear I can certainly understand that. I wish I had some news I could share to brighten your day.@wsellers @MrRooni Toronto is home base, but many of my lovely people are remote workers from several countries and a couple continents.@wsellers @MrRooni We left our hearts in San Francisco.WWDC wasn't all about keynotes & sessions. Gather 'round as @MrRooni talks about the fun we had outside of Moscone! https://t.co/Tbkt5luM6q@lmboricua Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@dharrisphotog You're welcome!@dharrisphotog Before doing anything, please make sure to run a backup in File > Backup first.@dharrisphotog You can export to 1Password Interchange File from File > Export. It's unencrypted, so should be readable/editable.@fxdgear We don’t normally discuss future plans, but thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@J3kt We can sure help with edu, but I'm not sure about iOS. Please write to us at support+sales@ agilebits .com so we can discuss it.@carsonchilders Thanks for the input! We do occasionally run sales, and I always announce them here.@carsonchilders can organize data in ways iOS can't, has the Watchtower alert system for breached sites, and Security Audit. And much more.@carsonchilders The Mac app is a much more powerful app. Can create & share multiple vaults, updates & saves changed/new logins,@dliggat No, we use the system default if launching straight from 1Password.@admdly …an extension system on Mac like iOS has. The underpinnings are there in Yosemite, but it isn't robust like iOS'.@admdly If something could be, we'd be doing it. Sandboxing prevents a great deal of inter-app communication. That's why we're hopeful for…@adamcaudill You're welcome!@tosbourn You're welcome!@koefoed Sounds terrific. I'm here if you need anything. I also have guides and a knowledgebase at http://t.co/yh8TQSaR7q@Blazej_os Nope, v5 uses that 1Password 4 folder (there's reasons why the name of it doesn't change. Silly developer reasons.)@Robfuzz Our fingerprint support relies on Android M's fingerprint API. Android M will be required for that feature.@Robfuzz I can't say whether or not the Galaxy 4 will get Android M or not. That's up to Samsung.@Robfuzz Yep, that'll come after Android M is released. :)@milesskorpen Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. ❤️@striimii Feel free to get in touch with @1PasswordBeta for any beta openings.@milesskorpen Send the attachment, along with description of the issue(s) to support@ agilebits .com@milesskorpen Hrm. Please drag & drop the blue report icon in the window to the desktop. Then attach the resulting zip file to an email.@mattgemmell @CraigGrannell Well, I *am* the sensitive sort of app. ❤️🔐@rgruyters You're welcome!@admdly Sort of. Browser extensions are one thing. Communicating to non-browser apps (even our own) is another.@WINDY_BUTT ❤️🔐@dondecastro You're welcome!@Blazej_os Then restart the Mac.@Blazej_os Okay, in Finder, click Go > Go to Folder. Paste this in: ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4 Delete the Watchtower folder@bjoernt78 You're welcome! I love you too. ❤️@rgruyters You should have an emailed receipt from Apple. Otherwise you can access it in iTunes (oddly enough). https://t.co/GKpLRtqLoA@moneydashboard @AdamDempsey You're welcome!@bjoernt78 Wi-Fi sync is currently in beta for Android. :)@zabouti We're keeping an eye on it as it matures.@L337LUKE Please email us a Diagnostics Report + summary of the issue so we can better assist you: https://t.co/XVFGr2Ia8M@admdly Possibly, if OS X gets a robust inter-app extension system like iOS has.@dondecastro Also, on the laptop, make sure the Dropbox utility app is running.@dondecastro Can you check each devices sync settings and make sure Dropbox sync is a) active and b) the file path it is syncing is the same@iDVB And we have no tools to transfer purchases from our store to Mac App Store. Again, wish we had a way to do it.@iDVB We wish there were a different way, but CloudKit sync is exclusive to the Mac App Store.@WINDY_BUTT Thanks for the shout-out! :D@dondecastro Which sync system are you using?@striimii We're working to improve tags. Smart folders are currently an OS X exclusive.@xandermac The best thing you can do is wait for a sale on the Mac app, which I always announce here.@xandermac Sadly, no. iCloud is exclusive to Mac App Store apps, and the Mac App Store doesn't have upgrade discounts. :(@koefoed Looks like you already got some replies, and I’m obviously biased. But let me know if you end up with questions for me. Cheers!@vindia You found OP1-Kenobi! May the force be with you!@Blazej_os Try toggling Watchtower on, then off again. Should remove those warnings.@adamcaudill Thought you may like the release notes to our latest beta build for Windows. ❤️🔐 https://t.co/5HHqRjA5Eu http://t.co/KMiwD3bNWe@tosbourn On iOS: Settings > Vaults > Sync Additional Vault > Create Demo Vault.@tosbourn Protip, when demoing to someone, add the Demo vault. On Mac: 1Password > New Demo Vault.@Blazej_os It should definitely stay disabled. So it keeps re-enabling itself in Preferences even after turning it off?@rgruyters We'll then give you a coupon for the equivalent of the upgrade discount.@rgruyters If you use MAS version now, write us at support+licenses@ agilebits .com and attach your receipt, let us know you'd like Windows.@naomipunkclan Not sure why it would say that, but you should only need to re-apply your license file: https://t.co/3FD5WahLpD@moneydashboard @AdamDempsey Here's my documentation for implementing support in your iOS app! https://t.co/FIQD89TyKm@milesskorpen Please email us a Diagnostics Report + summary of the issue so we can better assist you: https://t.co/XVFGr2Ia8M
@DC_BeerGirl A single license covers all of your Macs, no need to purchase another one.@alq Thanks for the feedback, Alexis! I'll let my developers know that you're interested in this. :)@ereid You're welcome! :)@7ha71Guy I'll pass the request along to my developers. Thanks for the feedback! :)@aygul1234567890 Here is the list of currently supported apps: https://t.co/dCMiTgAtGV@aygul1234567890 This is currently available in iOS 8... you can auto-fill using my extension in Safari and supported 3rd party apps.@chaletnicholas It's up to you... both are great sync options.@ereid Saving a new login item manually might help: https://t.co/NvYUoxkJ2N@pablogl I'd recommend manually changing your master password on the iOS device to match (under Settings > Security).@pablogl It should match... however, there was a bug in a previous version where changing your master password wouldn't sync to all devices.@gottowrite Dropbox sync would be the easiest way: https://t.co/kDJsJGD466@AdamDempsey Thanks for spreading the word, Adam! // @moneydashboard My iOS app extension is easy to implement. 👉 https://t.co/FIQD89TyKm@whargrove Wow, great-great-great grandpa!@mrnobody4299 I'll pass along the request to my developers. Thanks for the feedback! :)@WhiskeyInTheJ4r I'll pass along the request to my developers. Thanks for the feedback!@darkejon TOTP auto-fill is not currently supported. But it's something my developers would like to add in the future! :)@spjpgrd Thanks for the shout-out, Sean! :)
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